Alright my guys, listen up. I’m just really fucking proud of Sansa Stark, okay? Like so beyond belief, amazing fucking proud of her. No one, literally no one has been through more shit on this show time and time again and still come out on the the other side a more resilient woman. She’s gone from a naive little girl, to a political prisoner, to an abuse victim, to the LADY OF WINTERFELL IN CHARGE OF HER HOME WHILE THE KING IN THE NORTH IS AWAY.



YALL… I’m just… she has been through the most shit of anyone and she’s still here and she’s so far from the little girl that just wanted to marry a prince she was in the beginning and you have no idea how emotional I am about this. Sansa Stark is literally the strongest character on this show and she deserves all the respect and praise in the world and I just love her so much and that’s the kind of strength and resilience I aspire to possess. 

People were interested in me doing a thing like this, so here we go! I figured I’d do a short little blurb about each writer, including one or two of my favorite works by them. So, in no real order (like, I literally randomized the list) here are some of the most talented people* whose art I’ve had the pleasure of reading:

*Please note that some of these people haven’t written for bellarke in a while! That doesn’t mean you should pester them about it! Appreciate the heck out of what they have written instead. Cool? Cool.

1. Maria @rebelprincebell AO3

Maria’s written a good variety of longer and shorter fics, and each of them is excellent. (She’s also an amazing human/friend, but that’s more of a side perk.) She’s currently writing Things We Shouldn’t Do which is what everyone wants out of a multi-chap, fake-dating, actors AU. Or for something shorter, check out T.O.P. S.E.C.R.E.T. for some friends-with-benefits/feelings-reveal goodness. And maybe if she loves me she’ll finish Let’s Go to the Mall but it’s nbd.

2. Steph @ofhobbitsandwomen AO3

I read The Squire (multi-chap, medieval AU) when I was pretty new to the fandom, and I’m still completely in awe of it. Steph’s also written a million other amazing bellarke fics, like this fluffy-af youtubers AU (and, recently, some fucking amazing Jyn/Cassian stuff, if you’re into that) so make sure to check out all of her incredible writing.

3. M @ahmren AO3

M’s writing is magical. At the risk of sounding cliche, it wraps you up and carries you to another world. I could survive on nothing but her collection of soulmate AUs for years to come. 

4. Chash @ponyregrets AO3

Chash has written a million and one amazing fics, so obvs read everything she’s written, but one of my particular faves is Some Cheese With That Whine. It gives me all the best-friends-to-lovers feelings. Amazing. Plus she likes all my posts when I’m flailing about ffx <3

5. Katelyn @nathenmiller AO3

Secrets is the only arranged marriage fic you ever need to read. Period. I also love this fluffy lil childhood-friends-meet-up-ten-years-later AU. Plus, on top of all the fantastic writing, K’s one of the incredibly hardworking ladies behind bff. What a girl??

6. Lana @marauders-groupie AO3

Lana’s another one of those writers where I know I’ll like everything she publishes. She’s like, the queen a soulmate AU’s. Her most recent one is here–a cool iteration where you feel whatever pain your soulmate feels. As with all the other authors here, don’t forget to check out all her other stories!

7. Kacka @katchyalater AO3

I discovered Kacka this summer, and her stories saved me from boredom on the countless train rides I was taking across Europe. By which I mean you should just read through everything on her AO3 page, like I did. Everyone loves a good coffee-shop AU, right? Check out Got to Find Those Extra Cups to Fill. She’s a fantastic, inspiring writer and an even lovelier human being.

8. Emily @prosciuttoe AO3

Emily had the nerve to make me cry by posting a canonverse fic, Hold This Heart Steady, today. So do yourself a favor and read that. Other Emily faves include: Your Heart Is Your Own (So Build Me A Home) and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (for all your Hogwarts AU needs).

9. Brianna @jvnscass AO3

Bri’s another one of the authors I first read when I joined the fandom! She doesn’t write much bellarke anymore, but it’s all still up on her AO3 along with a ton of quality Jyn/Cassian fics, if that’s your jam!

10. Nai @hiddenpolkadots AO3

Want canon-verse smut? Nai’s got u covered: Mouth Like Heaven, Kisses Like Stars. Or for something on the fluffier/hurtcomfort side, try the light that sits at the bottom of your chest. You literally can’t go wrong. She writes Jily too!

11. Kayla @kay-emm-gee AO3

Kayla’s the first person I ever considered my “favorite fanfic author” and the title still fits, even if I do have about a million “favorite” authors now. Full Circle is an older, post s2, fic of hers, but it’s undeniably still one of my faves. A more recent fave is: this is your heart (can you feel it). These are both canonverse, but she writes amazing modern AUs as well. <3

12. Meghan @bellamyfrecklefaceblake AO3

I feel like Meghan writes the best epic-feelings-reveal scenes?? Some faves are: A Drunk Mind Speaks A Sober Heart and You Won’t Get Rid of Me Without a Fight. I want to live in the feelings at the end of these fics pls and thx. (Also, hope your hand is doing better!!)

13. Mel @caramelkru AO3

Is it getting old for me to keep saying I like everything insert-name-here writes?? I’d stop, except that it’s TRUE. Mel is fantastic. Her last installment in Good Times Gonna Come is so cute I can’t actually stand it. Something In The Air (That Night) is also super good. (She also writes Sethkate and Jyn/Cassian!)

(Okay I’m running out of time for these last few–gotta get to class–so I’ll just do one fic rec from each writer, BUT they’re all such fucking talented authors. Everything they write is amazing.)

14. Katie @dreamingundone AO3

take a running start

15. Jazz @hooksandheroics  AO3

Out of All the Gin Joints

16. S @kinetic-elaboration  AO3

Since There’s No Place To Go

17. Amber @bilexualclarke  AO3

asleep in the bathtub (also, like… her blog title doesn’t lie)

18. Emily @kieraknighted  AO3

Walk With Me

19. Annie @clarkescrusade  AO3

those broken and delicate things

20. Julia @enoughtotemptme  AO3

Aurora Borealis

21. @queenofchildren  AO3

But We Fight For Roses Too

I also asked for some lesser known fic recs, so check these out!

Lay It All On Me by @peetaspikelets

The Thing About Pre-Med by theprincessandtheking

In My Dreams We Are Always Together by andsowemeetagain

OKAY PHEW. I think that’s everything. As a last note, don’t forget to appreciate your favorite authors! A comment or reblog here and there goes a long way. Kudos and likes are lovely, but not quite as tangible as comments and tags.

Happy Reading!

Sleep With Me - Carl Gallagher Imagine

Got this idea and decided hey why not start writing Shameless imagines.  Let me know if you like it so I can decide when to start writing more imagines!

The cool summer night’s air blew your hair over your shoulders as a soft sigh escaped your lips.  Just like every other night of the week, it had been a tough shift at work. About a month ago, you had decided to get a job as a waitress at a local restaurant.  The pay was far from ideal and the treatment from many of the customers was horrendous, but you needed to support your family and waiting tables was the best job you could get as a high school student in Southside.

You stared straight ahead as you walked under the high school bleachers, taking your typical route to get home.  The purse on your arm was clutched tight to your side. You had lived in Southside your whole life, and had your fair share of encounters with drunks and criminals.

“Y/N…” A soft voice to your side caught you off guard, causing you to come to a halt and take a protective stance.  Once you realized who it was, your muscles relaxed, but the hard look on your face remained untouched.

It was Carl.  Carl Gallagher.  Neighbor Carl.  The Carl who had been your best friend until he went to prison and came back a “changed man”, not interested in hanging out with a “innocent girl” anymore.  The Carl you had secretly been in love with for years.  The Carl who left you heartbroken and alone.

“Carl,” you mumbled in response with a slight nod of the head, letting out a huff and continuing to walk.

“Y/N, please… I really need someone to talk to right now,” Carl sighed, stepping out from the darkness of the bleachers and taking a few steps in your direction.

This immediately caused you to spin around on your heel and cross your arms over your chest.  “Weird, because I’ve needed someone to talk to for the past few months, but I guess we can’t always get what we want,” you snapped, your eyes shooting daggers into his before taking a look at your surroundings.  “Where’s Nick anyways?  I’m sure he’d love to hear whatever you need to talk about.”

The response you gave hit Carl harder than you had expected. He shoved his hands into his pockets and took a few steps back with his eyes on the ground.  He swallowed the lump in his throat before finally meeting your eyes again.  Despite your anger, the look in his eyes caused your heart to sink down to your stomach. Something terrible had happened.

“He’s gone, Y/N,” he whispered before his eyes shot back down to his hands, playing with his fingers.  “Prison again… for good this time.”

His words lacked the gangster lingo he had been using for the past few months.  His posture was no longer upright and exuding confidence.  His eyes were missing their usual playful glimmer.  His lips were not curved into his signature lopsided smirk. The only feature that remained of his recent swagger were the braids in his hair.

A sigh escaped your parted lips and you nodded and stepped toward the anxious boy, grabbing onto one of his shaking hands.  He followed as you guided him around the front of the bleachers and climbed up a few rows.

“Sit,” you instructed, pointing down to a section on the shaky wooden stands.  Once he obliged, you sat down on the row behind him, grabbing his shoulders and pulling his back into your knees.  Without a word, you slowly began to unravel his braids.

Carl did not resist.  Instead, he allowed his head to fall further into you and closed his eyes. It took a while, but eventually his body stopped shaking and his breathing became regular.  The silence lasted for about ten minutes before Carl finally took it upon himself to break it.

