So, we all pretty much agree that Lucio is essentially a Jet Set Radio character transplanted into Overwatch, but did you know that the uber-futuristic city has a golden rhino statue in it? What does that have to do with anything? Welll….

The main antagonists of Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future were a mafia-like criminal enterprise called, you guessed it, the Golden Rhinos! Much of the games’ final missions involved spraying giant golden rhino statues with your tags.

Lucio here is doing his part, tagging the obscene Rhino, likely listening to DJ Professor K, and dancing away on his crazy future skates.

Over the hood, through the streets and right into your brain, we’re transmitting our signal stright to you! Y'all got your antennas on, or what? Yea, we’re riding high on a smooth stream of supersonic sounds. And I’m your captain and DJ, Professor K. JET SET RADIO!!!
—  DJ Professor K, Jet Grind Radio

Jet Set Radio Future Playthrough - Hikage Street Pt.2