DNA Boys Collection

DNA Boys Collection

~ submitted by: BN


Wake up:

Rolling over with a groan, you stare up at the patterned ceiling with tired eyes. You had gotten no where near enough sleep last night and today already looked grim. Carefully twisting around  you keep your arms close to your side so as to not wake the sleeping babe nestled in beside you. Glancing over the dark haired youngster, you look at your husband who was still laid out flat. Sleeping on his stomach, snoring slightly, Miyuki Kaz looked akin to an angel. If only that was the case.


Reaching over the sleeping baby and tapping Miyuki on the shoulder, you hope he doesn’t jerk awake. Hopefully the baby would want more sleep this morning, especially as she had been active all the night before. Sniffling into wakefulness, Miyuki’s golden eyes slowly open a crack. Taking in the situation with the little one sleeping between them, he shakes his head and slowly sits up. Tucking the blankets in close around the baby, you follow his lead, slipping out of bed as silently as possible. Pillows acting as a barrier, you’re certain the little one won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, leaving you to get ready for the day. Or at least try to.


“Good morning, you’re looking ravishing this morning.” Leaving the door open a crack, you turn on your heel and scowl, pushing your messy hair out of your face.

“Hardly. Are you trying to butter me up?” Narrowing your eyes, you raise an eyebrow.

“What have you done?” Shrugging as he moved forward, glasses pushed up his nose, Miyuki pulls you in for a hug.

“Oh don’t be like that. I always think you’re gorgeous.” Humming skeptically, arms crossed, you watch him carefully.

“Really?” Grinning with a nod, Miyuki pressed a quick kiss to your lips, eyes gleaming.

“Really.” Not convinced you slowly pull away and heading towards the kitchen, coffee in mind. “Also I may have given her some sugared pear after dinner last night. It’s probably why she was up so late.” Gritting your teeth as he chuckled, the tell tale sniffles from the bedroom indicated your daughter was now awake and unhappy about being left alone.

“You can deal with that” you hiss, running a hand over your tired eyes with a sigh. “I hope she’s a pain for you all day.”



Finishing your rice with a swig of tea, you can’t help but smile as Miyuki pulled a ridiculous face, trying hard to coax the baby into finishing her breakfast.

“One more mouthful,” making a face similar to that of a gaping fish, the bespectacled man succeed only in making the little girl laugh, rather than accept the food. “You’re being very cheeky this morning aren’t you?” Wiping down her mouth with a bib, Miyuki took a couple of bites of his own breakfast before offering you the near empty bowl of baby food. Shaking your head and checking the time, you estimate the travel time and the busy train system before picking up the baby for a cuddle.

“Can you please iron my green blouse today? I need it for tomorrow and

I don’t think I’ll have time to tonight.”

“That’s fine” leaving Miyuki to finish his meal in peace, you pamper and dress the little one, tiny shoes and socks a useless accessory. She was just going to pull them off at the first opportunity but at least you made the effort.


Brushing down her tiny tuft of dark hair, you smile taking in her cute, miniature features. People said it all the time and you agree one hundred percent, she is certainly daddy’s little girl. With her eyes, nose and the tiny smile she would flash at inappropriate times, she was truly the offspring of Miyuki Kaz. Listening to the approach for footsteps, you set the little one up on her wobbly feet, holding her tiny hands as she tries to catch her balance.

“Oh she looks super cute today.”


Coming in to hug you from behind, Miyuki kisses you just behind the ear. “Such a good taste.” Smiling, you heave the youngster up, offering her to her father.

“As always. You coming around at lunch?” Josling the baby into a comfort seat on his hip, Miyuki nodded.

“Sure just text me about fifteen minutes before hand and we’ll make our way across.”

Smiling, your heart skipped a beat as the baby reached up and grabbed the neck of Miyuki’s shirt, hiding her sleepy face from the morning light. Leaning in close and giving her a quick kiss you deal Miyuki a deeper one with a grin.

“Thank you, I’ll see you then.”

Lunch time:

Clocking off your shift, you’re not at all surprised to find Miyuki chatting happily to your co workers down stairs. Baby at the centre stage, you can’t help but smile, listening to him boast and brag like the proud father he was.

“You talk too much.” Nudging him gently from behind as you approach, your daughter smiles at you, hands reaching out to be picked up. “Hello sweetie, did you miss me?”