“He killed someone, Y/N.  A young boy.  With a hammer.  All because he took his bike,” he explained, his voice starting to shake again.  “All I keep imagining in my head is that bloody hammer and the boy’s mother screaming.  It won’t leave me.  It’s all it took for me to realize that I can’t keep living my life like this.  I just can’t.  How could you tell?” he questioned, his head leaning back further as his eyes met yours.

Your eyes immediately flickered back to his hair as you simply shrugged your shoulders in response.  Your mind was attempting to process everything he had just confessed to you.  The experience he had described would have been traumatizing to anyone, especially someone like Carl.  Carl wasn’t a thug, he was a scared child.  Still, you remained silent.

Carl let out a sigh and reached up, grabbing your hands out of his disheveled hair and gripping them tightly.  “Y/N, I’m really sorry, you know.  I really fucked up big time.  Me going to prison already had put our friendship on hold and me blowing you off once I was out must’ve really been the icing on the fucking cake.  I know you were probably really looking forward to picking things back up where we left off once I got out, and I really fucked that up and there’s nothing I regret more.  You were always the best friend I could ever ask for and I really don’t deserve you at this point, but I’m really sorry and I would do anything to make it up to you at this point.  I need you, okay?  I need you.”

The apology sounded sincere and the sad look in his eyes confirmed this to be true.  You knew he needed you, and you needed him just as much.  Carl had been a critical part of your life since before you could even remember.  If you left out the last year, all other associations with the boy had been positive. He was your partner in crime.  The one you turned to when you were having problems with your family, and when he was having issues with his.  The one you used to melt action figures in the microwave with as kids.  The one you goofed off with in class, and again in detention.  The one who you shared your first kiss with so he could “practice”.  The one who always stood up for you.  He was your best friend.

A small smirk formed on your lips as you pulled your hands away from his and began working at his hair again.  “You were right about two things.  You fucked up and you don’t deserve me,” you teased, combing through part of his hair with your fingers.

For the first time all night, his lips twitched upward into a grin and his glowing eyes met yours again.  “Now that sounds like my best friend again.”

You laughed quietly and rolled your eyes, successfully undoing one of the last braids.  “Yeah, we’ll have to wait and see about that whole best friend title for now,” you joked before your face became serious again.  “But seriously, Carl, I’m not sure what you expected to happen.  I was worried about you.  Sure, prison toughened you up a bit, but you’re still the same old Carl.  You’re still a kid.  We’re still kids.  Life around here is already tough enough.  The last thing you’d need is to end up in a bad situation with what you’ve been doing and get ki—“

“I know, Y/N.  I know,” he cut you off, closing his eyes again.  “I wasn’t thinking straight.  I don’t want to think about it anymore.  Can we talk about something else now?  Let’s talk about you.  How have you been?  I know it sounds selfish since my ego was through the roof and I wasn’t talking to you, but I’ve been thinking about you a whole lot.”

After pulling out his last braid, you began to slowly run your fingers through his soft hair, causing him to let out a content sigh.  “Me? You know, same old.  Dad’s gone again.  Been working at the restaurant a lot more lately.  Gotta love creepy guys grabbing your ass all day,” you said, rolling your eyes before giving his shoulder a squeeze and standing up.  “It’s all done.”

Carl shook out his hair before following you back down the bleachers, grabbing onto your hand and swinging your arms as you walked.  “Hmmph.  Well, they won’t be doing that under my watch anymore.”  He shot you a toothy smile and gave your hand a squeeze.  “I’ve really missed you, Y/N.”

The walk back to your neighborhood was pretty quiet, but it was comfortable.  All of your anger had subsided and you now felt relaxed.  You had your best friend back and were just happy to know that he was safe and out of the game before anything bad had happened to him.  Things would finally be able to go back to normal.

Although your houses were right next to each other, yours came first.  When you finally reached it, you smiled and turned to face your best friend. “Well, I guess this is goodnight then.”

“No.” Carl furrowed his brow before shaking his head and biting his lip.  “Sorry, I mean, do you have to go?  I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight and having you there with me would help.  You know, like old times.”

“Yes, Carl Gallagher, I’ll sleep with you,” you replied jokingly, squeezing his hand and pulling him towards the steps of his house and inside.

“Damn, I didn’t mean like that, but it could really help calm my nerves,” he teased back with a wink, leading you through the surprisingly quiet Gallagher house and to the couch.  “Totally kidding.  I’ll be right back.  Gonna change and grab something blankets… I’ll grab you something to change into, too.”

Soon enough, the two of you were laying face to face on the couch, Carl in his boxers and you in your underwear and one of his big t-shirts. Despite efforts, the anxious boy simply could not fall asleep.

With a sigh, you pulled the blankets down from over your heads and nudged his leg with yours.  “Come on.  If you can’t sleep, I’m going to at least try to get your mind off of what happened,” you proposed, propping yourself up on your elbow.  “Let’s talk about something else.  Let’s talk about us.  You know, all of the stupid shit we used to do.”

“Okay, okay.  I’ll start.”  Carl chuckled quietly and opened his eyes, allowing them to meet yours.  “Remember that time in fifth grade when we made that volcano together for science class?”

He didn’t have to say anything else for you to start laughing. “How could I forget?  It blew up in Mrs. Sullivan’s face.  Had to spend a week in detention, but it was totally worth it.”  You put your hand over your mouth to quiet the rest of your giggles.  “Okay, my turn.  Remember a few years ago when Joey Waters wouldn’t stop teasing me so you beat him up and he peed his pants?  Literally peed his pants.”

Carl let out a laugh, but his body tensed a bit.  “Yeah, of course I remember that.  I think I remember a little more about that than you do, though,” he murmured before rolling onto his back.  “I had heard that he was teasing you because he liked you and was planning on asking you to the school dance.  I would love to say he’s the only one I scared off, but that’d be lying.”

His comment made butterflies form in your stomach, but you knew you shouldn’t think too much into it.  He was just being the protective best friend he always had been. Nothing more.  “Now that’s something I didn’t know.  No wonder I never got a date to the dance,” you said with a laugh, playfully shoving his chest.  

Rolling back over onto his side, Carl flashed a shy smile. “My turn,” he mumbled, looking up in thought.  “Remember that time I got you to practice kissing with me before I went on my date with Rachel?  I even got you to make out with me,” he teased, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

“Oh, of course I remember.”  You laughed to yourself, but you couldn’t stop a blush from forming on your cheeks.  The rest of your thoughts would have to remain to yourself.  Practicing kissing with Carl was far from a chore for you. You had long been hopelessly in love with your best friend, and as sad as it sounds, you knew that practicing was as close as you’d ever get to the real thing with him.  How could you not be in love with your best friend?  He had always been there to protect you and put a smile on your face, which was far more than anything anyone else had ever done for you.  Still, you kept this secret buried throughout the years.  A friendship with Carl was better than ruining your relationship altogether over feelings that were not mutual.

“I’m really feeling like I owe you tonight, so yet again I must admit that I probably remember more about that day than you do,” Carl uttered, putting his hands over his face.  “I never went on a date with Rachel.”

A quiet laugh fell from your lips and you raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?  Did she reject you?  Cancel?”

Even though the room was dim and Carl’s hands covered the majority of his face, it was undeniable that his cheeks were bright red.  “No.  I lied to you.  I never even asked her out,” he whispered, his eyes still refusing to meet yours.  “I just… I just needed to kiss you.  At least once.  And that was the only way I could do it.  I’m sorry…”

You could hardly believe your ears.  He had finally begun to admit to what you never thought could possibly be true.  It was all you needed to hear in order to build up the confidence to start confessing as well.

“I lied to you too, Carl,” you admitted, causing him to remove his hands from his face and roll back onto his side to face you.  “I remember telling you that day that helping you practice would be gross and burdensome.  That was a lie.  I’d been dying to kiss you forever and thought that would be my only chance to do it so I did.  And I lied again after that when I told you that I hoped your date would go well.” Flustered with all you had revealed, it was now your turn to cover your face with your hands.

Carl wasn’t having it.  He pulled your hands away from your face and entwined his fingers with yours, pressing his forehead against yours.  “Ah, so you had a crush on me?  How embarrassing,” he teased with a smirk on his lips, but his eyes glowed with awe and affection.

Your cheeks darkened even more, but you laughed and rolled your eyes.  “No, idiot. I was in love with you,” you mumbled, looking down at your hands that were engulfed by his own.

The smirk fell from Carl’s lips and a very serious look took over his face.  His eyes were dark as they roamed your face. “Was?” he whispered, his nose brushing against yours. “Yeah, sure, I was in love with you too. But I still am in love with you.”

You swallowed the lump that had formed in your throat and slowly moved to press your body even closer to his.  “And I’m still in love with you too.”

Moving his hand down to your hip, he pushed you onto your back and carefully climbed on top of you, making sure not to put too much of his weight on you.  His eyes roamed up and down your body in awe before his eyes met yours again.  “Kiss me.”

Without hesitation, you tangled your fingers into his soft locks and crashed your lips into his.  Your lips moved in perfect rhythm with his, both of you expressing years of locked up passion and emotion.  It wasn’t long before he had asked permission to take off your shirt, and did the same yet again before removing the underwear off of both of you.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured into your skin, kissing up and down your neck before pulling back and looking into your eyes. “Are you sure about this?  I wouldn’t want to hurt you or make you do something you might regret.  If—“

“Shhh.” You let out a breathless giggle and put your finger over his lips, causing his eyes to widen.  “I’ve waited long enough for this.  Don’t make me wait any longer,” you mocked, pulling his lips back down to yours.

