20 RWBY Questions

1. Favourite RWBY character?
2. Favourite RWBY team?
3. Top 3 favourite songs from the RWBY soundtracks?
4. Which Huntsmen/Huntress Academy would you attend?
5. What would your own semblance be if you could choose one? 
6. If you could chose another character’s semblance which would you pick? 
7. Which RWBY ship would you like to see become canon? 
8. If you could form a team with any RWBY characters who would you pick and what would your team name be?
9. Do you have a favourite type of Grimm? If yes, which is it?
10. Which volume and/or chapter has been your favourite so far?
11. Which character’s backstory would you like to know more of in upcoming volumes?
12. Describe what your own RWBY weapon would be. Is it also a gun?
13.  If you could wield another character’s weapon which would you pick? 
14. What are three of your favourite quotes from the show?
15.  What type of faunus would you be? Do you have a favourite faunus character? 
16.  Do you have a favourite RWBY villain or nah?
17. Out of all of the professors and headmasters we have seen, who do you like the most?
18. What are your thoughts on RWBY Chibi? 
19. Do you have any RWBY OCs? 
20. Do you drink milk? Asking for a friend. It’s not Ruby.

sounds live feels live being over feels like the end of a tv show to me. like we’ve seen these boys over the past year evolve and develop their own stories and character. now its over its like when you end your favourite tv show and you don’t know what to do anymore. it’s been wonderful watching the boys grow throughout this tour and I am beyond proud of them. im glad there will be another chapter to this story. season three coming soon.

This is a little different to what I’d usually post, but I’d like to know who your favourite animated, illustrated and fictional bears are.

A friend recommended Polar Bear Cafe / Shirokuma Cafe to me - which you can watch here on Crunchyroll - and three of the characters are a grizzly bear, panda, and polar bear!

Please do reply with photos if you can!


Since my last monster letter-patch was such a success, I’m doing it again!

I will draw a monster character aged 15-18 based on your blog OR three words of your choice. (examples: [the characters in these images are not monsters, but the style will be similar] X X X)

You will then receive 1 letter, in which there’ll be:

  • A flat colours/simple shading watercolour-illustration of your monster (paper size A5)
  • A page of sketches (paper size A5)
  • A character description, including favourite subject, hobbies, etc
  • A sketch of your monster with a monster FRIEND or LOVE-INTEREST. (paper size A5)
  • A brief description of said friend/love-interest

20 USD (18 if you don’t want a friend/love interest)

Payment via paypal.

To get one of these, contact me via REBEKKA DH [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM (Without the spaces) or send me an ask!



Please if you could reblog this post with the name of your favourite Marvel hero or villain to help my project that would be uber awesome. Or even your top three! Do it for science!

kdramawomensweek no spaces 

alternatively called: kdrama women’s week and that extra day sbrs added so it starts on the 1st and ends on International Women’s Day.

Day One: Tuesday 1st March

Favourite Fridged Mother (She was great but you only see her in flashbacks. She was great but she didn’t survive the drama. She was great but she dies five minutes into episode one…)

All-Time Favourite Second-lead Character

Day Two: Wednesday 2nd March

Most Vilified Teenage Girl

Favourite Female Driven/Dominated Dramas

Day Three: Thursday 3rd March

Favourite Body of Work (e.g Kim So Yeon: Iris, Two Weeks, Prosecutor Princess etc.)

Favourite Older Actress

Day Four: Friday 4th March

Favourite Overseas Returnee (Ex that has been in the US for eons but returns halfway through the drama to disrupt the leads. Returnees that do not fit that description are also welcome!)

Favourite Female Lead

Day Five: Saturday 5th March

Re-write: LGBTQ Character of Choice (Was it not explicitly stated in the narrative but plausible? Was it explicitly stated? Was it entirely in your head?)

Inspiration Character of Choice

Day Six: Sunday 6th March

Re-write: Most Likely to Escape an Abusive Relationship (Favourite lead left at the last episode in a toxic relationship romanticised by the narrative which raised several red flags for you. How/Why was this relationship awful? If you’re feeling creative, how does she escape?)

Unfairly Treated Female Character (By show, By fandom)

Day Seven: Monday 7th March

Favourite Token Detective (99% male cast, one woman–appreciate her!)

