digital learning day is today, march 13, 2015 but it can be any day you choose! take the time to #LearnSomethingNew every day 💁 👏 🎓 💭 💻 ❤ #DLDay (at viNGN PCC Turnbull Regional Library)

Join me and educators #adechat around the world tomorrow for #DLDay Digital Literacy Day as we talk about how we inspire learning and teaching with iPad.

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New Post has been published on Drape's Takes

New Post has been published on http://drapestak.es/i-still-feel-bad-for-schools-that-celebrate-digital-learning-only-one-day-per-year/

I (still) feel bad for schools that celebrate “digital learning” only one day per year!

I wrote this about Digital Learning Day last year, and still feel the same way today.

Honestly, there’s no such thing as “digital learning.” Learning is just learning, whether the learner requires electricity or not. Digital tools can make learning easier, but they can also complicate the process at times, as well. Even so, learning with digital tools should be a constant presence, every day, in (nearly?) every classroom, in every school.

And while we’re on the subject, what’s the deal with #futureready? Shouldn’t learning with digital tools be a requirement in all schools today? It seems to me that if Superintendents are…

  1. Fostering and Leading a Culture of Digital Learning Within Our Schools.
  2. Helping Schools and Families Transition to High-speed Connectivity.
  3. Empowering Educators through Professional Learning Opportunities.
  4. Accelerating Progress Toward Universal Access for All Students to Quality Devices.
  5. Providing Access to Quality Digital Content.
  6. Offering Digital Tools to Help Students And Families #ReachHigher.
  7. Mentoring Other Districts and Helping Them Transition to Digital Learning.

…then they’re really committed to ensuring their schools are #presentready.



First Grade Family Tech Night at Wayne Center Elementary. Chatterpix, Kahoot, and Google Drive. What more could you ask for? #DLDay #1stchat #edgaged

Friday is Digital Learning Day!

March 13 marks the 4th annual Digital Learning Day. This celebration of EdTech highlights how the use of technology has evolved and strengthened learning across all age groups.

#DLDay is a time for educators across the country to share their innovations and ensure that every student has some degree of access to digital learning opportunities. Visit the Digital Learning Day site to learn more about how to get involved and the resources available:

  • Online Resources – Get inspired and incorporate #DLDay into your lessons on March 13th.
  • @OfficialDLDay – Follow Digital Learning Day to stay up-to-date as Twitter chats and celebrations unfold.
  • Digital Learning Day Live! – Watch the broadcast from 1:00-2:15pm EST as they highlight some of the nation’s most noteworthy digital learning initiatives.
  • Local celebrations – Find and attend a DLDay event in your area, or add your own to the map.
“Can Women Have It ALL?”

GlobalGirl Media Chicago Reporters interview Chicago youth, After School Matters Instructors and Feminist Icon, Gloria Steinem to find out if they believe “Women Can Have it All?”.

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In my language class we just watched some live feed from a debate between two high school classes and it was on digital footprints and college applications. And if when applying to college if the college should look at everything in your digital footprints.
I think that that is a bit extreme theres a border between your social life and how hard you work at school/work and i find it a bit ridiculous that if that were to happen and that then we wouldnt have any freedom to post what we want on our social media and that then we would have to worry about what our bosses or teachers have to say about it.

Inferno Mobile Recording #DLDay

Hello World!

Ed Bornstein, Program Facilitator of the Inferno Mobile Recording Studio. My program travels around the city of Chicago to collaborate with youth to make documentary songs and videos. I am also starting a stationary location for the program, The Production Lab at Harris Park. Please follow us at https://soundcloud.com/infernostudiocpd and youtube pages to see our body of work, as well as visit us at http://infernostudiocpd.org/ to see how you can help participate in molding the new Production Lab at Harris Park. Peace!

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