The night was filled with the passion you had desired from Carl for so long.  Of course, he stopped many times to make sure you were okay and to check that he wasn’t hurting you.  When he wasn’t stopping to check in on how you were doing, he was pausing to tell you how beautiful you were or to remind you how much he loved you.  It was all you needed to finally put your mind at peace and for Carl to fall into a deep sleep, his mind clear of everything that had occurred earlier.  You fell asleep underneath the blankets, your legs tangled with his and your head pressed against his chest.

The next morning, you awoke to someone nudging your arm. With a yawn, you opened your eyes, which immediately noticed the smirk on his lips.  “What?”

“Remember last night on the way here when you said you’d sleep with me and I joked it’d help to calm my nerves?” He chuckled and wiggled his eyebrows at you. “It worked.”

You rolled your eyes and buried your face back into his chest, laughing softly. “How long have you been waiting for me to wake up to say that?”

Carl laughed and squeezed your hips.  “Oh, you know, about an hour.  I got impatient.”

Before you could comment back, you were interrupted by the sound of someone running down the stairs and approaching the couch you two were on.  “For fuck’s sake, it’s about time, you two.”  It was Lip.

It was about time.

Silent Treatment - Nolan Holloway

Originally posted by vxidism

Requested by the lovely @froygutierreez
“can i request an imagine/one shot of where the reader is liam’s younger sister and she has a small crush on nolan? like nolan had always liked her more than she likes him. anyway, and when he and gabe beat up liam, she doesn’t talk to him for a while and nolan just keeps trying to apologise? when they do talk, they confess their feelings and have been a secret thing since then? ( im doing this for a story/rp thingy and may need some inspiration! )”

Warnings: Swearing, violence, mentions of blood, mentions of anxiety, death, and an extreme range of emotions.

Word Count: Just over 14k. (This got out of control. I could not. stop. writing.)

Note: The continuity, especially as far as it goes for time of day/general cycles of daylight and night, in S6 was a damn mess so I tried to make it a little more continuous for the sake of everyone reading this. There are still some time frames that don’t make much sense so please forgive, I am doing my best. Also, the reader in this is Liam’s twin sister. And this title made more sense before I actually wrote this whole thing but I’m sticking with it.

My phone was resting on the sofa next to me while I scrolled through Netflix to find a new movie to watch. I’d already watched a few romcoms throughout the day. I didn’t have much better to do since I was throwing up and running a fever, which effectively stopped me from going to school.

A quick succession of text notifications came up so I dropped the tv remote and picked up my phone to read them.

They were all from Corey and Mason.

I opened them up, expecting to see some “hope you’re feeling better” messages but that wasn’t the case. They had both texted me saying that Liam had been in a fight at the end of the day. More specifically, that he’d been beat up by two guys from the lacrosse team.

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Another long hiatus that lasted 1 year and 2 months, reorganization from 5 members to 4. Upon its release, WINNER’s third mini album, “FATE NUMBER FOR” wiped out all doubt that surrounded them and recorded first place on the iTunes Charts in 21 different countries. Even now, two weeks since the release, “REALLY REALLY” refuses to drop from the top of the digital charts. We met with the two people who are at the center of all this talk, Kang Seungyoon and Kim Jinwoo of WINNER. We will suppress the urge to share all the details about how they were deeply natural with each other and how the melodies they hummed together matched so well. That is because it is unnecessary to talk about how WINNER is strong like they always have been and the fact that they still have much to show us.

I saw you two at a restaurant the other day. It was the day after the release of your album and the music videos for “FOOL” and “REALLY REALLY”.




Oh, that was the day we went to eat nasigoreng and pasta!

It was fascinating. Your songs swept the charts and your music videos recorded ten million views in a day but you guys were eating lunch as if it was just another ordinary day. How did you feel?


The amount of attention and love we received for our debut album was unusual for a rookie group. We experienced many different things after that and after a long hiatus, we’re receiving so much love with our comeback so the greatest feeling we have right now is gratefulness.


Oh, could you wait a second? Song Mino just video-called me saying that he wants to be interviewed with us. Hello? Hello? Oh, I can’t hear him well so I’ll hang up.

(Laughing) Is it really Mino?


I just hung up (laughing) Like Jinwoo-hyung said, we received a lot of love with “Empty”, which was in our first album. Personally, I think I tried not to have much expectations for this album (FATENUMBERFOR). I put in the effort not to get excited even when our song got first place on the charts because it might drop soon after.

But even after 2 weeks have passed, it is still at the top of the charts. Is that satisfying?


It is very satisfying.


I am a little satisfied? We were in a situation where we had to prove to people that it was possible for us to overcome the unfortunate things that happened to us and I think that’s been proven to some extent. Also, how it does on charts isn’t very important to me. I’m satisfied that our fans are liking our music.

You talked about which song you liked better in your V LIVE, right? I like “REALLY REALLY” a little more than “FOOL”.


Seungyoon made that.

Seungyoon took part in writing lyrics and composing the songs, right? And Jinwoo shouldered more weight as a vocalist. How did you feel when you listened to the songs for the first time?


Seungyoon usually sings the guide. He knows the color of our group and the vocal tones of the members so he makes songs that suit those things. Seungyoon took a large part in bringing a song that matches my voice well. I practiced and thought about how I should sing it but it feels like I didn’t need to prepare something more than my usual singing voice.

(Laughs) Aren’t you being too thankful to Seungyoon?


I think the reason why “REALLY REALLY” is doing well is because all the members shine in it. For a group to get known by many people and to receive love, it is important for one member to really pull in the attention but the whole group getting shown is also important. I felt that this song could spotlight Jinwoo-hyung so I purposely put a lot of emphasis on Jinwoo-hyung’s parts. When someone thinks, “This person’s voice is pretty good,” then they can comfortably listen to the song while enjoying that vocalist.

Thanks to the start of the song, Jinwoo has also been called the “Where Are You Man” so it seems like what Seungyoon wanted is coming true.


I’m personally very happy because Jinwoo-hyung’s voice tone and singing method and his other styles balance the song.

“REALLY REALLY” is a feel-good love song because it is really honest. Have you ever taken the step forward to honestly confess your feelings like the song?


I did have a time when I was innocent.

Do you think honestly confessing to someone would be difficult now?


No, I think I’ll always be like that…


I didn’t write my experiences into the song. I just wanted to write the feelings I felt when I was very young. In a vague context. If you look at the lyrics, it doesn’t sound like a love story between adults. It has the vibes of a middle school student in a shoujou manga saying, “Where are you? I came because I missed you so come outside.” I purposely did not include the words, “I love you” in the lyrics. It’s not about loving someone, it’s about liking them.

Because you didn’t use strong words, it became a more lighthearted and innocent love song.


It is also my style. I’m straightforward on a daily basis but when I’m confessing my feelings to someone, instead of saying, “I love you”, I say, “I like you” like a tsundere.

So it’s something like, “I love… I love… No, I like you”. On the other hand, “FOOL” is a breakup song. Excluding dating, what is the most regretful thing you have done?


Hmm. You can say that we were at fault for our long hiatus after releasing our second album, “EXIT:E”. That is regretful to me. When I think about our fans who waited for such a long time, I become more regretful about that. I feel like I should’ve worked harder to do something. When I think about it now, I might’ve been blinded by the overwhelming response we got with our first album.


I regret small things. For example, if I had worked harder and studied a foreign language or learned how to play an instrument when we debuted, I would be really good at it now. I regret how I started learning how to play the drums but that has fizzled out now.

You learned the drums? Why?


There were no special reasons at first. But while I was learning it, I relieved stressed with it and my sense of rhythm improved too.

Talking about instruments reminds me about Seungyoon’s guitar. You were always with your guitar when you were on “Superstar K2”. What about now?


I always have my guitars in my room but it’s been awhile since I properly played them. There is a preconceived notion that playing the guitar means that the person does rock or acoustic music. Because of that, I felt that WINNER’s music was getting discolored by me. It’s possible for people to think, “Kang Seungyoon probably does this kind of music. He plays the guitar so he probably can’t do that kind of music.” I wanted to avoid those kinds of obstacles when I’m promoting as WINNER. It is not like I didn’t practice at all but in the past year, I haven’t purposely used my guitar.

There are many people who look forward to your solo activities. Is the music you are working on right now going to influence solo activities?


I think there will be some influence to an extent. Acoustic and rock music will not be completely gone. That type of music is one of the fields I can do. However, once WINNER solidifies as a group more, if I receive the opportunity for a solo album, I have an indefinite wish to title it, “Everything You Want” and include hip-hop, jazz, ballad, rock, and dance songs. I want to make an album that contains all kinds of music so that I can enjoy it, as the person making it, and so that people who listen to my album can enjoy it too.

Both of you are members who act. Jinwoo, do you have plans for any solo or acting activities in the future?


Hmm. Firstly, I’m still scared about challenging myself in releasing a solo song. I lack the certainty in knowing what song or style that will suit me best. I do think about continuing my acting. Since I started it, I want to properly work hard in it.

You made an unprecedented decision to perform in the Korea National Contemporary Dance Production of “The Little Prince” last December.


