Thoughts on this season of Teen Wolf

Now. A lot of people have good things to say, and a lot of people have bad things to say, but so far, I haven’t found any posts that I remotely agree with. In my opinion, this season has been moderately decent, my hopes were very high for the first episode and though I was a little let down by the premiere, the second episode brought a lot more closure. 

I am unlike most of the fandom of teen wolf when it comes to ship wars. I do ship a specific duo in which I will not name in order to get every readers attention, but I don’t think that I would ever hate the show because they didn’t follow through with my ship. The show isn’t just about a relationship with two people (or even more than just two, you people are sick (; ), it is about friendship and leadership and all around love that doesn’t need to be thrown around because of your own fantasies and wants. 

It sucks that the show is losing views because people are so damn stubborn to the fact that their ship is no longer sailing or perhaps never was. I know some people just don’t like it anymore and that is fine I guess, your loss. But the writers and actors work so hard to please viewers and when people that claim to be fans, with pictures all over their tumblr or twitter, yet hate on the show to no end, is really fucked up! 

I just wanted to say that I think this show is still wonderful and doesn’t deserve the hate that it receives. I wish people spent their time being more positive as opposed to negative, but i guess it’s their choice to spend their time being disrespectful. Life is too short to be as disgusting as some of the people I have seen on here and on twitter. If you are one of these people, maybe you will see this and have a change of heart. Whether or not you are angry because of a series regular leaving or your ship not working out how you had hoped, it is your choice to act the way you do. If you choose to be negative, I can’t really see any good outcomes, and I don’t really get what your motive is, but stop wasting your time. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

I think that this season is going to get better and better and hopefully you have an open mind and continue to watch. This is also a post for people that do love the show and always will, thank you. Please tune in on monday and watch the show! Tell your friends to turn it on, your relatives, whatever you have to do, lets keep this show going! Thank you if you are still reading :) Teen Wolf is very important to me and if it is important to you too, please reblog and like so we can all get through this together 

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pynch for the ship thing



  • Who would be the big spoon/little spoon?
  • Who would wake up first?
    • Ronan as hell. He likes to wake up and make breakfast for Adam or at least attempt to make breakfast.
  • Do they have nicknames for each other?
    • they call each other by their last name, that’s enough of a nickname for me.
  • How do they apologize after an argument?
    • Ronan doesn’t do apologies well but for Adam he would move the moon and the stars so every time he pisses the other boy off he just walks over to Adam, gruffly saying sorry before wrapping his arms around Adam and never letting go.
  • What would they be like as parents?
    • ronan the little shit as a dad is one crazy adventure. adam would basically be raising two children, but lbr the two would be kick ass parents what with Adam being the one who’s fun and loving and caring while Ronan does crazy stunts that make Adam’s heart climb into his throat.
  • Who is more romantic?
    • Ronan fucking Lynch, every opportunity he gets he’s going be to romantic. he wants to make sure that adam knows that he’s loved. 
  • What sort of gifts do they get for each other?
    • ronan is always dreaming up things adam, but not fancy things just the most mundane of things. like a new comb or a new set of pencils. 
  • Who gets jealous easiest?
    • hahahahaha ronan lynch is one jealous motherfucker and adam finds it adorable.
  • Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?
    • adam definitely. he loves holidays and he loves celebrating them with ronan
  • Who is the most adventurous?
    • ronan but with a little prodding adam comes along for the ride.
  • Who is the most protective?
    • they are equally protective of one another. Ronan is always ready to beat up anyone who dares say a bad word about Adam while Adam is protective in a more subtle way always watching and making sure that Ronan is happy.
  • What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?
    • hahah these two as childhood sweethearts… i don’t think that’s possible
  • Who uses all the hot water?
    • adam but ronan has this habit of knowing exactly when the hot water’s about to run out so he slips into the shower with adam a smirk on his face as he mutters something about conserving energy.
  • Who would accidentally set the kitchen on fire whilst cooking? 
    • ronan and he would just glare at Adam, daring him to laugh as he grumbles about how he was trying to make a romantic dinner.
  • Who initiates sexy times the most?
    • ronan is needy as fuck always wanting adam’s attention even though he’s studying.
  • Who is more dominant?
    • adam has a secret dominant side and ronan loves it.
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt?
    • be worried as hell. ronan would be about ready to break some skulls when he learns that adam’s been hurt while adam would just be worried out of his mind, imagining all the things that coulld go wrong.
  • Who gives nose/forehead kisses?
    • they both do because they are both huge dorks
  • What their biggest fight was/will be about:
    • not opening up. adam feels that ronan should be more open about his feelings and ronan just throws the same argument back at him and it’s big ass fight, they don’t talk for a week. before adam breaks missing the feeling of Ronan’s arms around him and the two make up promising to talk about their feelings more.
  • BONUS #1: Song to sum them up?
    • again i suck at song choosing…
  • BONUS #2: A head canon?
    • ronan is very vocal during sexy times and adam absolutely adores it. He loves making ronan groan with just a single touch. gansey gets pissed off the poor guy is just trying to sleep 
  • BOTTOM LINE: Do I ship it?
    • yes very much so 

Send me a ship?

