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Hmm….. I wonder where this pic is from……..☺️ Happy #FFF everybody!!! Show me your pretty fresh faces today.. This was mine in the snow not long ago… I kept my skin hydrated with my Hydrating Mist and my 3 in 1 Moisturing Primer!! ❄️🌨❄️ Get yours #DevonneByDemi .


DLP Feb 2009 - Candleabration by PeterPanFan
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Parc Disneyland, Disneyland Resort Paris, Marne la Vallée, France Feb 16th, 2009 Candleabration was Disneyland Paris’ nightly 15th anniversary celebration. 15 candle were located on the castle (each held by a character) for the 15th anniversary and each night Mickey and Minnie would have a candle lighting show and were joined by some other characters. The 15th anniversary was originally supposed to last a year; however, it was very popular so it was extended an additional year but they made some changes (and added some stuff) along the way to keep it from feeling like it was dragging on forever (like ohh say year of a million dreams) Originally this show took place on a stage in the hub; however, since the 15th celebration wasn’t ending until early march and their plans for the next celebration (Mickey’s Magical Party to go with the US What will you celebrate campaign) called for construction of a bigger stage they had to start work on that before the 15th was scheduled to end. So they moved Mickey and Minnie to a balcony on the castle to perform the show and at the end of it a bunch of characters come out of the castle to dance around… to “make up” for this change (I would have loved to see the original but Mickey and Minnie up on the castle was pretty kewl) they decided to leave the Christmas lights on the castle until the end of the 15th celebration… I thought that was a really nice touch… they could have just moved it (or gotten rid of the show early) but instead they tried to do something to “apologize” for the change. At the top of the castle was Tinkerbell who trailed pixie dust into the sky after the candles were lit. Visit our website Disney Character Central for tons of Character and Disney Parks pictures


DLP Feb 2009 - Space Mountain: Mission 2 by PeterPanFan
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  Disneyland Paris Resort, Marne la Vallée, France Visit our website Disney Character Central for tons of Character and Disney Parks pictures Explored! :D Highest position: 195 on Wednesday, March 11, 2009


How do you keep your skin looking good (Allure Magazine Febr , 2016) :

« I have my own skin-care line [Devonne by Demi]. If you go into the store, it’s all about acne or wrinkles. I wanted something that was more for maintenance and overall self-care»

« Skincare is self care! 💜  »  ( x )