“She didn’t even notice you were gone.” Baiting you with a grin Miyuki was sharp as ever, tired or not. Rolling your eyes dramatically for the entertainment of your co workers, you scold him gently.

“Harsh, come on, I’m starving”


Around the corner there was the perfect child friendly cafe. It had become your usual hang out since the baby had arrived, especially since the bar next to work wasn’t a great place to dine with a pram.

“Is she sleepy at all?” Being up so late it was a miracle she was even awake now. “Try to make sure she doesn’t nap for too long today.” Tipping his hat in the direction of the sun, Miyuki shrugged.

“I can try, but you know what she’s like.”

“You” replying quickly, you sigh. “She’s like you and she won’t do anything she doesn’t want to.”

Tisking as you looked over the familiar menu with a shake of your head, you bopped the little one on the nose. “Just like daddy, stubborn and mischievous.”


Settling in his chair, your husband yawns.

“Guilty as charged.” Leveling you a look, bright golden eyes pinning you to your spot, Miyuki grins. “But as beautiful and happy as her mother.”


Thrilled to be done with work, you drag yourself through the front door, pleased to smell something delicious cooking. A chorus of happy giggles greet you as you walk over the threshold, alerting you to a thankfully happy baby. Shoes off and bag dropped in the hall, you can’t help but laugh, finding Miyuki sprawled out on his stomach, pushing a flurry of toys onto the baby until she’d falls back with a gurgle.

“Oh is daddy being mean to you? What a meanie.” Coming into join them on the floor, you take a stuffed toy and dance it across the floor towards her. “All good?” You inquired, watching the baby scoot closer, hands outstretched.  

“Yup ” Miyuki replied, sitting up with a grunt. “But she’s going to be super sleepy tonight.” Leaning over and stealing a kiss, he grinned. “Like dead tired sleepy. Like sleeping through til the next day sleepy.” Wiggling his eyebrows at you, it’s impossible not to laugh at his implication.  

“We’ll see” you say without promise, watching him pout ridiculously.


Shaking your head and focusing back on the baby, it’s hard not to smile when Miyuki shuffles in beside you, arm about your waist.

“That is almost a yes.” Kissing your cheek quickly, he stands, rolling his sleeves up with purpose. “Okay dinner time. You stay there little one, daddy’s on a mission.”



As usual dinner was perfect, tasty, filling and best of all, the little one practically fell asleep in her high chair. Cleaning her best as possible it was early to bed both for you and her. Coming out of the shower, damp and sleepy, you chuckle, finding Miyuki sitting politely on the end of the bed, looking innocence and sweet.

“I said maybe.”

“No” he corrected, “you said we’ll see.” Beckoning you close, the towel about your waist was toss to the floor, his hands on you in seconds.


It was hard to say no when he was so eager, hands roaming over the dips and curves of your body, attentive and gentle. “Please?” He asked, forehead resting against your stomach, hands gently kneading your ass. Letting your hands fall to his hair and threading your fingers through his dark hair, it was hard to deny him.

“Fine.” Pushing on his shoulders and pinning him down to the mattress, you grin, imitating his eyebrow wiggle. “But I get to be on top.”  

DNA Boys Collection

~ submitted by BN


  • Wake Up:

Rubbing your face against the pillow and trying hard to bring yourself into wakefulness, the sound of a phone beeping awakens you further.

“Sorry” Jun mutters, leaning over you to grab and disengage the alarm. “I always forget to turn it off.” Nodding, but unable to yet open your eyes lest the facade of sleep disappear, you rub your neck, an uncomfortable kink there. No doubt coming from being crammed in such a tiny bed. Jun’s broad shoulders usually make sleeping in the single occupant bed a massive pain. But it was your own fault really, your own bed was just down the hall but your boyfriend’s was just so much warmer and once settled it was pretty much impossible to move you. “I’m going to get some breakfast, you want any?” Rubbing a hand over your tired eyes, you struggle up on your elbows.

“Can you just grab me a handful of fruit please?” Breakfast wasn’t usually your thing, but with your classes lasting long into the evening, it was best to get something in your stomach early.

“A literally handful?” Watching him grasp the air with a single hand for emphasis, you giggle.  

“Yes. Just go down there and grab a fist full. Doesn’t matter if it squash them or whatever.” Pulling a face as he shook his head, Jun leant down to give you a quick kiss.