I really wanted to challenge myself in a new experience. When I was spending my days working out, taking lessons, practicing, and wanting to do something other than those things, I received a very good offer. I thought to myself that I needed to work really hard for it. The Seoul Arts Center stage is not a stage where even modern dancers perform on often. I also received a lot of stress because I was worried that I would be told “he’s like an idol”.

You two are part of a company that is known to make the most “hip” content in Korea. There are sub-labels of YG that produce subculture content too. Is there something you find interesting in the mainstream right now?


DPR LIVE. I think he’s cool because he makes his own music, performs alone, produces videos alone, and just makes everything by himself. I also get inspired by what he makes.


I like DPR LIVE too and contemporary dance is fun too. It’s very liberating. I’m not saying this because I was in “The Little Prince”… (Laughing)

There are many WINNER songs that deal with loneliness and empty feelings. It is a universal emotion but are there times when you are more lonely because you are celebrities?


Yes, very often.


It can’t be helped because there are always limitations on what people do every day and where people can go.


I think celebrities are a little different from people who are recognized by others. We are aware that we are people who are recognized by other people, not celebrities. It’s not just about not keeping ourselves from drinking excessively or having harmless hobbies, we can’t easily do anything. In this context, we ended up growing apart from [non-celebrity] friends and the people who we can meet gradually become limited. It’s not like Jinwoo-hyung and I don’t contact our childhood friends at all but because we can’t meet each other comfortably like in the past, it feels like our surroundings are being compressed.


Once that happens, you naturally end up being alone most of the time. Even if I meet someone, it’s usually my members.

On top of that, both of your hometowns are far from Seoul. Jinwoo is from Imjado Island in Sinan and Seungyoon is from Busan. Do you guys like Seoul?


We really love Seoul! There’s so many things to do here.

(Laughs) That’s a relief.


There are many things to do but there’s not many things we can do. But I like shopping and I can do that to my heart’s content. Most of the friends I’ve met while working are in Seoul anyways so I’ve become comfortable with this city. It’s like my home.


There are really not many people on Imjado Island. I like Seoul because there are so many people. But I don’t like how there are many cars too.

You’ve been to many cities [in and out of Korea]. Is there a city you want to live in?


We went to LA recently. Seunghoon-hyung says he wants to live in LA because the weather is nice and it’s relaxing. But if I were to choose between LA and New York, I would live in New York. For now, I like being in a busy place. I feel like if I live in a relaxing place, I would get depression. I think that’s because I don’t have a peace of mind yet.


I want to live in Sokcho. Unlike my hometown which is in the west coast of Korea, the east coast of Korea has really blue seas. When I saw it for the first time, I was really surprised. I thought I was overseas! I want to live in Korea while looking at a clean ocean. I don’t really like busy cities.

Your choice makes sense.


But I still like Seoul best. New York is nice but Seoul is better.


That’s right. I like being in Korea the best.

I’m going to ask a heartwarming question. What are you to each other?


You go first because you’re the hyung.


Hmm… I’ve been with Seungyoon for a long time. I’ve received a lot from Seungyoon but I’ve never directly thanked him before.

Then can you two say thank you to each other while looking into each other’s eyes?




Thank you, Seungyoon, really! I want to tell my other members thank you too. Hmm. I’m really thankful for them.


I’m also thankful. I get lonely easily and even though we’ll probably live separately in a few years, I feel safe that my family lives with me. Jinwoo-hyung is more special to me because we’ve been together for the longest time.


When I look at Seungyoon, I feel really proud.


Hyung raised me like a parent. When I joined YG, he took care of me a lot.

When Seungyoon joined YG as a trainee, he was already pretty famous but Jinwoo didn’t feel burdened by him?


I thought he would act like he’s all that but he wasn’t like that at all. Almost to the point where I found it fascinating.


I really started from the bottom~

You two are more heartwarming than I expected. It’s a beautiful sight


Thank you!

Translated by @chrissy96_

Scans by @goduandme5     

"Do you know how to make good coffee, or should I not bother?"

Just a little anecdote from today.

I’m working behind the machine when a guy dressed in a full suit, wearing Ray Ban shades indoors, spots me from the entrance and strides directly up to my counter (walking past the cashier, who is supposed to take his order). No hello, how’s your day been. Instead: “Do you know how to make good coffee, or should I not bother?” he grits out curtly (thus fulfilling the title prophecy), glancing down at his iPhone as he’s clearly an important business man with important business things to attend to and doesn’t have time for this.

Offering him a tight-lipped smile, I reply “I’d like to think so.”

“Mhm. Blend?” Still blunt, but this time spoken with an added air of superiority. A pretty vague question, but nonetheless I answer as best I can, which he seems satisfied with.

“Do you know how to make ristretto?” (Italicised because he affected a slight fake Italian accent.) I tell him I do. He asks for a ristretto piccolo latte - well, demands it, really, since he ‘can’t stomach’ a full regular shot. Makes zero sense, but okay buddy, sure thing. Normally I’d send him to the register where he’s supposed to place his order, but whatever, we’re not busy.

So I take his change and start making his coffee - to go, of course, his valet is waiting (/s) - while he sends a few texts. I imagine those texts were tersely worded, too.

Wanting to get some kind of revenge on this arrogant douchewad, but not being able to spit in his coffee while he’s standing so close, I do the next best thing.

I make him a normal shot of coffee.

Outrageous, you say! You’re scandalised, I know; a shocking and defiant display of breaking the barista code with wild reckless abandon. Admit it, you’d do the same.

What makes this petty crime worth sharing, though, is that after making his drink, he takes a sip and looks genuinely surprised. “I know quality, and that,” he says with another taste, “is an excellent ristretto.” He also mentions something else about 'the ristretto difference’ which I don’t quite remember because my mental laughter drowned it out. I smile and thank him, he unexpectedly thanks me in return, and we part ways hopefully forever.

Turns out he really just prefers ordinary coffee.

TL;dr I was being petty, made a slightly incorrect order for a pretentious know-it-all customer, he couldn’t tell the difference and brags unwittingly.

twodemigodtraveleroflorien  asked:

Any prompts for a boy trying to tell his best friend he's in love with him?

I can certainly make some! 

“I uh.. I love you.” 

“I love you too, man.” 

“No, I love you, love you, man.” 


2. “Hey, can I talk to you?” 

“Yeah, of course. What’s up?” 

“So uh.. This is… This is really hard for me to say but I need to tell you because I can’t hide it from you anymore. just so scared you’ll look at me differently or won’t talk to me anymore or something because you’re my best friend and if there is anyone I can’t loose its you and i.. I just dont want this to change us..”

“Hey.. it’s okay. Come here, calm down. Nothing you could ever say to me would make me leave you. You’re my best friend too, man, I would never leave you. Never.” 

“…Are you sure?”


“Okay…Well.. Well, I… I uh.. I love you.”

3. “Hey, Dude. What’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird around me all week, you can barely look me in the eye, and anytime I get near you, you act like I am about to stab you. Did I do something wrong?” 

“No, no uh.. The opposite, actually…”

“I think.. I think I might be in love with you…”

“Oh.. Oh thank god.”


“Dude, I thought you were staring to hate me! You were treating me like I had the plague, I thought I was gonna loose you.” 

“No way, I could never hate you. You’re my best friend, it’s pretty much physically impossible for you to loose me.”


4. “Come on dude, cheer up, anyone would be pretty lucky to have you…”

“Really, you think so?” 

“I know so, Man, You’re my best friend. I am pretty lucky to have you in my life, and well, I think you would make a great boyfriend.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I would be the best boyfriend, I’d probably spoil you rotten and give you anything you wanted and tons of affection.” 

“I meant uh… I meant you’d make a good boyfriend to anyone, like you’d be a good person to date in general…” 

“I mean, you’re not wrong, but I think I would be the best boyfriend to you, specifically. I already dote on you since you’re my best friend, imagine what I could do as your boyfriend.” 

“Oh…I uh..Uh…guess you would make a pretty good one..” 

“Well? Do you want to actually find out?” 


“Do you want to find out how good of a boyfriend I could be?” 

“I.. I’d like that, yeah, I would really, really like that…” 

5. “I mean, everyone already says that the person you love should also be your best-friend, right? That’s how you get the  best, long lasting romances, apparently, when your partner is also your best-friend.” 

“Well, I guess that means were already one step ahead to having the best marriage.” 

“Were not even dating you…” 

“Dating or not, you’re still my best friend, and I still love you. You love me too, right?” 

“Well.. yeah, I do..” 

“Then it doesnt matter if we already dating, or if we start officially right now, or we wait a while. I don’t need a title to love you, in my mind, we’ve always been together, and I think we always will be” 

I hope you like them! If you need anything else, please don’t be afraid to ask! 

I’m Not Scared

Request: With Juggie, 100 and 74 from the prompt list?

Prompts: #74 “I swear, I’m not scared.” #100 “Sit still, for the love of all that is holy.”

Word Count: 406

Pairing: Jughead Jones X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I smiled as Jughead set up the final movie to play at the drive-in, and I have the best seats since I’m up in the booth with him. “Halloween.” I cheered as the opening credits started playing, I didn’t even have to see the title to know what movie it is. “I really, truly, do not understand you when it comes to this movie series.” Jug announced, catching my attention, what does he mean?

“What?” I furrowed my eyebrows, watching as he stood in front of me, his hands on both sides of my face. “You, my dear, always get scared when you watch this movie, even though you’ve seen it a hundred times.” He explained, kissing my smushed lips quickly. I gasped, as he went and sat down in his seat, “liar! I do not.” I defended myself, he rolled his eyes, “hmm, sure.” He hummed, focusing his attention on the movie, I’ll show him.


