Help Wanted: Storage Solutions

Hey EpicRollers! In an effort to deal with my office which has been spiralling out of control (Magic and Netrunner cards, Pathfinder and 5e D&D books, HeroQuest boxes, and game controllers to name a few of the culprits), I’m looking for a storage solution for a number of my gaming goodies.

Currently, I use a pair of metal lunchboxes for my minis but I’m at the point now where they’ve outgrown their tin graves and have begun to wander into the mortal realm with dragon and pegasus wings poking up from their very temporary cardboard attack-wing coffins.

This solution is bad for me for a number of reasons:

  1. I have ADHD. If I can’t see something I effectively don’t own it*. This has had me purchasing a lot of the same Magic cards over and over because I store them vertically in a long white box (but tbh, you really can’t have too many Sol Rings).
  2. Like I said, my collection is outgrowing my ability to keep them together. Now the collection is in two lunchboxes and 3 5e cardboard mini boxes and it looks like trash.
  3. I like to buy the same minis over and over when I think there will be need for it (like a pack of orcs or a band of nefarious cultists) but when it comes time to buy new ones, I’m not sure how many of each I have.
  4. This cardboard box storage solution does absolutely nothing for all of the Pathfinder Pawns I own. Paizo has sent me both the new Mummy’s Mask pawn set as well as the Bestiary 1 set of cardboard pawns. Both have been opened but are currently scattered loosely in a cardboard box, making finding them pretty much impossible.

So, I’m looking for a really good storage solution. My first inclination would be a to hit the hardware store and pick up a couple of plastic toolboxes with clear lids to make it easy to see what’s inside.

But I’m not sure that that’s the best solution (ie: maybe there’s a specific box with a specific part number out there that other gms swear by) - and I’m not sure how well it’ll deal with my cardboard pawn “problem”.

And so, my dear EpicRollers; I’m looking to you for storage ideas. What do you use? Got (or willing to take and share) a photo of your setup you want to suggest that I try? Maybe a specific case or storage tin. Maybe there are cardboard pawn card sleeves I can put in a binder and sort by monster type?

If you let me know (just reblog this post and add your suggestions to the post - or send us a message via our Ask and it’s something I go with or am particularly impressed with, I’ll share it in a future blog post alongside what I actually end up going with.

Thanks in advance for your ideas friends!

- Mo!

* I’ve jokingly invented a fridge for people with ADHD which is one item deep and about 8 metres wide with see-through glass doors so you can always see what’s inside. No more thinking you’re out of something because the cheese is behind the apples in the drawer.

The druid is sneaking through the camp site and a few soldiers start walking towards her general direction.


DM: The camp you’re sneaking through is in an open field.

Druid Player: Shit.

Soldier: Has that tree always been there?

Druid: I’ve been here for weeks!

DM: Roll bluff.

Druid Player: Crit.

Soldier: Well the tree would know better than us I suppose!