“That sounds gross. I’ll get you some apples or something.” Feeling him clamber over you and off the bed, you flop back down into the pillows.

“An apple is hand sized.” Scoffing as he pulled on a shirt, your boyfriend smirked.

“I should just get you a heap of grapes. All squashed and bruised.”

“Gross” wailing dramatically and taking in his wayward hair and general dishevelled appearance you smile. Despite his disposition as the most un-morning person in the world he looked good even all tussled and cranky.

“Well be careful with your literals next time.” Toeing on his slippers, he paused in the doorway. “Coffee?” Nodding eagerly, you yawn.

“Oh yes please.” There was the slightest grin on his lips as he left, leaving you in the quiet peace of morning. Or the best the dorm could offer.

  • Breakfast:

Returning with hands full of rice and fruit, you clear a surface off the desk and make room as Jun walked in.

“It’s such a mad house down there.” Pulling a chair up to the desk, Jun shakes his head. “I lived on campus for three years back at Seido and never ever did it get that crazy. Even on pancake day.”

“Uni is different” you chip in, snatching up a coffee and wrapping your hands around the little plastic travel cup. “Everyone is too poor for afford real food so whatever they can snag for free is pretty highly valued.” Tisking as he sat back and set upon his rice, Jun nodded to an apple and pear. “I can fit them both in one hand.” Chuckling, you sip your coffee slowly.

“Well you have very big hands so I’m not surprised.” Watching him cough and spluttering, you hide your smile behind your cup. “It’s a big handful.”

  • Lunch:

Two lectures down with three to go and you’re already regretting getting out of bed. Staying back in your room, all snuggled up with Jun seemed like a much better way to spend the time. But instead you’d have to make do with sharing lunch with your beloved in your single hour off between classes.

“I don’t even know why I picked it, I don’t even like the course.” It was a common enough complaint from your mouth and one Jun was well equipped to deal with.

“You didn’t pick it, your patents did. But it’ll be worth it in the end.”

“Will it?” Sitting side by side in one of the undercover eating areas, you nudge his shoulder. “I just want to say fuck it, give up and become a stay at home parent.” Passing you a set of chopsticks and snapping his own, Jun raised an eyebrow.

“Really? You as a stay at home parent? You?” Punching him lightly in the arm, you pull out your container of tasty leftovers.

“I would be a terrific stay at home parent.” Shrugging off the punch to the arm and digging into his meal, Jum didn’t look convinced.  

“I’ve seen you burn water, good luck with that.” Huffing you crack open a can of soda, taking a tiny sip before offering it to him.

“Well I could have been a terrific stay at home parent, but with support like that…” Sighing dramatically and putting an arm around your shoulders, Jun gives you a quick one armed hug.

“Don’t be like that. You know I’d support you whatever you decided to do.” Snuggling into his hug, you smile.

“Thank you, same for you.” Watching him take a sip of the soda, you press a finger to his lips. “Indirect kiss” you chuckle. Rolling his eyes, he leans towards you to plant a very direct kiss on your lips. Tasting of sugar and something distinctly Jun, you deepen the kiss before suddenly pulling away blushing as you remember where you are and how public.

“More of that soon” the blond says, acting cool regardless of his pink cheeks. “Tonight.”

  • Afternoon:

Tonight doesn’t come soon enough, especially as you find yourself cheering from the bleachers, your man swinging loud and proud. He’s played a good game and while not a major match it’s all good practice for future games. He’s so bloody loud! Even though you’re sitting a fair distance away and high in the stands you can still hear him. And such a filthy mouth! How the umpire hasn’t penalised them is nothing short of a miracle. But you love him. How could you not? It’s part of him. Jun in all his beauty isn’t very quiet, meek or well mannered but you’d never have him any other way. Watching the match wind up, you pack up your bag and hop down with the crowds flooding back to the campus. Pushing through the masses and waiting for the players to exit the field, you catch Jun’s eye with a wave and wait for him to come to you.

“Nice helmet hair” tussling said hair but you immediately pull a face at the clammy sweat coating your hand. “Eww”, wiping it off on his stained and dusty uniform, you apologise with a grimace. Shaking his head and looking down at his uniform Jun sighs.

“Want to start trying to perfect your stay at home parent role tonight? These need a wash.” Laughing, you shake your head vigorously.

