I’ve been chewing on the idea of intellectual pedigree and authority when it comes to Ghostbusters, and I’m no longer really sure it much matters in-universe that Patty Tolan wasn’t a scientist?

Of the three known* academics, the only one with any real academic cachet is Erin, who’s up for tenure at an ivy league school and kissing Charles Dance’s ass because he’s being a big dick about what she needs to do to get it before she gets summarily fired for having views on the supernatural that the administration finds vaguely embarrassing.

Which, I mean.  That’s a huge move.  We see her actively preparing for a lecture before everything really gets going, so it seems like the school is mid-semester.  For the school to tell her to get all her shit and get out in the middle of teaching at least one course because of a book and a youtube clip communicates a lot about exactly how much the institution valued her, you know?

Abby and Holtzmann are working out of the basement of a school so scummy the previous dean went to jail and the current dean communicates with inventively rude hand-gestures, and it comes to light that they’ve only got that much support because the administration literally forgot they were there.

The book that starts the whole landslide is, in spite of being technically detailed and accurate enough that spoiler can use it to spoiler his own spoiler to spoiler the spoiler, clearly viewed as paranormal bullshit that could cost Erin her job.  We even see Abby blaming an obvious Ghost-hunters parody called “Ghostjumpers” for the public perception of the field as a joke.

In terms of credibility with authorities and institutions, the three ghostbusters with science degrees have somewhere between jack and shit in spite of their credentials.  If everyone’s rolling their eyes and making jerk-off gestures the second someone brings up ghosts, the four of them are on a fairly equal footing with the out-group in terms of expertise.  And in-group, none of the women ever question each other’s conclusions**, extending a reciprocal trust in one another to be right about the facts they’re asserting.

So Abby, Erin, and Holtzmann are definitely academics, and they do have degrees, but their work and reputations have been delegitimized to the point where no one takes them seriously.  Most of their initial motivation is, in fact, to establish themselves as serious researchers doing non-bullshit, actual science. 

They’re all outsiders to the point that there’s no realistic gate to keep against an uncredentialed but sincere and serious neophyte.  Even assuming Patty doesn’t have a degree, she’s not operating at a significant handicap compared to the other three in terms of how they’re perceived prior to being proven right.

*It’s not addressed in the movie one way or another if Patty’s got a degree.  The film ephemera identifies her as a “municipal historian,” which suggests either an appropriate BA and a shitload of relevant fieldwork or an appropriate MA.  This would hardly preclude working for the MTA in the current economic climate.

**The one beat when Patty volunteers obscure historical information is “How do you know that?” rather than “How do you know that?”, and the accuracy of her information is never in doubt.  After that, it’s just assumed that she’s the exact sort of person who’d know obscure historical information.

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Hi there!! I just wanted to say that your art and comic are AMAZING!! I cant even describe them!!! Also your gifs are so smooth like how do you do them? Im really curious about how you make them move so smoothly .. They're very calming I'm not even kidding .. Thank you for your hard work! Have a nice and peaceful day !!

hello there! thank you so much for all your compliments!!!

my animation is on 12 frames/second, which is also what cartoons and animes are on. it’s considered the optimal speed, as they’ll teach you in art school. i also make them really minute; the smaller the difference between each individual frame, the slower the animation and the smoother it’ll look. tho it’s work that takes a lot of patience.

using ease in and ease out also helps with smoothing the action out, which in motion graphics and animation means two separate things, both of which i use: 1. use exponential speed instead of linear; an action will look better if it starts slow, happens fast, then ends slow. 2. trace your first and last frames to create frames that are almost identical. this helps the viewer get used to the action before it starts/stops.

please let me know if you’d like me to clarify anything! animation is complicated and hard to describe

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how would the Overwatch characters react to being asked to teach someone their native languages? (minus Bastion, Zenyatta, and Winston since they don't really have their own languages unless you can think of something :P) Also, how would each character be at teaching?

I did not do all of the Overwatch characters because that will be a lot to get through. However, I did what I thought would be most interesting.

Reinhardt: He would be so happy! He would not stop boasting about his German heritage and talk excitedly and often rambling off in German without realizing it. Probably wouldn’t be the best teacher as he would get distracted.

