Can we just talk about this for a moment? One of my favorite bands just dropped a new album and guess what it is a cover of…fucking HAMILTON!!!!! And it sounds pretty damn good. 


Get the fuck outta my face

Get the fuck outta my face, WOO!

Get the fuck outta my face

get the fuck outta my face.

I see motherfuckin pride

and I see motherfuckin power

and I see a bitch made motherfucker

who takes a whole lotta shit from everybody.


- picture by  Josiah Van Dien 

Words can not explain how happy I am for these two. The CTFxC has been through a lot and have come out the other side. I hope people remain respectful and realise this isn’t their life, it is Charles and Allies’. It is time to move on but more importantly let them move on. They have both experienced hardship and deserve to be happy, it is time for them to be happy. Lots of love and congratulations to them!