Scenestealer/Free Choice

Day Eight: Tuesday 8th March

Favourite Matriarch

Please tag posts #kdramawomensweek or add us (@undergroundkdrama) so they are easier to find and admire. Feel free to check the tag for what was done last year if you need some inspiration.

I left the prompts from last year in italics in case you wanted to change your choice/give some shine to a character or actor who failed to make the cut.

Alongside the “week” we’re doing a collaboration project with @sodramaticmagazine based on KWW which will be released on the 10th of March to round up the entire thing, so look out for that!

EDIT: This is based on all dramas you’ve watched, not simply on the ones that aired this year or last year. I’ve seen two ppl make that assumption.

Emoji Commissions!

Would you like to see yourself or your favourite character or OC as an emoji? Lucky for you, I’ve started taking commissions!

All you need to do is mail a couple of reference images of you or your character, as well as an emoji, to  >> << and I’ll get started right away! When I’m done, just send €5,- to my PayPal account. More info will be sent through mail.

Don’t want just one emoji? For €10,- I’ll make three of them!

There’s currently unlimited slots, so go nuts!

YOGSCAST Drawing Challenge | 21st March 2014


Hello!! New blog here encouraging creativity in the yogscast fandom by setting multiple challenges on a linear basis. 

These challenges are focused into four categories; Media, Fashion, Location and Drama, in the exact order from the top. Three of the questions, are set to specific characters, whilst the remaining one is open to any character. We do encourage to stick closely with the questions.

  1. Draw SIMON and LEWIS inspired from one of your favourite television shows. 
  2. Draw RYTHIAN wearing a brand new overcoat. Include accessories, scarves, belts, anything you’d think fit his style. 
  3. Draw SIPS and SJIN visiting a tourist attraction, e.g Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben etc. 
  4. Draw ANY yogscast character embracing an evil persona.

You are allowed to do a MAX of 2 challenges; 2 submissions per challenge. When you post your entry, leave a short description of the question you answered and your thoughts of the process. <For the MEDIA question only, make sure to leave a brief note of what television show your art is inspired from>

You can submit art in ANY format! Sketches; digital; print; graphic design; anything! Go crazy! Explore your skills and develop a style which suits you best!

IF your work is inspired by an artist or a piece of art, make sure you respectively mention the artist’s name and leave a link to their art. 

*COMPULSORY* Make sure to tag your art with “letsdrawyogscast“ so we can find it. 

ENDS: Sunday 27th April 2014

Happy drawing and good luck! ^^

Night Vale 20 day challenge!

1. Your favourite character and why?

2. Why did you start listening to WTNV?

3. If you could swap lives with any character, who and why?

4. Write a WTNV quote anywhere and show us.

5. Create your own WTNV book cover.

6. Your favourite WTNV quote?

7. What sort of food does khoshekh eat? Draw/explain/create it!

8. How do you imagine Cecil Palmer?

9.  Which is your favourite episode?

10.  Think of three random characters- now chose who to marry, kiss and kill, no changing your characters!

11.  Take a photo of something you see and instantly associate with WTNV.

12.  Draw anything related to the show!

13.  Write a short fanfiction about any character interacting with the closet thing to you.

14.  Try and sum up WTNV in five words.

15.  What is your favourite WTNV blog?

16.  Your favourite piece of weather?

17.  Try and recreate your favourite WTNV moment with kitchen utensils and snapchat/images with captions.

18. What shade makes you think of WTNV the most?

19. Use nature to create something WTNV related! (Leafs, flowers, twigs, ect)

20.  If you could change one thing about the show, what?

October 2015 Inktober day 8! Today I decided to do that funny “draw your favourite SnK character in the clothes you are wearing at the moment” meme. Featuring my cute DEG tee that I tend to sleep in, my creepy Pusheen robe, and my piercings. I also made poor Marco have my morning expression. Yes, I do make two mugs of coffee at once to wake myself up. Sometimes three. I love coffee. And freckled puppies that are alive and well and what do you mean by that chapter. That chapter doesn’t exist, it was only a nightmare you had the other night.

Edit: ahh and that’s how it is when you see yourself only in a mirror… the lip piercing is on the wrong side

I swear it’s sooo not me under his left arm, come on, I know it might look like it… But it’s not me, I swear to Bertl not being a shifter

Tomorrow I’m going to draw one of the prompts again. You can torture me with your prompts here.


