Well, I got to visually see advice from Jay Z and Beyoncé, being on the ‘Formation Tour.’ It was real inspiring for me to see them work and be a mother and father, for real. That’s Jay Z and Beyoncé, it’s the biggest artists in the game, but you actually see them be a mother and father and [give] so much love to their daughter, and nothing else matters but their family. I love that and got to see that and it was inspiring. Jigga always told me, 'Wait ’til you have your kid. You think you great now, you gonna be greater.’ I’m experiencing that and I just love that.
—  DJ Khaled, speaking on how Jay Z has given him fatherhood inspiration and advice, in his recent interview with XXL magazine.

I hc Otabek as very awkward when he meets new people (like.. when he actually talks to them, even if he seems cool) and that’s just so cute to me I can’t stop thinking about his first awkward convos with Yuri where he tries too hard I’m d ead