DIY Bob Ross Dancing Toy

Do you know someone who needs to relax? This altered dancing Bob Ross Toy would be a good gift. To find one to alter online, search “dancing collapsible toy”.

What materials do you need? 

Find the tutorial for the DIY Bob Ross Dancing Toy from Tikkido here.

More Bob Ross Crafting

DIY Bob Ross Cross Stitch $5.00 Pattern from Etsy Seller HugSandwich here.

To Buy: $45 Clothespin Bob Ross from Etsy Seller LittleBun here. Have you ever made a clothespin doll? They are easy to make and you can use them as Christmas ornaments.

DIY Bob Ross Crochet $5.00 Pattern from Etsy Seller CraftyIsCoolCrochet here.

DIY Inspiration: Raluca Bazura’s  Porcelain Jewelry

Both these ideas can be used for “inspired” versions: mice necklace using painted Dollar Store mice, and the wing/angel necklace using plastic spoons, craft foam, or polymer clay.

Raluca Buzura’s jewelry is made out of porcelain, transparent glaze, and colloidal gold.

For more DIY Cosplay Jewelry go here.

Find more of Raluca Buzura’s jewelry here.

Here is the beautiful wing necklace by Raluca Buzura below:

Amigurumi Tips and Tricks : Simple Embroidered Nose

Kristi shares a great little technique for embroidering noses on little crocheted creatures.  She says the following about her tutorial (with video):

When working with bumpy crochet surface, I think it’s best to keep things simple. In this post I will show you how I usually embroider noses on my teddy bears, cats and bunnies - it’s very quick and easy and as long as you keep your stitches straight, it’s going to look great.

anonymous asked:

How do you make moon water? I suppose full moon water is making moon water while there's a full moon lol

You simply place your water (preferably rain water or water from a natural source like the ocean, a lake, or a river or stream) in a dedicated jar* and place it beneath moonlight, choosing to do so during a moon phase that corresponds with your intentions for the water. For example, if you are using the water in banishing spells, charge the water under a waning moon. If you are using the water for invoking or attraction, charge it under a waxing moon; when the moon is growing and expanding in illumination. To have moon water to simply enhance things, basically ‘all purpose’, charge the water under a full moon.

*Dedicating your jar in optional; to do so, add a sigil.