A couple of weeks back, I got the DIABOLIK LOVERS Official Anime Fanbook (I think I’m out to collect all the books in this series OTL). Initially, I thought it was going to be the standard basic character info and episode recap sort of Anime fanbook, but this actually turned out to be more informative than I’d expected.

The book is divided into two main parts; Character and Story, as well as three illustration parts which includes previously seen illustrations on PASH! or DGS. The characters part was actually my favourite bit in this. I thought it was cute that they had ‘private interviews’ with the characters, so there were questions like (→ Ayato) “What type of girls do you like? Do you like girls with boobs after all?”, (→ Laito) “What fetishes do you have?” or (→ Subaru) “Tell us about your first love!"(人´∀`*)A lot of really interesting questions (and answers).

Even the seiyuus got a Q&A themselves, where they talked about their image of DiaLovers, their characters’ charm points, memorable scenes as well as what if they were vampires themselves ((→ Hirakawa Daisuke) ”I think it’s an unhealthy lifestyle and you don’t seem to get much nutrients. That’s why I don’t recommend my blood to anybody! (laughs)“) Also loved that they threw in a bunch of sketches and tiny notes in this section. It was enjoyable to see.

Following on, there’s also a 4-page interview with Midorikawa Hikaru and Suegara Rie, whom voices Ayato and Yui respectively (I absolutely love the amount of seiyuu involvement in this book, it’s extra fun for admirers like me.) After that, you also do get the usual story recap + staff comments, even a complete gallery of the OP and ED screenies.

Last but not least, you also have a World guide (essentially explaining to viewers about the elements that go into DiaLovers, such as prey and awakening etc), an art board gallery + interviews with the Anime director, producer and character designer/art director. The original illustrator for DiaLovers, Satoi-san also does a cute sketch of Yui and throws in a message as well!

Overall, I really enjoyed this Anime fanbook, more so than some other fanbooks that I’ve bought of other Animes (this is prolly biased b/c I’m currently so into DiaLovers as compared to other Anime series…) If interested, do order a copy HERE for yourself! Recommended for all the very interesting interviews!

Be doing a post on DiaLovers’ latest Anime manga next~ do stick around if you’re into this series like I am

YOGSCAST Drawing Challenge | 1st May 2014


New month. New challenges! Just a simple yogscast blog here, encouraging creativity by setting challenges every month! There no winners. No losers. Just get those pencils out and start doodling!

These challenges are usually focused into four categories; Media, Fashion, Location and Drama, in the exact order from the top. Three of the questions, are set to specific characters, whilst the remaining one is open to any character. We do encourage to stick closely with the questions.

  1. Draw HATFILMS for the cover of one of your favourite magazines. Can be any magazine. cooking, fishing, fashion, chatty etc.
  2. Draw XEPHOS wearing clothes set in a different time period and/or culture. e.g, French Military, Pirate, 60s Disco.
  3. Draw SJIN building one his architectural masterpieces. 
  4. Draw ANY yogscast member from a parallel universe. 

You are allowed to do a MAX of 2 challenges. When you post your entry, leave a short description of the question you answered and your thoughts of the process. 

You can submit art in ANY format! Sketches; digital; print; graphic design; anything! Go crazy! Explore your skills and develop a style which suits you best! Doesn’t matter how much time you’ve put into it either, whether if you spent 10 minutes, or 6 hours, doesn’t matter!

IF your work is inspired by an artist or a piece of art, make sure you respectively mention the artist’s name and leave a link to their blog or art. 

*COMPULSORY* Make sure to tag your art with “letsdrawyogscast“ so we can find it. 

ENDS: Wednesday 28th May 2014

Good luck and have fun! ^^

stormwind13  asked:

Sasuke, Kiba, or Hinata, I'm curious about all three, but if you want to just pick one

Ooh you’re gonna ask about my least favourite character who is a lightning rod for fandom wars?

