Adamantisaurus mezzalirai


Name: Adamantisaurus mezzalirai

Name Meaning: Adamantina Reptile

First Described: 2006

Described By: Santucci &  Bertini

ClassificationDinosauria, Saurischia, Eusaurischia, Sauropodomorpha, Plateosauria, Massopoda, Sauropodiformes, Anchisauria, Sauropoda, Gravisauria, Eusauropoda, Neosauropoda, Macronaria, Titanosauriformes, Somphospondyli, Titanosauria

Adamantisaurus was a not very well known titanosaur (what else is new) from the Adamantina Formation in São Paulo, Brazil. It may have lived anywhere between the Turonian through the early Maastrichtian ages of the Late Cretaceous, between 93 and 70 million years ago. It is not well known where it falls phylogenetically and is only known from part of the tail, though it may have been about 13 meters long. It lived alongside another titanosaur, Gondwanatitan


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Huanglongpus is a poorly preserved three toed footprint that may be made by an ornithopod, dating from the Late Jurassic of China, but alas, it was too poorly preserved for much else to really be said about it. 

Sources (Images and text):

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