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  • Self Scientific
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i really can’t even explain how happy i am right now. i’ve been looking for this song FOREVER. heard it on a freddie joachim mixtape years ago but there wasn’t a tracklist. so i searched and searched and searched and now.. *sigh* here it is, as gorgeous as ever :)

fyi, the vocals are gretchen parlato’s. doesn’t she sound like butter?


Dj Khalil - Show Some Luv


There is one thing that is becoming largely and painstakingly obvious in the music scene. This is something that began burgeoning way before most eyes and ears were open. Way before Dr.Dre had promised us Detox but instead gave us Compton. I, personally, feel terribly wack for having not seen this entire situation before it reached where it currently is at the moment. Where was my head all along I keep asking myself repeatedly in a state of disbelief I embarrassingly try to hide. It’s not happening though. My conscience is showing me I have been sleeping on an individual I should not have slept on the moment I came to acknowledge the person.

Whilst I wake up from the Bryson Tiller spell, wondering if ever the homey finally got his girl back courtesy of his album there is a name that I must now take note of whether I like it or not. Anderson Paak bruh. Damn. His heart sweltering performance on Dr.Dre’s Compton left me with no choice but to dig a little deeper for work that came before. I came across the song ‘DRUGS’ which was a SVPPLY edit and I was lost in a trance of sorts. I further came across all the stuff he made with LA beatsmith KNXWLEDGE which was put together under a project titled NxWorries. And again, I fell into a whirlpool of colorful sounds. Then Brandon Paak Anderson appeared on The Game’s second installment of The Documentary on two songs and you already know the boy had to shine. What’s inspiring is when taking his meteoric rise into account is that he was actually homeless with his wife and son at some point in 2011 after being released from working on a marijuana farm without any warning.

I may have bugged out as a result of the above mentioned efforts by Anderson.Paak but Malibu dropped brody. Now I do not wish to merely put words together here for the pathetic reason of fillings but I feel I should just say the name of this album again just as a symbol of captivity of my mind. Malibu BRUH. A string of multiple genres all weaved together to produce just that extraordinary piece to be held close to the hearts of music lovers. Funk. Soul. Hip Hop. Blues. I may have found a new home for my sanity here. On first listen I vibed a lot to Room In Here which features The Game, produced by LIKE. A ballad for privacy with room just enough for two. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “this long stretch of singlehood must come to an end now just so we can share this song with another set of ears after petty arguments”, but alas my life’s currently something similar to Frank Gallagher’s fused with a pinch of David Duchovny’s in Californication. Then Silicon Valley produced by Dem Jointz played. Insert multiple key emojis here and some flames too. Anderson.Paak took me on a field trip here exposing me to that extra smooth demeanor that must accompany the game of all men. I feel obliged to quote him as he sings “They say the heart is underneath, them guarded insecurities. I finally found the key, underneath them garments as the devil leads”. Fam. This man didn’t come into the game to play and it is becoming very much a fact. And the above quote is said before Anderson.Paak pleas that the lady opens her heart so he can see what’s “under that tender tity meat”. To speak any further about this song on my part would be a spoiler alert but I’ll say one more thing, look out for the flip and hit me up once you’ve heard it.

On my second run of listening to the album I settle into the beauty that is 'The Bird’. An ode to the overcoming of hardships. It is definitely a good way to start the journey into the album as a result of its ambience. On 'Heart Don’t Stand A Chance’ Anderson.Paak and DJ Khalil compliment one another’s styles as they carve a song with an undeniable bounce shared only by pimps, a characteristic that continues into the album’s third song 'The Waters’. Now wherever you see the name Madlib then you ought to know to switch your hater radar off, I was ecstatic knowing he had pushed all the right buttons to produce the song. He provides the beat as Anderson.Paak drops bars in a melodic manner with BJ The Chicago Kid also flexing his voice to add to the heat that is the song. The album is layered with a depth unbeknownst to many recent albums. The differences in sounds that come with each song keep me digging into the album to find a plethora of gems I can say I like all for different reasons. The house-funk vibe that exudes from the song ’Am I Wrong’ which features SchoolBoy Q tugs at my limbs and mood as much as The Season/Carry Me does. I’m not one to make extraordinarily bold claims but I’m willing to take the chance here. If Anderson.Paak is not on your radar as yet then I don’t think you and I could discuss anything related to music really and I am comfortable with that.


Anderson .Paak - Heart Don’t Stand a Chance



Survival featuring Liz Rodrigues is the first single of Em’s forthcoming album due for release in Autumn. Needless to say it is an absolute anthem - lyrically strong and heavy rock oriented production from DJ Khalil - producer of several tracks on Em’s last studio effort ’Recovery’.

The track will also feature on the next Call of Duty game!


Self Scientific - God’s Language (Video)