FUCK IT WE’LL DO IT LIVE (I might skip some for the sake of time if an answer doesn’t immediately occur to me)


My otp: Sasuke/mandatory volunteering at, like, a kitten rescue; Sasuke/parenting classes (lesson one: being able to recognize your own damn kid); and Sasuke/Your Childhood Was Shit But Don’t Make Other People’s Lives Shit 101. Um, OT4.
My most hated pairing: Sasuke/any halfway decent human being, such as Naruto, Sakura, or really just about anyone
My unusual otp: Sasuke/a time machine that takes him back to when he wasn’t such a douche
My crossover otp: Sasuke/Hao from Shaman King.
My brotp/friendship otp: Sasuke/the general pass that society gives to attractive, emotionally constipated men
Character headcanon: Sasuke (and to a lesser extent Naruto) are a possibly subconcscious attempt to make the (going the way of the dodo thank kami) Japanese societal ideal of the father and husband who prioritizes work over family and non-work social life to an extreme degree (in this case, LITERALLY DOESN’T RECOGNIZE HIS OWN CHILD) into a hero. Kishimoto mentions in one of his volume doodles that he really likes going to weddings and that all his friends are getting married but he doesn’t have time to go to their weddings. How fucking sad is that?! You don’t have time to go to any of your friends’ weddings? Hmm, Sasuke couldn’t make his best friend’s wedding, I WONDER IF THAT’S SIGNIFICANT.
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

Originally posted by teacher-monica

(part one Sasuke is ok by me and could have potentially been wonderful)


My otp: I really like KibaIno, I know it’s the stereotypical slob dudebro and sorority sister kind of thing potentially, but it also could be a lot more. My favourite KibaIno fic is Plans for a Seduction.
My most hated pairing: I once read a KibaSaku horror fic where Kiba goes all Fatal Attraction on Sakura and ends up brainwashing her. Like, it was meant to be a horror fic not a shipping fic but the problem is that it was so well done that I cannot look at KibaSaku and do anything but shudder now. It’s called Too Late, warning, when I say this is horror, I am not fucking around with you. IIRC one of the other reviewers said it gave her nightmares.
My unusual otp: I can’t think of anything and I want to move on, sorry.
My crossover otp: I honestly don’t usually do crossovers.
My brotp/friendship otp: Kiba and Akamaru, I want to know so much more about the Inuzuka and how they interact with their ninken. Like, in 700, Akamaru looks soooo old and infirm. He would be around 19 or 20 which is at the upper limit of a real dog’s lifespan. Do ninken not live any longer than real dogs? What happens to an Inuzuka when their dog dies??? I’m making myself sad but this is so dramatically interesting! Also puppies who ride in people’s clothing are automatically my favourite.
Character headcanon: I totally buy into the fanon notion that Kiba (and Kakashi) can smell the scent of people on other people and know exactly who they’ve been banging.
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

Originally posted by fluffytales


My otp: NaruHina!!!! I love this pairing, even the canon version of it (it’s not 100% ideal romance but I dig it; it’s other things about Boruto-era Naruto that bug me). Naruto’s idiot savant nature of missing the forest for the trees but also missing the trees, then somehow managing to get the right answer anyway, is one of the things I find most charming about his character. And then you pair that with someone who feels super intensely but is very shy and unable to express herself well?? And then they both have to mature–him to see her, her to let herself be seen???? Yes, I love it!
My most hated pairing: NejiHina has me torn. The issue is that their fathers are not just brothers but identical twins. That means that genetically, they are half-siblings. If they were a little more distantly related, I would probably ship it, because their relationship has a great potential arc, plus the symbolic value of reuniting the branch and main house. Cousin marriages, unless they are raised as siblings, don’t usually squick me, but the genetic similarity here is just too close for me.
My unusual otp: I come very close to Naruto or GTFO with Hinata. The sequel to the KibaIno fic I linked earlier includes ShinoHina that I have to admire just because it gave me one of the crackiest kekkei ginkai-related sex abilities (the bugs beneath Shino’s skin make him vibrate when he’s excited), one that I lifted (with credit) for Heart Under a Blade.
My crossover otp: Skipping.
My brotp/friendship otp: The scene where Kurenai comes to talk to Hiashi and Hiashi is basically like “whatever, do what you want with my worthless kid” rips my heart out. I love love love the idea that Kurenai, after that scene (look at Kurenai’s face in that scene, seriously), basically becomes a surrogate mom for Hinata and starts gradually building her up.
Character headcanon: I legitimately do not care if canon contradicts me on this one (I don’t know if it does or not), I headcanon that Hinata doesn’t have a fucking clue about anything domestic until she, herself, takes an interest in it. She’s raised with her relatives as servants/slaves, she doesn’t know how to cook or clean or do anything like that. For Hinata, learning these kinds of traditionally feminine (and traditionally DEVALUED and still DEVALUED) skills, including knitting, is a quiet act of rebellion. She only does it when she comes to accept “you know what, I am not a warrior by nature, I am the person who makes dinner and sits down after the kids are in bed and knits a scarf, and someday, it will be okay for me to be what I really am.
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

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givingmydays replied to your post:I’m not obsessively building a DnD character…

Ohhh I LOVE making D&D characters! I have three or four fully fleshed out, ready to go and two I’m actually playing. It’s important to be prepared, right? Do you have a favourite?

