I see a lot of hate for Trump on here and I can agree with you that he says some wrong and rude things. The difference here is he cares about how the American people are doing. I am very political when it comes to my personal FB but my Tumblr tends to be my escape from that. After seeing how much the Tumblr community chooses to misinform itself and bar itself from seeking further information, I have elected to share my thoughts with you.

“How far down are you willing to follow Clinton after the wikileaks emails? Are you her enabler now? Continuing to support her is an admission of your own moral bankruptcy. You can say the emails are fake but deep inside you know they aren’t. They have never been wrong and they are far from finished. Everything you believe in her is a disgusting lie. It’s really happening. I am sincerely sorry. After the shock wears off, the deplorables welcome you with no judgement and with open arms. No one wants world government, open borders and corporate control of the masses. She admits she does.”

Trump has said some very wrong things but he is not plotting to use his position of power in order to subdue the American people into producing an “unaware and compliant citizenry.” I can understand that you may not align with the issues that Trump supposes, maybe you align with more of Gary or Steins; but your alignment to Hillary is her lie to you, what she tells you is not what she feels. You should be very concerned of Hillary Clinton, she is not for you.

I encourage you to go read the leaked emails if you have not. Hate Trump if you want but he has helped expose the excessive amount of corruption and hypocrisy inside our government and we should not roll over to their wishes.

If you wish to write comment to me, I welcome it. You have every right to vote for whoever you want, I am doing my best to try and give you the puzzle pieces that the media has decided not to shed light on. The level of corruption in our nation makes me very sad, and I hope you fight against it.

Creating a Custom Panel for the Django Debug Toolbar

Sometimes you work on stuff you don’t really control, eg. when interacting with some mysterious SOAP server accross the Internets, and you’d appreciate a little help from the Django ecosystem to ease debugging.

That’s — you guessed it — my case currently, and I really appreciated being able to create my own custom panel for adding specific debugging capabilities to the awesome Django Debug Toolbar.

Here’s how I did, learning mainly from the code of the panels shipping with the DJT. I’m supposing you have installed and configured the DJT in your project already.

First of all, create a module within one of your app (or wherever you want as it’s in your python path) and create a DebugPanel derivated class, like this:

from debug_toolbar.panels import DebugPanel
from django.template.loader import render_to_string
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _

class MyUsefulDebugPanel(DebugPanel):
    name = 'MyUseful'
    has_content = True

    def nav_title(self):
        return _('Useful Infos')

    def title(self):
        return _('My Useful Debug Panel')

    def url(self):
        return ''

    def content(self):
        context = self.context.copy()
            'infos': [
                {'plop': 'plip'},
                {'plop': 'plup'},
        return render_to_string('panels/my_useful_panel.html', context)

The debug panel class methods and code should be self-explanatory enough. Just note you have to create a template, here panels/my_useful_panel.html to be stored in your project templates directory, with this kind of contents:

<p>Hey, these are useful informations, I swear:</p>
{% for info in infos %}
    <li>Plop is {{ info.plop}}</li>
{% endfor %}

Now you have to register the new panel by adding its path to the DEBUG_TOOLBAR_PANELS tuple, in your (create it if it’s not there):


Of course it’s up to you to put really useful informations there, but here’s the result, tadaa:

Thanks for reading, happy ponying.


The ensemble scenes of Hannibal, Il Muto ballet, Don Juan Rehearsal and Don Juan Triumphant, from the upcoming non-replica Czech production. 

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I was over at Donald Trump’s twitter page and realized that he only follows 41 people. While I was looking at who he followed, I quickly realized that it was almost entirely surrogates, friendly reporters and news organizations, and family. Considering how much time Trump spends tweeting, and assuming that Trump probably gets a lot of his news from his twitter feed, I decided I wanted to try and see the world as Donald Trump sees it. I set up a twitter account ( and followed all 41 accounts that Donald Trump followed. I then scrolled down through the past 24-hours of content, copied everything on the webpage, pasted it into Excel, deleted all of the extraneous lines of text (“so-and-so retweeted”, the likes and reply lines, etc…it took A WHILE), and dumped the remaining text into a word-cloud generator ( I dropped some words – really only words we see in webpages (http, bit, Ly, com, etc.) – and put the result into a nuclear detonation shape, since Trump is exploding right now.

The result was pretty interesting to me. Lots of mention of Trump and Clinton, as to be expected, but a lot of the other prominent words are indicative of Clinton scandals or conspiracies. “Email” is a very popular word, undoubtedly discussing HRC’s email “scandal” but probably also discussing Wikileak’s Podesta dumps (both Wikileak and Podesta are pretty prominent in the cloud). “Debate” was pretty popular as were “State” and “Haiti” and “GOP.” We see “corrupt” and “crooked” standing out. “CNN” and “Obama”…basically, Trump’s twitter feed is filled with people lashing out against Clinton, Democrats, the media, and the GOP. That’s what he sees…all day.

Clinton’s, on the other hand, is remarkably different. First of all, Hillary follows 758 people. Sure, a lot of them are state offices and special orgs for Hillary Clinton, but a lot of them are just people. They’re actual people with protected accounts who do more than tweet about Donald Trump and his controversies. Hillary rarely sends her own tweets and I doubt she ever scrolls through her feed; It’s probably mostly seen by staff. But I followed all of the people she was following, copied and formatted the text, and made a heart-shaped word cloud because #ImWithHer. I couldn’t pull 24-hours’ worth of tweets, I had to settle for 2 hours since her feed is significantly busier.

So, what’s in her cloud? With the exception of a HUGE “Trump” right there in the middle…there are really not a lot of “negative” Trump words at the top. In fact, the second most popular word on Hillary’s feed is “vote,” which should at least be somewhat indicative of the enthusiasm and the ground game. Other dominant words tend to be just POSITIVE: new, day, today, go, women, elect, here, support, follow, talk, poll, etc.

You have to really squint to see negative words like Giuliani and…what else is there in that cloud? I don’t see a whole lot.

So, basically, when Donald Trump (and his staff) log onto Twitter, most of what they see are hit pieces against Hillary Clinton. When Hillary Clinton (and her staff) log onto Twitter, most of what they see are people mobilizing folks to get out and vote.

I’ll take Hillary’s world, any day of the week.

PS - If you want to play with the data, I uploaded Trump’s followers tweets ( and Clinton’s follower’s tweets ( on the internets. Enjoy!