DIY Clothing


I suddenly remembered that I had promised to make a post with pics of my jackets and vests, so here they are! 
I put them in chronological order, because why not.
The denim jacket in the middle is the same one in all three photos, I just felt like showing the two different looks it’s had (and some details that were missing in the first photo of it).

Obviously some of these arent finished, and some look more empty than they should, because I dont have that many pins so I move them around to whatever jacket/vest I’m using at the moment.

Oh and also! If you look closely at some of these photos you will notice an awesome filth patch, a gorgeous chaos armband and a totally rad scum patch, all made by the amazingly talanted hellray! <3 You should check out her shop, she makes some really cool stuff! 

Indie Sewing Pattern Master List

I’ll update this list as I find new indie pattern makers! Feel free to suggest any additions! 

Here’s a bit of an explanation of the terms I used in this Master Post list:

  • Sewing Patterns = Women’s sewing patterns
  • Sew-Alongs = Blog or Video tutorials that guide you through every step of creating an item from a pattern
  • Tutorials = Short tips and tricks about sewing in general
  • Pattern Add-ons = Instructions on simple modifications or additional detail pattern to a full pattern (Example: Pocket add-on pattern for a blouse or how to modify a wide-leg pattern to skinny leg pattern)
  • Dolls = Human-shaped stuffed toys
  • Stuffed Animals = Animal-shaped stuffed toys
  • Plushie = Video game or Anime inspired stuffed toys

Don’t have time to check every store for a particular pattern? Check out these shops: 

General Sewing Patterns

Historical & Vintage

Stuffed Animals, Dolls, & Plushies

Finally doneeee *o*

I didn’t want to go to sleep until I finished it (it’s currently about 3 am here). Started working on it about 6 hours ago.. I don’t quite remember why I thought hand-embroidering the veins was a good idea..

More info tomorrow, for now I should probably get to sleep soon, haha..

edit: I’ve uploaded a tutorial for this shirt here :]]