Hokay, so.

I tweeted this out today, because I’m friends with Katie and like to curry her favor sometimes.  Then, just for the fuck-around-on-Wikipedia of it, I decided to read up on Stacey Q.  It turns out, her real name is Stacey Swain, but she was in a band called Q, later SSQ, before performing as a solo artist under the Stacey Q moniker.  I found this quote explaining the origin of the name:

In 1981, Q (the original project) was Jon, Dan and myself hence Jon Q, Dan Q and Stacey Q. Q, the original name of the project, references James Bond and the scientist responsible for all his high-tech gadgets.[10]

TL;DR: everything is Q-nnected.


Ok, so today wasn’t one of my best days. I wasn’t feeling too well, way overtired. So, at lunch, I’d noticed that the Twitter account @DJWhishaw had finally reached 2800 followers. I’d tweeted that account, “2800 followers, congratulations!” from my @VincentRowlings account and just left it there for like three hours.

I got home from my okay day, just going to lay on my bed and chill and try and make myself happy. I turned on my iPad and I had a couple Twitter notifications. I get on and all I see is this: @DJWhishaw: @VincentRowlings Thank you, I have never been more terrified.

Let’s just say this account made my day today.