The Known World: Words of Dorne and Words of the Stormlands 

Long before the coming of the First Men, all of Westeros belonged to the elder races - the children of the forest and the giants (and, some say, the Others, the terrifying “white walkers” of the Long Night). The children made their homes in the vast primeval forest that once stretched from Cape Wrath to Cape Kraken, north of the Iron Islands (today all that remains of this great wood are the kingswood and the rainwood), and the giants in the foothills of the Red Mountains and along the rugged stony spine of Massey’s Hook. Unlike the later Andals, who came to Westeros by sea, the First Men made their way from Essos across the great land bridge we now call the Broken Arm of Dorne, so Dorne and the Stormlands were the first parts of Westeros to know the steps of man.

         - [A World of Ice and Fire] The Stormlands : The Coming of the First Men 

Redeem yourself || closed


Gadreel was supposed to be dead. He wasn’t supposed to be opening his eyes now, or glancing around to find himself very much alive for no apparent reason. He’d sacrificed himself to save Castiel, to save everybody. What had come of that? Did it work? Had he redeemed himself finally? 

He felt weakened, for sure. And he wasn’t just missing his wings. He was missing a lot more than that and.. it was quiet, too. No angels were to be heard. Where was he? He was in the woods, for sure, but where? How did he get there? Was he .. back? Why? Who had resurrected him and for what reason?

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You're a traitor who abandoned your family.

         ❛❛And what would you have had me do?❜❜

         ❛❛Die fighting a war that we could not win? Watch Finrod and our brothers fall from Nargothrond for nothing? Or would you have had me be Turgon’s prisoner in Gondolin, as Írissë was? What aid could I possibly have offered them, short of simply waiting for my own death to find me?❜❜


‘I’ve always been different. All my life I’ve known that. The girls all thought I was a boy. The boys all said I was just a girl. My head is always full of stories. I know I’m strange. Everyone knows I’m strange. But here I’m loved. You tell me to run, to save my life. I tell you that leaving this place would be death itself.’