hi guys! it’s really been while. i was busy to work and..

i don’t know why…recently in my country, tumblr app is so slow. pictures seems never ever come in. all i can see is text and blink. ugh.  so i kinda detached tumblr. 

in computer, tumblr is works nothing wrong. (but mobile app is still won’t work. uaahahahahg!)

anyways, i played DMC again after all my work and busy things are done. and i really sad about why still didn’t come out DMC2.  WHY world?! WHY!?*cry*

so i doodle some DMC stuff. ;)


Doodle Request

Dante Sparda in DMC4

(Not very satisfactory..)


Im very surprised that there was a lot of reactions on the post recently…

Cuz I mainly draw on OCs…  fanarts are unusual

I know, and I really like the anime or games that given for Doodle Request 

I appreciate to everyone, but I m not sure that this would be my main product 8m8 

Happy New Year!


hi guys!

if you follow my instagram, you know i recently made some stickers and post card. mostly i made my products for my pleasure, and sometimes i sell it at several events. and now, i decide to open the Etsy shop.
so,,, if you interesting  about my products, just check them out!

it’s mostly stickers now, but other produts are coming soon. (like post card, or print, and comic books:in english)

thank you!