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Maddie Maddie it's Spouse #4 here! I just wanted to tell you that I met this most amazing girl?? She's so perfect? Her smile is so beautiful and I just stare at her creepily from behind my laptop at lectures!! Is it okay to tell someone you want to get married and be wives the first time you talk to them or no. I'm suFFERING SHES SO PRETTY AND I CANT HELP IT

AWWWWW you should try and talk to her!!!!!! Don’t just admire from afar, you gotta make that move anon ;)) Let me know what happens!!!

I totally know what you mean though haha,,, this is all too relatable. There’s a girl in my Econ class who is unbelievably gorgeous and at prom I literally dropped my phone on the ground when I saw her because…. you would….. not believe……………. would not…. believe……………

this paper is at least 70% done, already a day late, and worth 25% of my grade, and I cannot find one iota of motivation within myself to finish it

I got tagged by @sanasgf n @1sistar n I wanted to do it!! 

name: Abi

nickname: I don’t really have one tbh

 zodiac sign: Leo 

 height: 5'3 I’m rlly short lmao

 orientation: no too sure atm 

 ethnicity: white 

 favorite fruit: watermelon 

 favorite season: summer definitely!! 

 favorite book series: I don’t read so I don’t really have one hshdj favorite flowers: roses, tulips or daisies !! 

favorite scent: idk tbh probably lavender

favorite color: blue!!

favorite animal: dogs n cats 

 coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee definitely I drink it all the time 

 average sleep hours: like 6 hshdh I don’t get enough sleep 

cat or dog person: I’d say I’m more of a dog person 

 favorite fictional characters: I have a lot but probably chandler bing from friends, gina linetti n terry jeffords from b99, alec lightwood from shadow hunters, n stefan salvatore n bonnie bennett from tvd ( I watch a lot of Netflix hdhdhdh)

 number of blankets you sleep with: 1 but 2 in the winter 

 dream trip: Paris n New York!!!! I wanna go to both of those places so bad hdjdjdh 

 blog created: not too long ago.. I remade like 3 weeks ago I think idek n never used it much before bc I was always on my sideblog (my blog before I remade was so uglyhsjdn) 

 number of followers: around 160 I think ?

I tag @gayjimins @mijooswife @liebenswertae n @jeybi


Nikola Tesla is the greatest b/c he loved pigeons and science and wanted to provide people with electricity at low cost but he was also lowkey trying to build a death beam. 

me when i realize that nothing is permanent and i need to stop clinging onto the idea that if i achieve this or that i am going to unlock the secret to happiness as if happiness was a fixed point in one’s life and not a multifaceted and elusive state when life is just a series of challenges and ups and downs and i must learn to go with the flow and accept that things will always change whether it’s my emotions or my relationships or my Self™ and that everything tends towards entropy it’s a permanent cycle of death and rebirth throughout all aspects of my life

lance asking keith what power ranger is his favorite in a cute but silly way of trying to see if he’s keith’s fave bc of color designation and because theyre basically power rangers….. IN SPACE! keith blinks very slowly, and just asks in response, “what’s power rangers” and lance goes onto explain every episode he can remember back to keith as keith listens on with a fond smile

pidge: keith i have a gay problem and need the help of a gay who is more experienced

keith: ok. what is it?

pidge: i like this girl but there’s no way she likes me back and i dunno what to do about it

keith: nothing. absolutely nothing. you do nothing, and then you do your best to ignore it but it’s just eating at you and it’s so hard to pretend it’s not there so then you watch ten thousand heteronormative hallmark movies but eventually you start getting daydreams about how great your life would be if you actually were dating and how much fun you’d have doing the cheesiest coupley stuff and you aren’t even paying attention to the hallmark movies anymore they’re just lights and sounds in the background of your daydreams but we’re in space so you don’t even have the hallmark movies so you just go straight to the daydreams and you get this idea in your head that if you two date you’ll finally be a happy functional person and you won’t have any more problems ever and you know that’s not true but you still wanna believe it anyway and now the crush is getting bigger and bigger and you’re even more of a mess and you talk to your friend about it since he says he’s always there if you need someone to listen so you think that’ll help a little bit but it turns out it doesn’t because your friend is an asshole and says “well why don’t you just tell him?” but if i could tell him then this wouldn’t. be a problem, shiro!

keith: (breathing heavily)



pidge: actually i think i’m gonna go to lance

keith: …good plan.