Mercy: When it comes to the German language, Mercy might be the best bet to go too. While her German is slightly different than Reinhardt’s due to geography, she is a great teacher and everyday would regularly teach someone the language, testing them, speaking, and writing all in German.

Torbjorn: He would be surprised and interested that someone would want to learn Swedish. He wouldn’t know how to teach it tell but will from time to time explain things such as the Swedish alphabet and common phrases. He’d warn you that it would be a difficult language to learn but if they are really passionate to learn they can always try their Swedish on him.

Pharah: Would be pleased that someone is showing interest in her language. She will get together with them and practice often and teach in the simplest way she can. Though it will require a lot of patience. 

Widowmaker: Might show a slight bit of interest in someone if they want to learn French. but honestly she mostly wouldn’t care. She would be the harshest, constantly criticizing the person to pronouncing a word incorrectly, or not knowing the word in French. Essentially she hates it when people butcher her language. I wouldn’t go to her unless you are brave or your French is “real” French.

Genji and Hanzo: Would be very honored to have someone invested in their culture and language. The two would take turns teaching. Hanzo would focus on the technical parts of the language such as grammar rules and writing. Genji would focus more on making common Japanese sentences and verbal pronunciations 

Zarya: Would accept immediately. That Russian pride is strong in her. Would be a very difficult language to learn and Zarya would often be confused how someone doesn’t understand her language. She is pretty patient and often chuckle at the persons attempt to “sound” Russian.

Reaper: The best way to teach you his beautifu language would be by watching dramas with him. That is it. If they have a question Reaper will reply din a disinterested tone while glued to the TV screen, murmuring in his language.

~Mod Rose

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Could you do me a favor and possibly post up a bunch of you Deku and Stain interaction headcanons? I'd like to have these things stored away for when I get around to writing them together so they really do fall into your vision of them properly because I know how much you adore them and I want to do the pair justice in your eyes XD *hugs*

Originally posted by welcome---to---the---jungle

ur so sweet, thank u so much for all the effort u put in for my a.u!!!!

*cracks knuckle* ok here we go

-Stain deeply cares for deku, but feels bad for him. He believes that deku have so much potential to be a great hero.

-I guess u could say that Stain wants to save him from becoming a complete evil. So Stain teaches deku honestly and without corruption. This really becomes a internal conflict to Stain along the way

-Deku might be the only “hero” he wants to save.

-Both of them are All Might fanboy/maniacs. 

-Deku doesn’t behave sugar sweet toward Stain (or anyone really, except Todoroki) but for some reason deku gets strangely clingy to him.

-Deku respects Stain to highest degree, mainly because he never had a teacher that is so dedicated to educate him. Not only they train, Stain also teaches him mathematics and such. (Black mist teaches language art/English)

-Stain is called a pervert a lot by others mainly because how much deku gets clingy (and the fact that deku is affectionate by nature). This do Stain no justice.  (and chances are deku would get really upset “how dare u to insult my sensie??!!”pushes u down the stairs)

-Even though Stain cares for deku, their relationship is strictly teacher/disciple. If u imply on anything else between them he will cut u up. 

-Aside master/disciple relationship it’s really hard to pin point out their relationship. Way much older brother??? Way older friend??? Young father and son??? (Remember that Stain is 30 and deku is 15) But all in all it’s a mutual respect/care for one and another

-Both of them hunts down perverts/pedophiles and punish them *cue sailor moon stands

-By far Deku and Stain has brought most stray kittens and puppies into the villain’s base. Most of this animal has been adopted out to a nice home :)

-Stain developed a habit of wiping deku’s tear against his cheek with his thumb. But later gets embarrassed of doing it.

-When they are not on training or killing spree, they actually dress up as normal civilian and hang out. Such as going to a book store<- huge nerds (They don’t steal, they pay for whatever they purchase. Stain had said “we are not petty thieves.We are the villains of highest level and order, we can’t be doing childish things)

-I’m still debating over if deku calls Stain “shishou (師匠)” master or  “ sensei (先生)” teacher. But because there is tomura’s “sensei” lets go with “shishou” for now.