Alright, so anyone in the Cyclone who’s also a Oncer, or even knows lots of Oncers, might remember when the announcement of the episode “A Curious Thing” had so many of us, especially CS-ers going insane over the fact that the plot and the song of that name may have connections.

Just found out Satellite of Love is a song… Lyrics here and I think this song may be in mind.

I’ve seen two speculation posts about what the title could mean. I like to think it is a combination of a case having to do with something space-related and maybe a couple or family. I also would LOVE for it to relate to Waige. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the other ships, but Waige needs something after that kiss, Paige’s dream, and all of those other wonderful moments they’ve had. (OH AND WHAT HE WANTED TO SAY ON THE CLIFF’S EDGE)

ANYWAY the lyrics go….

Satellite’s gone
Up to the skies
Thing like that drive me
Out of my mind

I watched it for a little while
I like to watch things on TV

Satellite of love

I then become curious and wonder. What if this is about a metaphorical situation, or if maybe the case or whatever the team has ends up having Walter reflecting a lot during the episode. 

I can see the “Satellite” in Walter’s mind being Paige’s affection, or the kiss that he may think was a dream. It kind of floats away and he wants to discover more of it, so all these odd emotions are slowly driving him insane. I can totally see him then, observing Paige a lot, but then focussing on the case (aka he’s watching things on TV, because being Walter and saving the world is as normal for him as watching TV is to most) Yet it is still orbiting his thoughts, even as he is trying to save the real satellite or what have you.

I’ve been told that you’ve been bold
With Harry, Mark and John
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday to Thursday
With Harry, Mark and John

This part is interesting too. Perhaps Drew makes an appearance and tries to make Walter feel like he isn’t special to Paige. Perhaps this does not have to do with her and men, but with her being different and standing out. Every day, she’s able to handle the geniuses so well. And as always, Walter sees that. With the changing days, maybe he is watching her and the rest of his family cope with the new circumstances. 

I think this episode’s gonna be pretty Walter-centric. This may be a little far-fetched, but it was a little bunny in my mind. Just speculation. May post more later. What do you guys think?

*tips fedora* Until then, Cyclone. Stay classy xoxo


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Secret Santa sign up sheet

With the new season coming out so so soon, I figured i’d crack this out for those that are interested. Anybody, no matter what your talent and skill level, is free to enter for the gift exchange. To sign up, just submit to this blog your form. And PLEASE, be as detailed as possible. This is so people will know what to make for you. But yes, you have until July 13th to sign up. Then you will get your person you will make a gift for submitted to your inbox— so have your submit boxes open, please! And the event will begin from July 14 to August 4th. Gifts will be passed out August 5th.

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Hey do you write carmilla, clexa, or cartinelli?

hi! umm. well i don’t watch agent carter so no i haven’t written cartinelli… although i kinda sort of follow that ship because my name is angie and i’m secretly always looking for a margaret “peggy” carter to enter my life so i too can be part of a badass lady ship… i am such a dweeb ?? help……..

ANYWAY I DIGRESS but yes i have written a multi-chapter Clexa Band AU and I’m currently co-writing a multi-chap Hollstein fic with kellyymanning​ :) those two are just under a pseudo so I forget you can’t find them under the same name that I write my bechloe fics under. Whoops…. #awkward

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So, I just went on Society6, and I bought 4 of your shirts that were on sale with free shipping! I am so excited because I have been waiting for a good sale to buy some of your beautiful shirts! I can't wait to get them and wear them! But, I know you like people to send you photos wearing your FLAWLESS clothes. But, I unfortunately have no clue how to do that. How do I send you the photos? Thanks for all that you do! You are beautiful and I love you! Please stay awesome! Thanks again! :D

Aw thank you!!! just tag me/put my name in the tags and i’ll be able to see it!!

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm kaya !! My fav colour is blue I ship violate ❤️ I can't eat ice cream because I'm lactose intolerant but my fav type is still mint chocolate chip I have a big, beautiful, baby kitty named Katy but she only responds to nuss (pronounced like pussy cat) Thank

hi kaya i dont mean to be confrontational but why do you ship violate why do you support abusive relationships and rapists and murderers im jw 

Penny DREADful finale


I have no words right now. My babies LOVE each other, thanks for confirming that and subsequently giving me the middle finger and not even letting my OTP kiss one last time!!! WTF? This is painful and now we have to wait a YEAR before next season. I can’t do it. I need fan fiction, people! Now!!! Didn’t realize how hardcore I shipped these two until they were denied even one night…so unfair!

