Alright, man. This video. Ryan not being able to keep it together because he thinks Matt is so funny. Also Ryan fucking up shots and takes on accident. Ryan trying to give Matt spanks.


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Hey B 💕, my name's Andrea and I'd like a male or female ship? I am a Jamaican-Indian so I have dark skin and long black curly hair. My superpower would be adaptability and fighting. I love dogs; like SO MUCH! I like coffee and bacon. I love going to the gym and being healthy; I have to eat more because of my fast metabolism but I hate being lazy. I'm too independent and feel like I have to do everything myself, sometimes I push myself too hard but oh well. I love every sport.

I hope you like this Bby  💕

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I ship you with: Clint Barton baby, Clint Barton. He would love that you could kick ass. He likes strong woman and that’s what you are. And then your love for coffee is a great thing until you fight for the last cup. As well as being sarcastic, and hilarious. I could go on but I don’t know if I had a word limit on here lmao.

best friend (m): Sam Wilson is your work out partner when I don’t wake up and go with you. You and him would be great friends because he’s very easy to talk to and like is a fun work out partner.

best friend (f): Lindsay Rose. I feel like we would get along cause we already do. Like I’m the one who will stay up with you at unholy hours of the night just so you can eat the cupcakes I made on a whim. Like I stuff you with bad food and then you drag my sorry ass to be your gym partner.

drabble: Simple mission my ass, you thought to yourself as you dodged another punch. Your mission was to be undercover with Clint, Lindsay, and Steve. You all had different alias and everything. Lucky enough for you, you got to play fake fiance to Clint. The mission was to attend this gala and allure a foreign diplomat into spilling all of Hydra’s secrets since the diplomat was linked to Hydra as a benefactor.

But that went south when KGB operatives came in and began to shoot up the place. “On your left,” Cap’s voice rung in your ear and you immediately jumped grabbing the shield Steve threw with ease and throwing it at another gun man.

“Thanks,” You said before twirling around and side-kicking a man who tried to sneak up behind you.

“Did I ever tell you how hot you look when you fight?” Clint called from somewhere in the room. You heard Lindsay snort to your right as she fought two guys and you rolled your eyes.

“You think now is the time to flirt with me, Barton?” You questioned before turning into the vibranium in Steve’s shield when a KGB shot at you.

“I’m just calling it how I see it, Sweetheart.” Clint’s voice was closer now. You turned around returning back to your normal self to see him smiling at you. He had a cut on his forehead. He leaned forward and kissed you.

“Alright love birds, I saw the diplomat run this way we can still get him if you stop kissing.” Lindsay teased and you pulled away smirking. You flipped her off and she blew you a kiss. You then returned your attention back to Clint and gave him another short kiss.

“We can continue this later,” you hummed with a soft smile that he returned. You then grabbed his hand and began to run after the diplomat.

  • name/alias zz
  • timezone eastern standard
  • identifiers taurus, intp, ravenclaw, house tully
  • favorite marauders headcanon considering the order seems to have been largely run by dumbledore and moody i think it makes a lot of sense if they’re a bunch of paranoid insurgents willing to do anything to achieve their ends; i don’t really like the purely heroic angle i guess
  • favorite plots interesting but healthy power dynamics, undying loyalty, heroes who are nonetheless tyrants, dirty cowards, selfish protagonists, captain/lieutenant ships, unrequited love, deep platonic relationships
  • traits of a great site i really think that cohesiveness and unity are key to a good site and i’m looking forward to getting to know you all and making sure everyone has a place in the “plot”
  • personal goals for the site i personally really can’t wait to see how everyone interacts with the world building bc i know alice and maisie and i had a lot of fun coming up with everything. i also am striving to just allow myself to be creative and have fun <3
  • top it off with a gif! i’m having a senior moment and can’t remember how to add gifs to tumblr which is embarrassing but if i could remember it would probably be from bob’s burgers tbh

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I've been doing a fair bit of research and shared it with HarryMovieNews, but she hasn't posted any of the information. I have determined that Rylance is playing Captain Charles Lightoller who survived the sinking of the Titanic. He owned a boat called the Sundowner. He and Roger Lightoller, his son, and a sea scout named Gerald Ashcroft rescued approx 125 men on Saturday June 1st from the East Mole and a ship called the Worcester. The Moonstone is being substituted for the Sundowner.

OK. I’ll post. No idea as to the veracity of this, but for those interested, here you go.

(FYI, I’m not intending to field discussion on this. If you want to discuss the historical references in the movie, that’s great, but I’m not particularly interested, so I don’t intend my blog to be the forum for it. But, anon, if you do want to discuss, please come off anon so I can publish your url and those interested in such a discussion can do so on your blog.)

After fixing my computer many a time I think it’s a grand time to post some gays!! I really like these two, but I also very much like the three of them together as well :( They’re probably my drive to want to play revelations despite fates being Just Okay..

sans riding on mettatons shoulders as they crack jokes at each other

sans and mettaton watching movies together and joking about whats happening on screen

sans making a pun and mettaton crACKING UP because sans is the funniest skelly evER to mettaton

mettaton loudly announcing everything he likes about sans to everyone in the most embarrassing and cheesy way possible