“I swear, I’m not scared.” I assured my boyfriend in a small voice, looking over at him to find him nodding at the screen, “sure thing babe.” I jumped at the girls screaming outside, sliding off my chair I landed with a thud. The chair rolled to the back of the room, gently hitting the wall, damn you rolling chair. “Jug.” I whined over his laughter, he came over sticking a hand out to pull me up. “Ow.” I winced, noticing the cut on the back of my arm, “I’ll be back.” He declared walking off, leaving me there with a small stream of blood rolling down my arm.

“Sit.” Jughead nodded to the cot in the corner, which I’d rather not talk about, “no more rolling chairs for you.” He sighed, kneeling in front of me and wiping my arm with a wet paper towel. “So professional.” I teased as the unopened band-aid hung from his mouth, he narrowed his eyes at me. He opened his mouth and let the package fall to the ground. “Stay still, for the love of all that is holy.” He grumbled under his breath, jokingly, as I kept flinching when he wiped at the cut. 

“I’m trying.” I rolled my eyes at him, he chuckled, and tore open the band-aid, smoothing it across my cut. “My hero.” I wrapped my arms around his neck before he could stand up, “it’s my pleasure to save such a beautiful damsel, in so much distress.”

A Ride on the Nope Train

AN: Have some Barry Allen Fluff as a peace offering. Based off of the titles I had people send in about two weeks ago.

Submitted by: @chappedandchipped

Words: 290

    You love your husband. You love him so much, that sometimes it hurts. Like now, for instance. You do your best to dodge the furniture as you run from Barry. You can’t help but laugh at the goofy grin on his face as he cuts you off at every turn.

    He’s still dressed in his Flash suit, and you can see the beads of sweat on his forehead. You can’t imagine it’s comfortable. Leather in the summer, in Central City. Add in the fact that your AC had been out for the past two days, and you’re fairly certain you could smell him from a mile away.

    He catches you mid air as you jump off the couch. He pins you to the floor, tickling your sides, before lifting your shirt and blowing a raspberry on your tummy. You laugh till it hurts, as he moves in for a kiss.

    He grins, “Come on Y/N, one kiss.”

    You shake your head, still giggling, “Not until you shower.”

    He blows another raspberry on your neck, “One little kiss, for Central City’s hero?”


    He gives you the puppy dog eyes, you wiggle underneath him, the heat finally getting to you, “Barry I’m hot.”

    He grins, “You’re smoking sweetheart.”


    He gives you an impish grin, and the next thing you know, you’re both in the bathroom. You don’t even have time to say anything before freezing cold water is spraying down on you. All while you’re still dressed in your t-shirt and shorts. You splutter a bit as Barry’s arms hug you from behind. His very bare arms. You turn your head to stare at your husband, to find him grinning at you. With a laugh, you finally kiss him.

Morality Wants To Play

Logicality - [Logic x Morality]

Summary: Morality pestering Logic and finding out he’s ticklish and exploiting it.[WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! PLEEEEEASE CRITIQUE ME! I THINK THIS IS SHIT BUT IM REALLY NOT SURE. I’m tired. I’m stressed. This was my best. Hey that rhymed. I was bouncing back and forth between literally FIVE different fics and this is the one i finished first. Please dont hate me if this one sucks… ALSO I AM TOTAL SHIT AT TITLES HELP MEH!

Keep reading

addicted-to-snow-stuff  asked:

Greenflame headcanons. Either romantic, platonic or brotherly whichever is more comfortable. If not greenflame maybe glaciershipping or Jaya - mew

I felt a bit hhhhhhhhh about writing these which is why it took me so long just cause of the wording of the request, I would like to make it vehemently clear that I do not ship greenf//lame and if I see people tagging it as such I will be very upset so please don’t because these aren’t ship headcanons these are platonic because I strongly support their brother dynamic

  • Kai forgets that because Lloyd can harness all their powers he also has Cole’s super strength, so Kai is like “don’t worry bro I’ve got this I’ll carry this box you’re too small" and Kai is STRAINING because it’s really heavy and Lloyd just. takes it off him and carries it up the stairs no sweat.
  • Kai, when he’s been hit in battle: Lloyd, if I die I need you to know-
    Lloyd: no, Kai you’re not gonna die. I’m not gonna let you die!
    Kai: Lloyd please I need to tell someone where I hide all my good shower gels they can’t go to waste
  • you can’t tell me that the second Lloyd grew older that his ugly bowl cut magically disappeared. it didn’t. so Kai gave him a trendy haircut, because he used to cut Nya’s hair, so he wouldn’t have to suffer anymore cause he’s a nice bro
  • when I say nice bro I mean most of the times, he’s also a pain in the ass
    • remember when Kai put Lloyd in the barrel because he was like “no too dangerous you shouldn’t be here” yes he does that all the time. Lloyd will be in the middle of explaining a strategy to them and Kai will just run up behind him and dunk him in the washing basket
    • or if they’re particular outnumbered in a fight Kai will try to stick him somewhere safe bc Kai still sees him as a little kid
    • if Kai takes a prank too far though Lloyd will pretend to cry and Kai will curse himself until the sun goes down and buy Lloyd some ice cream
  • Kai: hey Lloyd how would you like to be adopted
    Misako: Kai I am right h-
    Lloyd: yeah!!! :D
  • he gets Kai’s hand me downs and Lloyd is rly happy because he’s always wanted a big bro and this is classic brother bonding
    • “but Lloyd it’s all red and you wear green” “I don’t care I’ve wanted this my whole life give me the jacket”
  • Kai to the ninja: I don’t have favourites
    Kai to the camera: I do and it’s Lloyd
  • one time Lloyd dresses up as Kai and crashes one of his dates to get back at him for being an ass sometimes
    • and bc Kai is so petty he puts on Lloyd’s cape he used to wear and literally cuts his hair into a bowl cut to get into character because he’s so extra
    • Lloyd just thinks it’s hilarious though so it doesn’t have the same effect
  • Lloyd: Kai I have a crush on someone how do I get them to like me
    Kai: watch and learn
    *walks up to Jay* *trips over a chair*
  • “bro lemme show you how to do the perfect winged eyeliner”
  • Lloyd: I can’t spell :(
    Kai: I’ll teach you how to spell!
    Nya: Kai you can’t spell either
    Kai: I’ll teach him how to spell.
    Nya: Kai you are severely dyslexic. 
  • Lloyd walks in on Kai doing a pretend youtube video and Kai is ready to swear him to secrecy but Lloyd’s just like “hey can I join” so they just make stupid videos together pretending to be cool youtubers but never actually post the videos anywhere, labelled:
    • Kai gives Lloyd a makeup tutorial
    • gaming tournament almost ends in death
    • what it looks like when you try to prank Zane but then realise he’s too pure for that and make him a bracelet instead
    • defeating an army while doing synchronised swimming - is it really possible?
    • cryptid hunting 101: the search for my will to live continues
  • Wu: Lloyd you need to start taking more responsibility
    Lloyd: noah fence wu but i am only 10 yrs old
    Kai: yeah give him a break Wu he’s only 10 >://
    • if Lloyd wants to go play a new video game or read a new comic or something Kai will be like “I gotchu buddy go have fun I’ll do ur chores” cause he kinda feels responsible for him being aged up and he was sometimes hard on him when he was a kid and told him he needed to be more grown up, so now he wants him to feel like he can still do the things he missed out on as a kid to make up for it
    • also because if Lloyd buys a new game that means Kai can play it too
    • “please Wu you have to let him get it IT’S FOR HIS CHILDHOOD WU IT WAS RIPPED AWAY FROM HIM LET HIM BUY THE GAME”
  • Lloyd: you shouldn’t drink too much juice, it’s filled with more sugar than you realise.
    Kai internally: he thinks this is juice lmao this is straight up vodka with a splash of lime
  • they often bond over how much they crave the sweet release of death
    • Cole: you know if you guys keep joking about how you want to die the grim reaper is gonna come for you
      Kai and Lloyd in sync, shaking their fists at the thin air: take me, you coward!!
  • Lloyd teaches him things he learnt at evil boarding school such as:
    • how to steal an entire vending machine from a room full of people
    • picking locks
    • double and triple checking every inch of your room to make sure there are no monsters or people who are going to jump out and scare you
    • the perfect traps
    • the best way to any evil masterful plan is to draw mind maps using at least five (5) different coloured highlighters with the title taking up most of the page so you are sure to remember your goal
    • how to get out of eating your greens
    • spiders are your friend (he’s still trying to convince Kai on that one)
    • theatrics. Lloyd is a convincing actor
    • how to punch a grown man in the face and get away with it
    • Kai doesn’t want to know how he knows half of these things
  • Kai: I have tried to do this for a SO LONG and it’s STILL not working!!! I hate it!!!!! it’s stupid i’m not doing it anymore!!!!!! I give up this is impossible!
    Lloyd: ……. will you just. calm down for 3 seconds. you’ve tried once and the door wont open because you have the key upside down.
  • when anything happens they will both unironically dab
  • Lloyd: look, it’s the good kush!
    Kai: this is the dollar store. how good can it be
  • impromptu rap battles

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

Jealous Book 2 Part 1

Liam x Reader, Theo x Reader

Summary: In which Liam Dunbar loses Y/n McCall to Theo Raeken, thinking he stopped loving her.

