The way Tae walked towards Kookie, the way they reached out their hands towards one another and the way Tae walked around Kookie’s chair still holding his hand and spinning him around while doing so. My Taekook heart 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

Credits to @/BTSARMYSA1 for the video 💜

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تابعتي ايس أوف دايموند؟ إذا أعجبك كروس قيم بيعجبك ايس دايموند

لا والله .. مدري ليه كنت حاطه ببالي إنه سيء 😅

شكلي بجرب حظي معاه إن شاء الله .. شكرا يا جميل 💐

Your BTS zombie apocalypse partner based on your birth month

Jan: Namjoon

Feb: Jungkook

Mar: Jimin

Apr: Hoseok

May: Jin

Jun: Taehyung

Jul: Yoongi

Aug: Jimin

Sept: Namjoon

Oct: Jungkook

Nov: Yoongi

Dec: Hoseok