DIego Mapa

Dig! :P

I get kilig whenever people I’m interested with replies to my posts! I love bands! I love OPM! I want to be a music photographer!

RA Rivera is a member of the dangerous Pedicab band. He also takes very nice photos! And he’s from the OPM scene!

DigRadio is a new online radio/podcast or whatever. They play music, interview OPM artists and do online streaming! How cool, right? They retweeted me btw. :P

I think DigRadio is their NU alternative. Dibaaa? ;;)

P.S. My crush Diego Mapa was in today’s Caldereta Sessions! :“>

P.P.S. I wish they guest Sandwich and Chicosci next time. :P


EGGBOY-Nagsasawa ka na ba?

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These are my OPM “Original Pilipino Music” albums that I have collected from around 2004-2007. I miss listening to them. I remember when I used to stalk those bands.. Lol!!

I go to mall shows, festival (Im not sure if thats what they call it here, but this ones are open to public), bar shows, etc…

Ahhhh, YOUTH~

Two of my faves would have to be Spongecola and Pedicab… Because Yael Yuzon and Diego Mapa!!!!

And well, chicosci, imago, sandwich, pupil, hale, callalily???(why did i like this band, why, lol.. But their first album sort of good), etc…

But now Im into Japanese bands ONE OK ROCK, Scandal, coldrain… Johnny’s boy bands, Jap artists, so on…

But whatever it is I am listening, Music is just a big part of my life… It gets me through the day, It’ll get me through Life.