And finally, #26 to #31 of my Inktober entries. They’re mostly Yuri on Ice… oops.

I barely followed the prompts for these last days that have been mostly catch up, but still : 

  • #26 Box
  • #27 Creepy
  • #28 Burn No Prompt followed
  • #29 Surprise
  • #30 Wreck No Prompt followed
  • #31 Friend No Prompt followed (or ?)

I hope you like it. I enjoyed this challenge even if for some reasons I couldn’t post it day by day, even though I drew mostly day by day. It was exhausting though.

  • Someone I know: Hey, happy holidays! What have you been up to?
  • Me: *sweats nervously* you know... Chillin' and stuff...
  • Me actually: *in my room all day, reading fluffy Christmas fics about all 27 of my definitely not heterosexual OTPs*