How the hell am I supposed to sleep after that shit!!??

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What do you think was the name joe didn't want to say in his video. (when they said he was dating someone) I would be so happy if it was a cute ship :)) btw I love your blog <333 It's amazing

Ohh probably Andrea Russett… just bc It fits and they both have been quite vocal on finding each other attractive… so it kind of makes sense that people think they have a thing…
Also I’ve seen people say Brit and I can also see that, they were very close in the coachella vlogs…but still I put my bets on Andrea…

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I was tagged by two people so I have double the questions!

gryffinlarry‘s questions:

What eyecolor are you most attracted to? green

What would you name your first child? wysteria HAHA it’s so pretty to me

Favorite soundtrack? 1989 AGHHHHHHHHHH IM TRASH

What is the best show currently airing on tv? girl meets world

Favorite cuisine? lasagna 

How many sibling do you have? 2

What is the name of your favorite by ChampionDeals">TEACHER? her name was mrs. west

What do they teach? literature

Best 1D song ever? DONT DO THIS TO ME omg ummmmmmmm does he know HJAFKJJDNJ

Favorite ship? (other than Larry) tomclay from stereo kicks ajnwksdnj

Zouis or Lilo? LILO BC ITS REAL

doublechinharry‘s questions:

1)what’s your least favorite word? inflamed SAJKNFKJD
2) what’s your favorite movie? as above so below
3) if you could have a theme song for this particular month, what would it be? shake it off by taylor swift
4)what’s your favorite word? package
5)what’s your least favorite color? yellow
6)if you could spend a day with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who and what would you do? HARRY STYLES WTF
7)what’s your worst fear? drowning or dying in a gas leak
8) is there something that you have never told anyone before? yes
9) do you have a favorite letter? O
10) what is your by ClickForSale">LUCKY NUMBER? 32
11) did you have a good day? yes i love larry

My questions:

What is your dream job?

Where do you want travel too?

Are you going to an OTRA show this year?

What is your favorite clothing accessory?

What is your favorite scent/perfume on people?

What makeup brand do you use?

What is one thing you would do if you weren’t afraid?

What’s your zodiac sign?

Would you try out for American Idol?

Favorite thing to do in the summer?

Favorite color?

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11 questions

I was tagged by gryffinlarry
rule #1: always post the rules
rule #2: answer the questions from the person who tagged you, then write 11 new ones
rule #3: tag 11 people
previous questions:
What eyecolor are you most attracted to? green
What would you name your first child?harry or taylor
Favorite soundtrack? the perks of being a wallflower soundtrack (im assuming this is for movies??)
What is the best show currently airing on tv? i don’t watch much tv? but my fav show is gilmore girls
Favorite cuisine? uh im not sure
How many sibling do you have? 2
What is the name of your favorite teacher? lavin
What do they teach? 8th grade history
Best 1D song ever? stockholm syndrome or through the dark
Favorite ship? (other than Larry) haylor… (yes i ship haylor & larry i’m weird
Zouis or Lilo? BOTH
my questions:
1)what’s your least favorite word?
2) what’s your favorite movie?
3) if you could have a theme song for this particular month, what would it be?
4)what’s your favorite word?
5)what’s your least favorite color?
6)if you could spend a day with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who and what would you do?
7)what’s your worst fear?
8) is there something that you have never told anyone before?
9) do you have a favorite letter?
10) what is your lucky number?
11) did you have a good day?

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no pressure to answer these ! :) 💕❤️

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Hi! My names carrington and I'm pretty short lol. I have brown hair and eyes, and I have medium length hair with side bangs. I like to read and write. I'm pretty quiet at first until you get to know me. I absolutely hate FUCKBOYS and birds.😂 I do competitive cheer, high school cheer, competitive dance, and gymnastics. Is this enough?

Hey bro :^) I ship you with Wanda Maximoff <3

Wanda is generally calm and quiet but will crush anyone who stands in your path to success! She loves playing with your hair and even helps you with your make up for cheer competitions. The brunette thinks you’re the epitome of cuteness. She also loves to read and write so the two of you help edit each other’s work and suggest good books to the other.

“C, can you show my the.. Flip thing. The one that involves the fancy landing!”

I asked excitedly from the bleachers. She had just finished stretching (and look really good while doing it, but I might be a little biased considering the fact that I am dating her). 

“The round off, Wanda?” Her voice was tender as she got into the proper position. 

“Yes please.” I leaned forward to get a better look. 

I am still amused by ship names in the SU fandom. It’s like, hmm, we need a name for these two characters being in an intimate relationship. What a pity the show doesn’t already have an establish type of magic dedicated specifically to making a physical manifestation of the relationship and giving it a unique name. I guess we’ll just have to smash their names together like we usually do.