(Pic by Carsten Klein)

I’m still hella proud of this crossplay. Actually, I planned to cosplay as Dante from DMC1 because the outfit is less revealing but I changed plans after asking on a certain imageboard what version of Dante would look best on a girl.

I got two folks telling me I should do 1 or 2 and then there was this one Anon saying I should not even bother cosplaying as Dante cause “no girl will look good as him EVER” and that I would “look ridiculous”. (spiced up with some insults)

I thought to myself “challenge accepted” and decided not to go the easy way. I picked DMC3 Dante just to proof I fucking CAN.

I experimented with open-chestbinding, gained 10pounds in muscle and created a method to enhance muscle via make-up. I spent hours sewing and crafting and here it is.

So Anon, go suck that up.

You better don’t sit in the corner crying now cause I beat your manliness-score.