Jet Set Radio Future Playthrough - Shibuya Terminal/Chapter 2 Intro

Ronin of the Radio
  • Ronin of the Radio
  • DJ Professor K (Billy Brown)

I’m the Ronin of the Radio

Cuttin rhymes with a Yamato

Damashii got the spirit inside of me

I got no equals, just like Miyamoto Musashi

Like a katana to your cranium–

SEGA games, just keep playin ‘em

With lyrics like a bullet train

So tight, it’s like I’m doin judo on your brain

Let’s fight! But you could never beat me

With my lyrical karate

So call it hip-hop, or rap, or urban haiku

It’ll bust your head like a pair of nunchaku

Your chokin on my flow while eatin your udon

I’m spillin mad wasabi on the microphone