Warning: Swearing, cheating

Notes: Previously, I had Jealous Book 1 for Liam x Reader, now it is Liam x Reader x Theo :) Enjoy!

series masterlist

“What are we doing down here, Li?” You ask your boyfriend as he brings you down the tunnels, where you best friend got sent to hell.

“Making the worst decision I ever made in my entire life.” He says, holding Kira’s sword that her mom gave Liam. He shoves it into the ground. The floor cracks and makes a hole in the ground. Smoke fills the area as someone steps out. They are quick to pin Liam against the wall.

“Where’s my sister?”

“She’s dead. You killed her, remember?”

“I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna kill all of you.” Theo looks around the area, eyes landing on you. 



“She’s mine now, back off. Do you know what this does?” Liam says gesturing to the sword. Theo steps back. 

“Hey don’t be mean!” You say, defending Theo. Liam growls, but you growl back.

“What do you want from me?” Liam starts to explain what he wanted to do with Theo. Liam and Mr. Douglas then experimented on him if he still had Josh’s powers but he didn’t.

“Send him back.” Mr. Douglas said, eyeing Theo down with suspicion

“No!” You yell. Liam growls at you, eyes flashing amber. You scoff at his childish reactions.

“Who’s making the decisions now? Where’s Scott? Where’s Stiles?”

“You remember Stiles?” Liam asks. 

“Why wouldn’t I remember Stiles?”

“He’s helpful! Let him stay babe.” You pout. Liam furrows his eyebrows and reluctantly nods.

Liam had just made the worst decisions of his life.

“You don’t have to stop.” Theo mumbles as Malia punches him repeatedly. 

“I wasn’t gonna.” Malia’s claws come out and Theo widens his eyes. Scott, Liam and you pull them apart. You tend Theo.


“T. I missed you.”

“I missed you so much.” A growl is heard from behind you. You roll your eyes.

“If you continue to care about Theo, I would send him back!”

“You wouldn’t dare.” I say facing Liam with amber eyes. Scott steps in with his alpha eyes and the two of you stop staring intensely at each other.

“He’s going back to the ground!”

“He remembers Stiles!”

“Scott remembers Stiles, Lydia and I remember Stiles.”

“If you guys want Stiles back, you got to keep him for now.” You say. 

“He knows about the wild hunt. He can help us.”

“Liam I don’t think it’s a good idea.”


“Liam I need to talk to you for a second alone.” Scott and Liam walk out. You decide to listen to their conversation.

“You really think keeping Theo is a good idea? I mean, he and Y/n had a good relationship before everything happened.”

“I don’t think so, But he can be helpful! I’m trying to help. I don’t want to be useless.” Scott pats Liam on the back and they walk back in together.

“Can’t we just kill him?”

“No. Mrs. Yukimura gave me the sword. He’s my responsibility now.”

“We can’t trust him. He tried to get you to kill me. He killed your girlfriend.”

“That’s not all true.” You mumble.

“Theo might be our only chance to get back Stiles. it might be a mistake using Theo, but everyone makes mistakes. You’ve made some mistakes when you were learning to become an alpha.”

Hesitantly Scott gives in.

Liam explains his plan to Theo. He wants to capture a ghost rider. 

“I’ll help if Malia promises not to kill me.” Malia growls

“She promises.” Malia disagrees. She says that she will not be part of the plan and leaves.

“Scott. can I stay over?”

“No.” Scott says

“Yes.” You say

“No.” Liam says.

“Scott? Please? Just one night.”

“Okay fine. But no funny business. You have a boyfriend.”

“I don’t allow.”

“Liam, please babe.” You pout.




“One night and nothing else.” You give your boyfriend puppy eyes. 

“Fine. But if he’s staying over, I am too.”

“Yay thanks babe.” You kiss him on the cheek, before dragging Theo up to your room.

“I’ll keep the door open!” You yell as you hear Liam follow you up. Once you and Theo reach your room, he sits on your bed and you sit on your computer chair.

“You’re a werewolf now?”

“Yea. I’m my brother’s beta unfortunately. It happened the day you got sent to hell. I went unconscious from the cut the beast gave me and Scott had to bite me so I could survive.”

“I see. Must suck to be your brother’s beta.”

“It does suck, now he can tell me to do things using two different titles.”

“That was the same day you and Liam started dating?” You nod.

“I still love you Y/n.”

“I always have. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you 3 months ago.”

“It’s okay, you were already injured and you were human.”

“I still have the same picture of us on Instagram as my profile picture. Even with Liam’s protests, I didn’t take it down.”

“Everyone hates me, don’t they?”

“No, not me. Theo, you’re my best friend.”

“No you don’t.”

“Stop Theo. Please. I love you. They may hate you for lying and betraying them, but I will never hate you.” You get up and kneel down in front of Theo.

“I don’t deserve you.”

“Damn right you don’t.” A mumble is heard from outside your door.

“Liam!” You yell before turning back to Theo.

“I don’t have a heart.”

“You do. You do. Is this about you being in hell with your sister?” Theo starts to cry. You hug him.

“Theo, babe. It’s okay.” You coo. You sit down on the bed beside him as he sobs. Slowly he falls asleep, leaving you in an awkward position.

You try to slowly get Theo to lie down without waking him up. Successfully doing so, you walk out your room, turning off the light and closing the door in the process. All of a sudden you are face to face with Liam.

“Where are you gonna sleep now?” 

“I’m staying with him.” You smell the anger from Liam.

“No. Keeping him was the worst idea ever.”

“He’s changed Liam. Give him a chance.”

“Why are you always on his side?”

“Because he’s my best friend!”

“I’m your boyfriend!”

“I do what I think is right.”

“You think bringing Theo back was right?”

“Li, you wanted to help! I believe it was a good choice.”

‘Was it a good choice because of that or because of something else?”

“Liam! I f*cking hate you. Get out of my house because it seems to me like my boyfriend doesn’t trust me anymore!” You raise your voice.

“Gladly.” Liam states before leaving. You re-enter your room, cuddling into Theo’s warm arms and silently cry yourself to sleep.

“Sup Y/n.” Corey says as he walks towards you at the roof. You guys were planning on capturing a ghost rider and you two were in charge of watching out.

“Sup Corey.”

“Who knew this would be so stressing?”

“I know right.”

“What’s up with you and Liam?” you furrow your eyebrows.

“Nothing.” You sighed.

“Is it Theo?” You nod.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this but Liam has been hanging out with Hayden a lot lately.” Something stings your heart.

“Why do you tell me all these upsetting things?”

“Sorry. I can’t keep my mouth shut when it comes to my best friend.” You laugh and hug him. You see Parrish walking into the small cabin. 

“Parrish is here.”

“I should go around the boundary again.” Corey gets up and starts to leave.

“Stay safe.” You suddenly felt a tight knot in your stomach. Something was gonna happen tonight. 

As Corey left, you focused on his heartbeat, until you couldn’t hear it. Worried you got down from the roof to take a look. Mr. Douglas walks past you, holding a whip. Curious, you follow him. He stops and you quickly hide behind a tree.

“Mr. Douglas, what are you doing here?” You hear Corey ask. You turn to take a look.

“Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.” The teacher says as he throws the whip around Corey’s neck until green smoke replaces his body. Tears sting out of your eyes as you run back to the cabin. When you enter, the ghost rider is dead.

“What did you do?”

“It was Mr. Douglas. He ate his brain”

“Scott was right. I was wrong. I’m sending you back.”

“Theo’s right, it’s Mr Douglas.”

“He ate his pineal gland. Those murders have been going on for weeks.” Mason adds.

“The whip’s gone.”

“He took it. And he took Corey.” You hug Mason tightly as he processes what you just said.

“Y/n are you okay?” Theo asks from behind the cell he was in. You leaned against the bars.

“No.” You say sadly. Hayden and Liam start discussing a plan to defeat the ghost riders, but is constantly getting interrupted by Theo.

“Guess who knows all about Mr. Douglas?” While the three make their deal, Mason stands beside you.

“It hurts Mason.”

“We’ll get him back, don’t worry.”

“Weirdly how am I more upset than you?”

“He’s been with you through a lot. When you got resurrected, he was the only one who talked to you. It’s okay if you’re sad.” You take out the cell phone you found while trying to find Corey.

“I found his cell. It’s a relic.” Mason takes the phone and opens the camera. He goes through pictures of them together, along with some pictures of you being silly.

“It’s just us, mostly. Is that weird?”

“No, it means he loves you.”

“You want me to tell you about Douglas. Break the sword.” Theo says.

“What’s going on?” Both Liam and Theo ignore you.

“You break, I talk. Come on guys. Look, I don’t want in anyone’s pack. I don’t want anyone’s power. I just wanna stay alive.”

“How do we know you’re not gonna run when we let you out?”

“Because I’m not letting him out. He’s staying right in the cell, away from Y/n.” You growl. Liam breaks the sword. Theo starts to tell the story.

After Theo finishes the story. Liam walks up to you.

“Come on Y/n, We got to tell Scott about this.” 

“I want to stay here. Please?” You pout. He shakes his head a few times.


“Mason!” You scream as he turns into green smoke. The ghost riders have arrived.

“Hayden!” Liam runs to save her. You watch as Liam pulls Hayden back. Two ghost riders had got their whip on Hayden’s arms. 

“Liam, You have to find Scott.”

“I’m not leaving you.” Your heart breaks. Theo grabs your hand from his cell and gives you a gentle squeeze. Liam pulls even harder.