-If deku have any question to  Stain regarding…uh…”mature interaction regarding two people in love” Stain would pinch his cheeks and say “You idiot stuff likes that get u distracted from ur career! Besides U ARE TOO YOUNG FOR CRAP LIKE THAT” deku wind up getting a ear full and decides to ask stuff like that to his big brother (the reasons Stain can’t answer him 1.He never been in a relationship before and 2. Stain is Mega Virgin. But no one need to know such info)

-When he founded out that Deku is dating a hero, Stain was worried and troubled. He thought that Todoroki would use Deku to get information out of him, and wants to shield deku at all cost. Yet he thought “hero, if you can promise me that you will save him, i’ll support you”

-Tomua hired Stain knowing that he is one of the few people in the world who won’t touch deku


wow that is a lot and i still have so much more!!! but for now i think this is good. if u have any more question, feel free to talk to me!

THE WOES OF SUPPORT sentence starters.

❝ everyone’s gotta, you know, dip into different roles. teach themselves different mechanics. ❞
❝ do the damage! yes, just like that. go on, do it— no, no, NO! ❞
❝ i’m here with you, i’ll help you, i’m here for you. ❞
❝ okay, but don’t do that. ❞
❝ you’re going down a path i cannot follow, anakin. ❞
❝ apparently ____ is a very formidable tank if you have a support behind them. ❞
❝ they really can’t but they think they can, so. ❞
❝ i’m sorry, i can’t help you. i need to go. ❞
❝ can’t save ‘em all & it’s really a damn shame. ❞
❝ is this it? is this how i die? is this how it all ends? i have a million things i haven’t done in this life. ❞
❝ it’s about time you guys did something! ❞
❝ what— boy, you hurt before the game even started. ❞
❝ alright, we can do this together i think— n-n-no, ‘kay nah not today sir. ❞
❝ yup, yup, what a team, what a team ladies & gentlemen. ❞
❝ can we give ‘em a big hand? let’s just get a round of applause for this team right here. ❞
❝ hoo-kay, you just can’t— you can’t save them all. ❞
❝ kill ‘em, ___. ❞
❝ okay, it’s fine. i’ll help you! i’ll help you out. ❞
❝ you see in games like this, there are two kinds of players. ❞
❝ people who play as a team, & people who play, what i like to call, one player mode. ❞
❝ glad to see you had my back, buddy! ❞
❝ you know what, healing people like this is like giving your son lunch money & he just wastes it on yu-gi-oh cards after school. ❞
❝ look at him, he’s having more fun than we could ever have. ❞
❝ oh, okay. nah, that’s fine, i’ll bring you back! i’ll bring you back, some back in. ❞
❝ here, you know what? i’m not even mad about it. ❞
❝ you look like you need some help. ❞
❝ alright, that’s fine. you know what? i’m gonna help you out. ❞
❝ that’s fine, i hope you learned your lesson. ❞
❝ now come over here, let’s join the rest of the team. ❞
❝ we’re going to get out of here— you’re going back in. you’re going back in there. okay, that’s fine. ❞
❝ he’s just in his own little world, doing his own thing up there. ❞
❝ i wouldn’t be dying like all y’all, i wouldn’t need a healer. ❞
❝ partner, you & i are gonna buddy up. you & i are gonna take these rascals on, right here. ❞
❝ okay, that’s not what i had in mind. ❞
❝ can’t save ‘em all, no sir-ee. ❞
❝ oh! oh, sweet pea, i’ll bring you back. it’s okay. ❞
❝ now come on— oh no, oh n- oh my god. ❞
❝ see guys, if we stay together, nothing can go wrong. ❞
❝ we are stronger as a unit. ❞
❝ alright, i’ve been wrong before. that’s fine. ❞
❝ at the end of the day, you give it your all. ❞

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BTS reaction to you working in a school holiday/vacation program with 6-12 year olds and showing them the silly dances the kids teach you when you come home every night? 😁😁

Jin would find it really cute and he would go along with you teaching him the dances, trying to do them himself and looking really cute while doing so. You both would have fun for the whole week and it would be kind of sad when it was all over. 