No, I have literally never made one before. LOL I’m reading the 5e Player’s Handbook and learning stuff. ^_^

riddlewriteraskew  asked:

Hello awesome person! Hows your day been? You talked about making associations in your video on character development exercises and I was wondering if you had any for Coen from you novel Someone Will Save you?

Hello! It’s been great, thank you for asking :)

Yeeep. I do. Coen’s one of my favourite characters in the book!

Chess, math, knowing random fun facts about everything, cleaning your glasses, the ocean, forgetting what you were about to say, knowing what’s really going on under the surface without seeing the obvious, re-gifting your favourite book, weather that’s sunny and cloudy at the same time

With all of these, I could go on, I’ll stop myself here before I have a list of random stuff that goes on for three paragraphs.

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- Answer Everything
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1. What’s your name? Katie
3. Your eye color? Green
4. Your natural hair color?  Light Golden Brown
5. Your current hair color?  same man
6. Where do you live? Sunny Jarra
7. Do you have pets? a Shih Tzu called Rex and two budgies called Bobby and Dobby
8. Fav song at the time? Temptation by Heaven 17 (I keep on randomly singing - I try to discover, I try to understand..)

Let’s get bookish!

1. . Fav book of all time? Aww man this is hard, errm 1984 comes to mind
2. Fav book series? Discworld or Harry Potter
3. Explain why you love books in three words: forget your worries
4. Favourite fictional character (female)? Scout Finch
5. Favorite fictional character (male)? Oh probs her dad Atticus
6. Favorite fictional character (anything else)? Boxer, all he did was work hard *sniff*
7. A book that broke your heart? Anything by George Orwell, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, oh and Bad Science really depressed me.
8. A book everyone loves but you don’t: Ha all my friends at school made me read Twilight
9. Fav genre?Sci-Fi
11. Currently reading? Brave New World
12. How long is your TBR list? A Modest 4 (I read alot of fanfic :3)


1. Chocolate or chips/crisps? Crisps
2. The book or the movie? Book
3. Reading a book or hearing an audio book? reading.  
4. TV or YouTube? TV
5. Smartphone or laptop? Smartphone
6. Hardcover or paperback? paperback

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Name: Jordan
Nickname: Joey, Jojo (but only to certain people)
Height: 5′3′’ 
Star sign: Aries 
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff 
Favourite colour: Blue or emerald green 
Time right now: 10:55am
Lucky number: 3, 7, and 17 
Average hours of sleep: maybe 6 
Last thing googled: “Scary two line horror stories” 
Favourite fictional character: Castiel from Supernatural 
Number of blankets you sleep with: three and a million pillows 
Dream trip: Walt Disney World 
What do you post: Hell if I know; uh, SPN, Pentatonix, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, NWTB, other YouTubers 
Most active followers: @memoryofnow , @vanishing-grace , @windy-warrior, and @noxidamxv
When did your blog reach its peak: like two days ago, I made a post about seeing old FNAF characters in Jack’s playthrough of Sister Location 
What made you get tumblr: I already had one, but I wanted one that I could post YouTuber, PTX, and SPN stuff to cause my other one was a different fandom 
Do you get asks on a daily basis: Nope 
Why did you choose your url: Huge fan of PTX and love SPN, so I combined the two and got my URL 

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icedrawer  asked:

✔ - ☮ - ✿ - ❂ (for the 'ask the mun' thing!)

✔: A plot you would love to play out with your character?

// A high-school plot would be nice, I’ve seen a lot of other role-players do it. It’s been on my mind for a while now I just don’t know how to approach it.

☮: Something you’re confident about with your writing?

// The dialogue. I’m always trying my very best to make sure my muses are saying the right thing. At first it was very hard to do but now it comes very easily.

✿: Three of your favourite followers?

// Let’s see…!




// The last one is already answered.