Please, forgive my poor scenery and focus on Nico.

These days I was reading The Trials of Apollo- The Hidden Oracle (Finally), and, OMG, that’s awesome. For sure it is my Rick Riordan’s 2nd favorite book (The 1st will always be The Titan’s Curse, sorry). Nico is so.. cute. I have a crush on him since I was 9, when he was a little boy who stalks Percy and plays Mythomagic, I grew up with him (He was 10, I was 9. Now, he is 15, me too). I’m so happy that he is happy and dating Will.

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anonymous asked:

Did you see the picture of Soph with fans and she has the blue cap on that th person sitting beside her had on in the pic of just her?

Dis one you mean 😛  Bae’s sharing caps maybe? 😉

Solangelo trash

In my pinterest account i have a board entitled “OTP feels” and lately i’ve been thinking of just renaming it as Solangelo because 80% of the board is solangelo or nico di angelo.

I am such a solangelo trash and a Nico di angelo trash okay bye