“You have to. You can save me from the other side. I believe in you.” Liam finally gives in. 

“I love you.” Ouch.

“Then go.” Liam lets go and watches Hayden disappear into green smoke. Liam then leaves. 

“Babygirl, it’s okay to cry. It will make you feel better.” You start to cry.

“I hate him. I hate him so so much.”

Scott has been calling your mom’s phone.


“Scott, Y/n, your mom’s gone. But she’s still alive.” We discuss a bit more about the wild hunt before the sheriff comes in. 

“I have a son. His name is Mieczyslaw Stilinski, but we call him Stiles.” The sheriff explains that he remembers his son.

“We’re here tonight because my goofball son decided to drag Scott, his greatest friend in the world, into the woods to see a dead body.” He continued to explain how he remembered Stiles.

“And then the strangest thing happened.” He then explained that he saw some type of rift. A bright light and a male figure appeared. Lydia figured something out.

“You remembered Stiles and then a new rift was created. If the Sheriff can do it… maybe we can.”


“By remembering Stiles. We have to remember everything.”

The group part ways. But Liam stays.

“Y/n, I need to talk to you.” Scott looks between the two of you.


“No. Scott Stay.” Scott stays.

“It doesn’t matter where I go, because this is my house too, so I can always eavesdrop.”

“I think-“

“You don’t love me anymore, do you? You fell in love with Hayden. You cheated on me. I should’ve believed Corey. I hate you so f*cking much right now.”

“Y/n… I can explain.”

“Explain to me how you told Hayden you loved her right in front of me and then left without saying anything to me. I stayed at the station and fell asleep against the bars of Theo’s cell until he woke me up to tell me that Scott arrived to pick me up.” You raise your voice. Liam flinches.


“No don’t Y/n me. You’re tired of me. You think I still like Theo, after three months? Yes, Theo likes me. I’m with you. Why can’t you trust me? Why did you have to hurt me like that?”

“Then you tell me, if me and Theo were drowning, who would you save?”

“I think we’re done here. I guess now we’re back to being enemies.”

“Fine. I already have my own answer.” Liam storms off.

“This sucks. My otp just broke up in front of me.” Scott gets up from his chair and hugs me. 

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. everything will be okay. I promise.” You sob into his chest.

“I f*cking hate him.” You mumble.

You lost him. You lost the love of your life.

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HAH Ya’ll might’ve thought Liam and Y/n will live on, but I didn’t let it happen! HAH! Don’t worry, there will still be parts with them in it :)

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Have any enemies to lovers recs?

Hi! I sure do, here you go! Some of them lean a little more towards a “rivals to lovers” vibe, but I hope they’re still to your liking :)

Title: Blow Me Like Your French Horn
Author: ohdizzy
Rating: Teen
Genre: Slow Burn, Fluff
Summary: In which Jimin undergoes a transformation from Cinnamon Roll to Sinnamon Roll and Jeongguk is a little too competitive, a little too tsundere, and a little bit too moony-eyed for his own good. (A tale of red converses, sandpit wrestling, shitty best friends a little too obsessed with playing Cupid, emotional constipation, existential crises, and that one body roll Jimin does that makes Jeongguk re-evaluate his life)

Title: Fatal Flaws (We All Have)
Author: tcarriela
Rating: Mature
Genre: Angst, Mystery, Smut
Summary: When Jimin first met him, he certainly did not like him. Hated him in fact; his arrogance and annoyingly perfect eye rolls. But he did not know that as this new and crueler world pushes them close, he might end up changing his mind. Or when Jimin finally gets out of the basement, he finds the world is turning a lot faster than it did three days ago. And when people are scared, they can turn into the scariest monsters.

Title: Hate the Way I Don’t Hate You
Author: blt_prf
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff
Summary: 10 things Jimin hates about the new kid in his dancing team.

Title: Hit Me (with Your Best Shot)
Author: happy_tokki
Rating: General Audiences
Genre: Mutual Pining, Fluff
Summary: The first time they meet, Jeongguk hits him with a snowball. And that is how it all begins.

Title: Lest We Burn-Out, Unkindled
Author: DeadpanSnarker
Rating: Mature
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Summary: Having no idea each of them has finally met his match, Jungkook and Jimin take the term ‘sleeping with the enemy’ to a whole new level. Somewhere between love error 404 and a bulletproof heart, between leading double-lives and starving hearts on fire, they find a purpose long-lost. Somewhere between being bed-buddies and ending up as partners-in-crime, between danse macabre and a kiss of death, they rekindle a passion long-forgotten.

Title: Let’s Not Fall in Love
Author: jungkoojk
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Slow Burn, Angst, Fluff, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Smut
Summary: In which Jungkook is the popular kid, Jimin is shy, and a game of spin the bottle at a party brings them way closer together than they ever wanted to be.

Title: Lonely You (Do You Know My Heart?)
Author: sirradel
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama, Fluff
Summary: “I heard the last of the Jeon kids just came to age. Jeongguk. He’ll be participating in the games for the first time this month, right?” “Yeah. He’s their youngest prince. Heard he does your event, hyung.” Jimin snorted, and one of the girls seated below him looked up to flash him a knowing grin. “The oldest prince versus the youngest prince. Think he’ll beat you, Jimin-ah?” Jimin rolled his eyes. “Please. I’m undefeated in my event and it’s been that way since I came of age. The only way he’d beat me is if he offered a sacrifice to the gods.”

Morgan Rielly - 2:00am in Toronto "I Wish You Didn't Love Me"

Originally posted by wonthetrade

This series is based off songs from Jake Miller’s album “2:00am in LA

Word Count: 1480

Warnings: Steam

No Return / I Wish You Didn’t Love Me/ Sleeping With Strangers / Parties / Back To The Start

The next following months with Morgan were completely different than what you had expected. Weeks later, the season had started back up and Morgan was back on the road. In the past years when this had happened it wasn’t as difficult. Yeah, you missed him, but now there was a whole new level of separation.

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EXO Reaction to the AraSoo wedding

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing Arasoo for myself and for the anon who requests all the Arasoo stuff xD Anyways if you don’t know what Arasoo is you can either go here click or ignore this xD Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/




“Yes.. my predictions were right… I knew this day would come. That gives me the right to be the best man right?” *So confident*


“I’m so happy but poor Suho… he must be crying right now… one of his babies is leaving… let’s go remind him of that” *Never loses an opportunity xD*


“WOHOOO THIS MEANS CAKE! I MEAN YES WOHO WEDDING!” *Let’s be honest Soo would bake a delicious cake or get the best one in the world*


“Everyone’s so happy about this… talking about being the best man… but they haven’t realized I AM Soo’s BEST MAN!” *Sitting quietly watching from the corner as the world goes nuts*


*He’s actually the one who heard the news first by accident* “Oh my… oh my… is he proposing? I have a feeling I shouldn’t be here… oh but this is… oh my gawd he’s goals… I want to be like him when I grow old xD”


*Probably Kyungsoo will make him help with everything* “Someone tell me why am I like the maid of honor? Do I even get the title? Am I going to wear a dress? Pink is my color by the way… no wait… this isn’t right! oh oh I didn’t say anything Soo.. let’ continue…”


*Starts preparing his speech for the day. Doesn’t matter if he’s not the best man, he’ll still speak* “Dear Kyungsoo… I’ve known you since you were a little baby (ok maybe not that little)…”


*He has self claimed himself as the official planner of the wedding but more importantly of the bachelor party*


*Probably won’t be able to recover for a long time* “Why did I tell them… why didn’t I choose to get married in a secret ceremony… they are never going to leave me alone…” *Deep down he loves his boys*


“Kyungsoo’s finally getting married? When? That’s so soon! I haven’t written that special song…. okay gotta go… I have a ballad to write!” *Well he’s in charge of the music so xD*


*He’s sad but happy but sad but happy but sad but happy but proud* “My baby has finally opened his wings and flown”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Best Idea You Ever Had

I wrote some smut. Literally; just pure, badly written smut. I’m still not very good at this, so be kind. Also, how do you even title something like this?

Summary: Reader finds herself thinking about Rob’s tongue… it may get her into and interesting situation.

Pairing: Rob x Reader

Word Count: 4297

Warnings: Smut, swearing

Originally posted by cheyentjj

Watching Rob onstage tonight might not have been the best idea. The man was adorable and sweet offstage, but when he got up there to perform, he turned into someone completely different. You watched him intently, entranced by the way he moved and played his guitar. You forced yourself to take your attention away from his hips and the way his body looked in those almost-too-tight jeans, forcing yourself to instead focus on his face.

You loved the emotion that he showed when he sang. Each song evoked something different from him and it was difficult to handle sometimes. Also, you couldn’t help but take notice of the way he seemed to be unable to control that tongue.

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Getting the most out of tumblr

With 1DFF being down and out of business (whether that’s forever or not is still unclear), tumblr seems to be the prime place for all our favourite fanfictions to be posted. There’s nothing wrong with tumblr at all, I very much like tumblr myself, but sometimes we, as authors, want to get the very best we can out of it – and so, yes, that includes how to reach a wider audience to help boost our stories. Of course we write for ourselves and all that jazz, but there’s just something nice about having someone appreciate all the hard work you put into something, am I right?

So, with all this in mind, I’ve put together a little list of things I’ve learnt over the years when it comes to tumblr and posting my own fics on tumblr.