Originally posted by jeonjam

“Why can’t we just nap?” Yoongi would groan as he tried to drag you to bed, but you would stand your ground. “No I’m going to teach you these dances,” you’d protest. “I’ve learned enough dances in my lifetime I don’t need to learn anymore just let me sleep, woman.”

Originally posted by minsnuggles

Hoseok would be all for learning new dances and he would run around the house like a little kid and you would realize that you had come back from taking care of kids just to take care of another one at home. You two would have a lot of fun and would laugh the whole time. 

Originally posted by bangtanbighit

Namjoon would find it amusing that you wanted to teach him the dances so badly and he would give in, letting you show him all the moves and you would laugh when he got them completely wrong and just looked like a total dork.  

Originally posted by mxknae

“Aish, really?” Jimin would ask as you tried to drag him off the couch in order to teach him the dance moves you had learned today. “Don’t give me that look,” he would say as you looked at him with sad eyes. “Fine, I’ll do it with you, but not for long. I’m tired.”

Originally posted by babiescars

Taehyung would be all for learning the dances and he would dance around the whole house, screaming like a little kid and causing you to laugh more than you had all day. The two of you would have so much fun and would probably pass out from exhaustion after. 

Originally posted by jitamin

“Like this?” Jungkook would ask as he copied your dancing instructions and you would roll your eyes because he got something down in a minute when it took you like ten to learn it yourself. “Well, I am the golden maknae after all,” he would say as you complained. 

Originally posted by jeonsshi

One of the things I see anti-gun people keep bringing up is the sanctity of life. The common argument from them is something along the lines of “Life is sacred so shooting someone violates that. Better to let them attack you then to kill them.” This thought process is operating on a logical fallacy that completely skews their perceptions. I don’t really care what religious or spiritual affiliation you have, this won’t be a talk about that. Regardless if you or your religion teaches that all life is sacred the reality of.. well life is that all life is not sacred and all life is subject to ending at any moment. We can look at smaller thing such as shrimp. Little shrimps doing their shrimp things and they die in the millions without ever reaching full adult hood because they weren’t strong enough, they are eaten or they just end up dying. We can scale it up to something closer to us such as a Dog or a Cat. A whole hell of a lot of them end up dying for a myriad of reasons. Go higher to a Human. We die all the time and sometimes it’s in the dumbest and most unforeseen ways. If life was sacred then you have to go down to the smallest bacteria and consider it just as sacred as a Human. It would be impossible to live because you’re constantly killing billions of things every year just by existing and that’s just one person. Multiply that by seven billion and we are the greatest destroyers of life in the universe in so far as we know.

Life clearly is not sacred to any force in the universe. That being said though I don’t want to take someone else’s life, but I damn sure will if they are attacking me or someone else and threatening their continued existence. I’ll probably get people thinking or asking if things are this way why am I not killing all the time then? One of my beliefs is everything deserves an equal chance to fuck up. As soon as they violate someone else’s chance though they have forfeited theirs.

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Thanks for the quick reply :) I actually work in a bakery as a cake decorator (im actually here rn, lol) and I often imagine what it'd be like if Sansy started working here. I can just see the ladies teaching him how to do roses, write on cakes, etc.

i feel like sans would be really good at baking and then the other employees would have him work the cash register because (when he’s not sleeping on the job) he’s quite the charmer - funny and personable and all that

he’d wear a name tag that said “stud muffin” on it

when customers leave he says “i hope our paths croissant again”

when he bakes he’d say lame shit like “can you pass the sugar, sugar?” (possibly also mixing it up by substituting honey for sugar lmao)

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I've been wondering if Aizen-sama is still a virgin while putting up a front of an experienced 'God'

You’re very bold, Anon.

You seem rather excited by the prospect of me being a virgin, and thus I’m very sorry to disappoint you.  

Sex is a form of persuasion–or, I should say, it can be, when used properly. Do you really think I wouldn’t use everything at my disposal to further my own agenda? 

But having sex is not the same as desiring it.  