“Oh hell no. I’ve given up on that dream already.” Turning to walk back towards the uni, bag slung over his shoulder, Jun pushed further.

“Oh yeah? What’s the plan now then?”

“To marry a rich baseball star and live in leisure.” His look of disbelief was well worth it.

  • Bedtime:

Potatoes and rice made for a good dinner. Not a great one, but passable. You weren’t complaining and either was Jun. So long as there was something in your stomach to to fend of hunger throughout the long night it was well worth it. Reading over the final couple of exercises in your workbook, you groan and literally pitch the book off the bed.

“Good to see those expensive textbooks are doing their job.”

“Expensive door stop” you hiss, fiddling with your laptop. “When does the next chapter of Call My Heart come out? I can’t find it online.” Rolling onto his back with a huff, Jun shrugged.

“This week sometime. You’re best to call sis, she’ll have the dates penned down somewhere no doubt.” Pouting as you pull up the blankets and snuggle under the covers, the look your boyfriend gives you could kill a man at twenty paces. “No.” He says sternly, giving you the eye. “Don’t even think about it.”

“About what?” You ask innocently, struggling to hide your grin.

“About falling asleep here. You’re always like ‘oh no I’m just napping’ and then when I try to wake you, you hiss like a rabid cat. Then I’ve gotta crawl in and bend around you. I’m sorry but the bed is too small for both of us.” Pulling the blankets up to your chin, you snub his concerns. “I’m serious” he warns. “My back gets all stiff and sore.” Arching said back for emphasis, he grabs your foot under the cover and squeezes. Sitting up, the blankets pooling around your waist you reach out and rub his back.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise it was that bad.”

He must have heard the guilt in your voice because seconds later you were wrapped up in a big hug.

“It’s not that bad, don’t worry about it.” Shaking your head, hands tangled in the front of his shirt, you nuzzle gently under his chin.

“Well if you want I make it up to you?”

“Oh yeah?” The suggestive tone in his voice spoke of an entirely different form of payback and not the one you had in mind.

“Yeah” you drawl, letting go of his shirt and running your hands up under it. Trailing fingers over his ribcage and bare chest, you lean up into a kiss. “Like a massage every time I stay over.” Applying a little extra pressure to the rub his collarbone was receiving, you grin at the little catch in his breathe.

“That’ll be a lot of massages” shrugging you span a hand across his chest, feeling his heart beat beneath your palm.

“Worth it.”

DNA Boys Collection

~ submitted by BN


Wake up:

Waking with a headache was bad. Struggling to remember why you had a headache was even worse. Rolling over, you feel the heat and weight of an arm around your middle. Even if you couldn’t remember much about last night at least you knew where Kuramochi was. The wall staring back at you as you opened your eyes was blurry and out of focus, obviously you’d drunk far too much last night, especially if the world was still spinning.

“You awake?” The arm around your middle tightened for a second, Kuramochi was awake.

“Barely” you mutter, running a hand over your eyes with a groan. “I’m never drinking again.”

“You always say that.” The bed dipped suddenly, sending you into a fit of stomach turning dizzies. Kuramochi had snuggled in closer, his chin resting on your shoulder, warm chest at your back. “Can we stay here all day?” Taking a couple of deep breathes and trying to still your churning stomach, you nod.

“All day, I’m not going anywhere.” Cackling loudly in your ear, you wince as your boyfriend delivers a wet, sloppy kiss to your cheek.

“Good. Now we just need to work out if anyone delivers this early in the morning.”


“How about pizza?”

“How about no.” Some hours later, breakfast was becoming lunch to create the unholy meal of brunch. Frowning Kuramochi twirled his phone in his hand.

“Well I don’t know what to have then.? Sniffing as you peer out from your self made blanket fort, you gesture for the phone.

“Do you want pizza?” Flopping down in cloud of pillows and sheets, Kuramochi shrugged.

“I just want food.” This was going around in circles, it was best to make a decision now and be done with it. Passing him back the phone, you cuddle in close, resting your cheek flat to his bare chest.

“They got chicken at Pizza Hut?” Chuckling as he scanned the menu, your boyfriend nodded.

“Yup, so you in?” Rubbing your nose against his chest in a kind of nod, you sigh.

“Yeah, just make sure there’s a lot of it.”


