Major Crimes 4x21  “Hindsight Part 3″  Synopsis

“Hindsight – Part 3” – Monday, Feb. 29, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-14-DLV
After finding another victim, Sharon angrily turns her attention back to former LAPD Det. Mark Hickman, who has developed given his habit of appearing in the wrong place at the wrong time, and has a secret that may be a motive for murder for either him or his wife. The possible gang war ratchets up a notch with three more murders. Fritz and his team help the LAPD show up in force at Tamika’s funeral, where Tao makes an interesting discovery involving Peter Goldman, the notorious lawyer who has dedicated his life to attacking the LAPD.

Directed by Patrick Duffy
Written by Ralph Gifford & Carson Moore

Courtesy of TNT

Angry Sharon 😍❤️


Get the fuck outta my face

Get the fuck outta my face, WOO!

Get the fuck outta my face

get the fuck outta my face.

I see motherfuckin pride

and I see motherfuckin power

and I see a bitch made motherfucker

who takes a whole lotta shit from everybody.


- picture by  Josiah Van Dien 

So for my English final, I had to chose a symbol for a song, so I chose Charles for Just Keep Breathing. 

“The collage I created for the meaning of Just Keep Breathing by We the Kings would not make any sense to the uninformed eye, but it is the best to go with the song’s persevering theme. The man in the photo is my hero, Charles Trippy. Charles is the bassist of We the Kings, the band who sings Just Keep Breathing. Just Keep Breathing has been Charles’ anthem since it came out last May. In 2012, Charles was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor after having a seizure while on tour. Within months, he had his first brain surgery to have it removed. In September of 2013, Charles announced with his (now ex) wife that the tumor had grown back, it was now cancerous, and that he was having surgery later that month. Charles, who records his daily life and uploads it on YouTube for viewer’s entertainment, was given the okay to film his own brain surgery, assisted by the fact that he would be partially conscious. His surgery went well, and a few rounds of chemotherapy later, Charles announced that he would be separating from his wife of almost 3 years. Through all of this mayhem, Charles has stayed completely positive and never stopped being the rock he is to over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. In the videos he recorded of himself, he would sit down and have serious talks aimed at the viewers on how he felt, how everyone was reacting, and he never failed to crack a smile and throw in his corny “And just keep breathing guys.” The song gives the message to keep moving forward; to never give up; to leave the things that bother you behind. Charles has never failed to do any of these things no matter what he’s been going through, and this is why I find him to be a perfect symbol for Just Keep Breathing. ”