It needs to stop

To both sides of the “Disney - EAH” debate: the hate needs to stop. 

To the EAH fans:  Descendants hasn’t even come out yet, so no one can even judge it for story. And the whole “These dolls are ripping-off Mattel” thing needs to stop too. Three reviewers did reviews on Evie and Mal (because currently they’re the only two out), and the Comments section were flooded with hate. 

I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion, but just because you dislike something, doesn’t mean you should force people to dislike it too. And you shouldn’t go click on people’s videos just to complain. They’re not getting paid by Disney to make those reviews; they bought them because they wanted to. 

If you really had a problem with this movie coming out, the time to complain (directly to the company) was 2012/13, when Disney first announced it. You could’ve boycotted it, wrote petitions, etc. You guys are all very creative. But no, you wait until a few months before it’s release to start groaning and complaining about it. 

 Wasn’t this the same thing that happened with Bratzillaz, Monster High, and even Ever After High itself? People complaining about “A is copying from B” (which was actually pretty funny with the “MH/EAH” debate).  

If you’ve read my piece about palette (which was what made make the infamous Briar in Blue post), you already know how I feel about that, so I’m going to skip it. 

You know the saying “There’s nothing new under the sun?” Ever After High is no different. Does anyone remember Fairy Tale High? Once Upon a Zombie? The Sisters Grimm? Shrek? These came out before EAH, but you don’t see any of those fans ranting and screaming that EAH fans should stop liking the show or the dolls. 

“But our show is about the children of famous characters!”  So are the Disney sequels (late 90′s - early 2000′s). 

Does Disney have its flaws? Yes. Does Mattel have it’s flaws? Yes. Let’s move on!

And the fact we have to choose a side is the most annoying part. Why do we have to pick sides? Why did it become a Bashing-Contest? And why can’t we just like both without evil glares on either side? 

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Speed Drawing: Elsa of Frozen by Diana Diaz

If anything, watch this video for the sick Let it Go remix. 

~ Juliette


Just various clips from Frozen playing to Let it Go. A new picture is seen and new footage of Elsa and her powers! Check it out!

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Hi!!! This is my drawing of Queen Elsa from Disney Frozen!!!

I had already uploaded this drawing but it was painted with pencils, now it’s digitally painted!!!

I love Elsa her powers are beautiful!!! :)

I hope you like it!!! 

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