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  A Fool and A Thief (feat. heartbreak and an old proverb)
Request: ✔ (Anon)  ||  Masterlist

At approximately eleven o’clock, you hear someone knocking on your apartment door.

It starts out as a knock and becomes more of a pound, and at some point or another you become unable to distinguish it from the pounding in your head. You don’t even flinch as you hear the knock become louder, and the explanations more desperate, instead knocking out two pills of Advil and downing them dry. Advil Nighttime, so you’re guaranteed to be knocked out once the antihistamines settle into your system.

“…may have started out as a bet but I love you so much now, and I never meant to hurt you…”

The knocking stops and you can’t help but feel a little disappointed, knowing that if he went on long enough then the old woman next door would waste no time in shooing him out herself. It was of the utmost importance that no one disturb her dear nap time, lest they wanted to survive another day. 

You used to hate having to turn down your music, for the senile woman had the ears of a bat on steroids. But now… You’re surprised she hasn’t come out just yet, slipper in hand and fangs bared. You suppose she must have gone out somewhere, or – rather cruelly – you think she must be otherwise lying dead in her apartment. 

A pity, truly. 

“…are you willing just to throw this all away? We can make it work, I know we can…”

You almost laugh to yourself right then because that’s the first thing he said to you during your first fight– asked if you wanted to throw it all away, that was. He had oddly chuckled afterwards, and though at the time you marked it up to a chuckle of exasperation, you look back at the memory with a new taste of scorn burning in your mouth. You now heard the underlying joke: there was never anything to throw away in the first place. 

Ha. ha. 

“…and I’ll wait here until you hear me out, I swear I will! I’ll even sleep on the floor if I have to…”

At least you knew you wouldn’t technically be spending the night alone, despite the situation. You hated feeling alone.

“Goodnight,” you whisper to no one in particular, turning off the lights and going to bed. You think it might have been for Seungcheol, but you’re aware he can’t hear you if he is in fact, still outside your door.


The first thing you do when you wake up is shoot a text to your good friend, Seungkwan. Best friend, he’d probably wager, but you always found the title a little too absolute.

[10:07 AM]
Meet me at Starbucks by 11. 
[10:09 AM]
stop notifying me of shit so late, you crazy old cow. 
[10:10 AM]
but k.

You get ready as normal, although putting in extra care to ensure you dress in the colour orange. You remember Seungcheol once said that orange might be your least flattering colour. You had told him to fuck off then, though there wasn’t any spite. In a symbolic way, you think you might be trying to tell him the same thing now. With a whole lot more spite, of course. 

You go to leave, and the first thing you notice lying outside your door is a very uncomfortable-looking Choi Seungcheol. You look down for a second, step over him, and continue your walk.

You’ll let the woman next door wake him up for you.

In fact, you’ll leave a sticky note on her door with instructions.


“I won, by the way.”

Seungkwan chokes on his venti, eyes widening in unguarded surprise. “No way, I don’t believe you.”

“Figured you wouldn’t believe me,” you sigh, proceeding to slide your cell phone over to him. “So here, I’ve got proof. Read the texts, then listen to a couple of the recordings.”

Seungkwan’s always been sort of a speedster so it only takes a few minutes for him to review the information given to him. You enjoy watching the range of emotions play out on his face, and manage to steal his venti as he’s distracted. 

“No fucking way,” Seungkwan finally gasps, ripping his earphones away once he finishes listening to the scattered recordings of Seungcheol. Some from last night, and some from long before.  

You take a sip of his venti. “Get him to confess his love for me and then break his little heart. That was the bet, was it not? Granted, the outcome was a little more unconventional than most of our targets. Never would’ve expected he was trying to play me as well,” you giggle. Seungkwan cracks a smile too, though you can tell he’s mentally calculating how he’s going to pay you off for this one. “We really should’ve seen it coming, considering how long we’ve been playing this game. Should’ve noticed our fellow brethren.” Seungkwan nods solemnly, clearly still reflecting on his loss. 

“I don’t think it should count,” he concludes rather petulantly. “After all, the two of us don’t really know when it ever stopped being a game for him. These texts and recordings don’t mean shit.” You glare at him, and he gives up just as soon as he started to put up a fight. 

“Can you blame me for trying? I’m just tired of you winning so often lately. But congrats, or whatever,” he says mockingly, stealing your own abandoned glass of water and holding it up. You clink his venti with the glass, throwing back your head and downing the rest of the coffee. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll count this towards your payment.”


There is an old proverb that you like to live by, one that provides you comfort when you feel an ounce of remorse for how shitty your little games with Seungkwan are.

“In a bet, there is a fool and a thief.”

And hey, someone ought to teach these fools a lesson. 

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Notwoarealike!verse - seems like there's a story behind Obi-Wan/Al'verde having the Darksabre?

“You have the Darksaber.” Obi-Wan looked at Master Windu and quirked his brow in amusement.

“That’s your first question in all of this?” He grinned before shrugging. “Yes, it was a gift from Duchess Satine. She said she didn’t want it on Mandalore and gave it to me when I left her service about…must be nineteen years now.” Obi-Wan mused back on the years that had passed.

Then he shook himself and gestured to what remained of Dooku after he fled. “You might want to take that with you, DNA and all or perhaps you can get something useful of it.” He offered dryly about the still bleeding arm.

Something might have been said about that if two bronze colored clones hadn’t run up to him at that moment. “Al’verde! Rex says the droid production has been cut down and that they are ready to return so the Jedi can take command.”

Obi-Wan nodded at that, hooking his saber to his belt. “Good, tell Assassin and Daisy good work for helping them. And tell Ghost and Reaper that their barriers were sloppy and if they are going to split into any battalions they better start training again.”

“Yes sir!” They both saluted before running of, Obi-Wan watching them.

“Guess that’s it then.” He mumbled before turning to Mace again. “Welcome to the grand army of the Republic Master Windu, lets pray to Force that I’ve done enough to limit the Sith Master’s damage to it.” He smiled tightly.

“…You are appearing in front of a full Council Kenobi, do you hear me.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything different Master Windu.”


“So lets sum this up…” Mace rubbed the bridge of his nose. “You never entered the ship to Agricore at all. You walked on the wrong ship and got…”

“Recruited by mercenary. I wasn’t going to be a Jedi, been told I wasn’t good enough to be one, I took a different choice based on what was ready for me.” Obi-Wan confirmed for what felt like the eight time.

“Right.” A vein was throbbing in Mace brow. “From there you wandered the galaxy, taught yourself the Force, found shamans and made your own sabers.” He glanced at the hilt of the Darksaber and the spare saber Obi-Wan held on his belt.

“Yes. Though the Darksaber was a gift. Like I said, I spent some of my time in service of Duchess Satine of Mandalore. She became fond of me and felt that the Darksaber no longer should be on the planet to reduce the…temptation some would experience.” He shrugged.

“And your relationship to the Duchess now?” Plo leaned forward.

“Friendly. We used to court but we understand that a relationship would never last between us so we became friends after a few hits and misses.” Obi-Wan shrugged.

“You then landed on Kamino.” Depa murmured.

“Yes, because of my sabers they thought a Jedi had come and I didn’t reject that notion since the Force was urging me on.”

“Follow the Force you still do then.” Yoda hummed.

“Of course. I may not be a Jedi, but I still follow the will of the Force. From there I discovered the clones and decided on the best path forward, limiting the danger the clones would be. Most of them have named themselves or each other though none of them has customized their armors yet since they are waiting on their Jedi.” Obi-Wan shrugged.

The council shifted before Mace sighed. “I see…and your title? Al’verde?”

“Given to me by the vods. It means Commander in Mando’a. It was easier to let them call me that.” Obi-Wan settled, watching the council.

Force had it ever been a long time since he had been in the temple and the first time he’s back and its in front of a full Council…fuck.

“Discuss this we will, stay with your troopers you will?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Master Yoda. They are mine after all.”

“Yes…yours…your clones. Your troopers. There were around a battalion of them.” Mace leaned forward a bit. “Their purpose in regards to the others seem…hmm…”

“They are suppose to part up into smaller teams to go with the vods. Healers, support, barriers…none of them have lightsabers, they are all blaster trained and Force trained. They are support for the vods and there to prevent enemy Force tampering.” Obi-Wan shifted and tapped the bronze of his armor. “They distinguish themselves because once they become part of the army, they will still keep some bronze so both enemy and friends know who they are. They are prepared to be healers and shields for their friends, and the blade that pierces to their enemy.” He smiled.

The council shifted again before Obi-Wan was finally dismissed.

‘Didn’t take as long as I thought, only five hours to go through all of it.’ He mused, stretching a bit before slinking to the elevator and taking it down. On the way down he activated his comms. “Reaper, did you find us a spot to stay or are we bunking in the ship?”

“Ship Al’verde. There has been some talk about perhaps us getting a barracks on Coruscant but we’re waiting and seeing.”

“Been snooping I hear.” Obi-Wan chuckled.

“Only a bit sir. We’ll see you at the ship sir.”

“I’ll see you all there.” He stepped out of the elevator and continued on wards, ignoring the Jedi watching him.

Once these halls would have been familiar to him.

They were still.

But only in regards to a long faded memory.

It was not home.

Not that Obi-Wan would honestly call anywhere home, he had traveled to much to call any one place a home, the longest place he had stayed anywhere was Kamino.

‘Well then, music time.’ He thought as he stopped on the steps of the Temple.

It was time for a galaxy at war.