I’m not terribly interested in banging bodies together. I’m interested in the mind, Anon.  I’m interested in power.  Sex is only interesting to me where the mind and power intersect with it.

But, if you wish to imagine me a virgin, I would play that game for you.  Would you teach me, Anon?  Show me what I’ve been missing all these years.  Perhaps you’re the one–the ONLY one–who can ignite the flame in this cold, dead, wicked heart of mine. Perhaps you’re the one who could turn my head, make me reconsider…

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I'm Muslim, I've been hanging out with an Italian guy (Christian) who really showed me love. Here in Italy all Muslim guys are just Muslim in front of their eyes parents, so I'm sure I will never found a true Muslim. Cause everyone who will ask my hand it will just for being a good 'Muslim'. And I have too self love to accept this. And I really love the Italian guy. I feel too the desire to sleep with him. I'm really confused: I don't want to waste so much love to a future probably disastrated.

If you want to marry him then teach him about Islam and see if he wants to convert. If he doesn’t want to then you need to leave this relationship because you will only end up doing something haram.
You said all the Muslims there are just Muslim for show, but if that’s the case then what’s makes you like the non Muslims guy? Like if the reason for not liking Muslims is because they aren’t practicing then what makes you so attracted to someone who isn’t even Muslim?

Dating Werewolf Tae and Jin

Ok I’m so sorry that this took me a life time to write! and that it’s not very long but it’s my first time doing this and I think I’ll give it a go! I’m so sorry if it seemed like I had ignored you because I probably made it feel that way! But I wasn’t ignoring you at all! Here you go!

Request: could i request what dating werewolf!taehyung and werewolf!jin would be like? if you do that sort of thing lol if not please ignore me


  • Ok he would be sooooooo hyper!
  • Especially near a full moon!
  • But anyways he would take a really long time to tell you that he is a werewolf. Like you would have to find out on your own.
  • But it’s because he doesn’t want to lose you or hurt you.
  • He would be sooooo protective of you and would teach you how to defend yourself against him when he turns.
  • I feel as if he would be kind of a lone wolf and wouldn’t get along with other wolves so that just adds to the protectiveness.
  • You would have to prove to him that you love him and don’t care about the dangers because he would constantly try and leave you to keep you safe.
  • Other than that stuff, when times are good he would be so playful and happy.
  • silly tae all day long!
  • He would also be the sweetest!
  • And overall he would love that he could trust you with his identity.


  • He would hide that fact that he’s a werewolf until you two actually started dating so it wouldn’t take as long as it did with Tae
  • He would definitely be with a pack and probably be one of the strongest in the pack but not quite the alpha.
  • like Tae he would teach you how to defend yourself from him if needed and especially other wolves.
  • He would also be protective of you but wouldn’t really cling to you all that much like Tae might.
  • The confidence he has just pushes him up in ranks among werewolves.
  • and you love that confidence lets be real.
  • He’s beautiful as a human let alone as a werewolf so visuals through the roof.
  • He’ll always be a little bit nerdy as well and that’s a side he only shows you.
  • That and his little jokes that aren’t funny but are funny at the same time.
  • Overall he’s perf!

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Do you think fAegon would have been a good king, if not for the whole explosion bit?

I think he’d do reasonably well, just nowhere near the “perfect prince” Varys is envisioning, because that doesn’t actually exist. He’d have some serious problems with coalition management–sorting out the spoils for the Golden Company, making sure Dorne and the sparrows and the “friends in the Reach” all play nice with each other, etc.

And I know this is just my pet peeve, but I really really don’t like “fAegon,” because as Theon’s ADWD storyline teaches us, names matter. His name is Aegon, full stop. 

Hey educhums

I’m starting my last semester of student teaching in a couple weeks and I’m wondering what you recommend in terms of planners/organizers?
I have an iPad and use it for all my lesson planning, but I don’t have a specific calendar app or website that I use?
Or do you prefer a paper planner? What kind?
I would really appreciate any advice or thoughts or opinions on this that you guys have.