Over an hour was a long time to wait for pizza, but it was worth it. Fighting off hangovers were hard work and the greasy, cheesey goodness was exactly what you needed. Watching old re-runs of WWE matches with accompanying snark and commentary, the afternoon passed slowly and peaceful. Still wrapped up in a nest of blankets, layers of pillows at his back Kuramochi threw you a set of pleading, puppy dog eyes.

“Please?” Shaking your head, eyes on the TV, you ignore his persistent request. “Pretty please” he tried again, putting on a whiny voice. “Just a slice.”

Frowning you turn, blankets twisted about your waist, you flick him on the forehead with a giggle.

“You are a grown ass man! You can use your own hands to eat.”

“But it’s so much more romantic if you do it.” Opening his mouth expectantly you know better than to give in and yet your hand was already moving towards a slice of pizza.

“Pizza isn’t exactly a romantic thing to feed someone” you comment. “It’s also way too messy to eat in bed.” Shrug barely visible beneath his mass of blankets, Kuramochi made a content noise as you raise the slice to his lips.

“The sheets needed a wash anyway.” Munching away, the TV acting as background noise, you can’t help but laugh.

“And whose fault is that?” Eyebrow raised, Kuramochi licked his lips, leaving his tongue out to lap a wayward smear of sauce on your finger. Retching your hand away, scowling, you drop the pizza back in the box, sitting back with a huff. “Don’t just lick people! It’s weird.” Crossing your arms with a hiss, you push away his hand as it snakes around your shoulders. “It was your fault by the way, the sheets.” Sliding closer, blankets falling over your shoulders, Kuramochi kisses your cheeks.

“I don’t remember you complaining when we made the mess.” Shivering at the memory, you sighed.

“You made it, so you can wash it.” Cackling, your boyfriend kisses you, still grinning.

“Worth it.”


It was so much effort to drag yourself out of bed, but at Kuramochi prompting and some hugely questionable logic, the two of you ended up on an afternoon jog. The bright sun had dimmed somewhat and the air was warm without being sticky. However it was hard to keep up with Kuramochi’s pace and after three blocks, you were a panting mess.

“No more” you beg, wiping a hand over your sore head and itchy eyes. “I thought you said this was supposed to make me feel better?” If anything your desire to vomit just intensified. Coming in to stand beside you, Kuramochi rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

“Yeah sorry about that. It usually makes me feel better.” Shooting him a dirty look, you straighten up, taking some deep breathes before starting up again at a gentle jog.

“Two more blocks” waiting for him to catch up with you, you lick your lips. “Worse hangover cure ever.” His hand is suddenly at your shoulder, stilling you.

“Hey, if this is too much it’s okay to stop.” For all his teasing Kuramochi cared deeply for you, and watching you suffer was no doubt bringing him pain. Chin tipped up, head shaking, you grab his hand, holding tight and tugging him along.

“It’s fine. I’ve got this.” His smile was bright and infectious enough that despite your fatigue you managed one. It was an amazing how good he could make you feel with just a smile, but of course there had to be a reason you kept him around.


Although you were sure it was only a placebo, you did feel a little better after your run. A shower and heavy hydration later you were almost feeling almost back to normal. Enough that you managed to sit down and study for a time. At least until the words started to blur together and your eyes stung. Brushing your teeth on autopilot, confusion greeted you as Kuramochi burst out laughing. His signature cackle loud and booming.

“Do you need a rabies shot?” Frowning you flop down onto a thankfully clean bed. Rolling around on the nice clean sheets, you giggled as Kuramochi leapt atop you, nimble and quick, pinning you to the bed.

“Was I growling or something?” Shaking his head, Kuramochi ran a hand over you lips.

“Toothpaste?” Groaning as you realise your mistake, you scrub at your face, hoping the majority came off.

“All gone?” Nodding with a grin, Kuramochi leant down with deliberate slowness. Kissing you slow and deep, your hands automatically jump to his hair, soft and still damp from his shower.

“Yup. I can’t believe we almost spent the whole day in bed.” Chuckling, you run a finger over his nose and cheeks, admiring the sharp slopes and bone structure.

“Almost” leaning up for another kiss, you shudder as hands tug yours up over your head, holding them in place.

“You know, I kinda want to make the bed all messy again.” Chuckling as you lean up for another kiss, the suggestion tone in your voice is enough indication of your agreement.

“Sure, but you better clean it up this time.”