Just posted a new vlog! ⚡️ In it I also chat a bit about feminism and a really interesting documentary I just watched called Miss Representation 💪 So much of the behaviour of both women and men is created through the media, our obsession with being thin, sexy, rich etc. Is mainly a result of the media, the vessel of patriarchy teaching us to act that way. I grew up from a young age reading fashion magazines, watching Gossip Girl and obsessed with fashion blogs. Although I don’t have a problem with any of that media they do provide a very one sided perspective on life. Appearance is all that matters (and also money) - look like these girls, and you will have everything these girls have - money, hoards of expensive clothes, status, success. If only those magazines also shared articles on female empowerment, compassion towards animals, if only one of the fashion bloggers I loved spoke about workers rights in the fashion industry, if only Blair stopped chasing Chuck and used her fortune to become a humanitarian.
What a different world we’d be living in now don’t you think? How were you affected by the media? How do you think we can change this?

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how does medical school work in the UK, like what do you do each year and for how long? thanks, i love your blog!!

Hi, a medical degree in the UK is usually 5 or 6 years long (with some 4 year graduate degrees). What you learn each year varies so much depending on the medical school you go to, so I can’t really answer this. You have some very traditional universities in which you learn all the anatomy, physiology and body systems in the first 2 years, and then have 3 years clinical spending times in hospitals, wards and with GPs. Other medical schools teach an intercalated course, where you learn a body system/specialty and then do placement/clinical work right after learning it. Sorry not to give a better answer but it does vary so much. Looking up specific universities will give you a clearer idea of how the course is split up :)


Hi internet!  Did you miss me?

Of course you did, because who doesn’t love a half-Sixamish superhero policeman who’s amazingly good at making ice cream and has two awesome cowplants? I mean, your life wouldn’t be the same without me in it. Am I right?

So, the last time I saw you guys, I just found out my parents are having a baby.  That was a shock.  I mean, I’ve been an only child for twenty-one years and I wasn’t exactly keen about becoming a big brother at my age.  I’m kinda over it now, though.  Well, not really, but at least I realized it was dumb to cry myself to sleep over it.  Livi reminded me there’s nothing I can do about it, anyway.  It’s beyond my control.  She also pointed out that I can teach my baby brother or sister all sorts of cool stuff, and they’ll probably look up to me a lot, so there’s that.

Our next-door neighours, Rowan and Abigail, moved away.  They found out they’re having another baby too, so they decided they needed a bigger house.  I still see Abigail at work, though.  Our new neighbours are Sapphire and Noah, but I think they’re only going to stay here for a little while.  They already have twins and they’re also expecting another baby.  

I think there’s something in the water around here. 

Maybe it’s a good thing Livi and I still haven’t done…the thing we still haven’t done. With her being Sixamish, the chances are good that I could get pregnant, and I’m not really into that idea.  Just our luck, we’d both get pregnant.  Would that be twins, do you think?  Maybe not.

Anyway, I’ve got lots to tell you guys!  Why don’t you come into the house so you can say hello to Livi?

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I'm not religious, and don't believe in Jesus or God, but I don't think that the person in your previous post is right to say those things to you. If they hate religion, then fine, they hate it, but they shouldn't take it out on you and your friends. You handled that person very well.

Very true, thank you anon! It’s my first time really dealing with something like this, but just even having friends that believe in Jesus Christ gives me confidence! I am so blessed to have the friends I do and thank God everyday for them!

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
-Matthew 28:19-20

Shoutout to you😊❤

I just would like to give a shoutout to all of those that have ever wasted my time.

I’m not being petty. I really appreciate the hard work that I put in to receive nothing in return.😊

I know sometimes people get bored and just want someone to accompany them during the time being with their undivided attention. I get it. We’re all human.

We’re just “something to do when there’s nothing to do”.

I’m not mad at you. I commend you for helping to teach me patience and life lessons for me to carry on forever and ever.

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I'm a teenager and I was wondering if I could just have a 'astral projection for dummies' type explanation? I'm new to all this and I really want to do it but I'm so confused, it'd be really helpful if someone could lay the path down for me and help me start. 😖

I am also a teenager, I’m 17 and just like you I’m not educated on astral travel and projection to the point where I’d feel comfortable teaching it. I’m sorry.