*Doyoung texting Haechan*


Haechan: I’m worrying about Mark more than I’m worrying about you

*5 minutes later*



Haechan: lol I thought you were lying like the snake you are

Jungkook as your boyfriend

I’m gonna fucking yell while making this I can just feEL IT

…….*sigh* hol up…..lemme just….take a deep breath cause uh….we in for a wild ride friends

heres the other boy btw if ur interested Jimin Hobi Yoongi

•A complex boy lemme tell ya

•He just??? Never stops confusing and amazing you at the same damn time?

•He’s probably really shy wen you first meet bc he’s just not comfortable around people he’s not used too

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“Did you ever think about kissing me?”

When Cas looks to his side, Dean is looking at him. He can’t help but smile because of the flower crown in Dean’s hair and the expecting, nervous look on his sun kissed face.

“Yes.” Cas admits.

@jimminovak​ wrote a thing and I loved it sm that I had to draw it
(I know they’re not lying down like in the fic I only realised that when I was almost done, rip me)

y'all i hate to do this to my boi jace but he’s a bitch ass liar and i gotta expose him

in episode 1x03-Dead Man’s Party, clary asked him what they were doing at the biker bar to which jace responded that he needed something and clary then asked him if it was a drink, and jace then answered, and i quote, “i don’t drink”

okay he doesn’t drink, that’s fine, but guess who’s lying ass is at maia’s bar in 2x07-How Are Thou Fallen ordering 4 tequila shots??????? that’s right, u got it, jace lyingasswood. don’t even try to tell me the drinks weren’t for him bc at the bar he was with 3 faerie girls, add him (1) and you get 4 people with 4 drinks boi. you can’t divide 4 drinks into 3 people, im not a buffoon. i won’t be fooled by this buffoonery

the lying doesn’t stop there, oh no, right after this episode in 2x08-Love Is A Devil, jace hops his lying bunny ass to maia’s little refreshments station, and guess what he asks for??? no, not water to quench his bunny thirst, ding ding ding bitch u got it, satan’s piss water (aka beer) but that’s not even what he gets, is it? no, “beer is boring”, jace “have some sangria”. and boom what has a higher alcohol concentration than pisswater? sangria. case closed.

did you think i was done? bc i’m sorry to tell u i’m certainly not. let’s talk about jace and magnus casually chatting after malec boink boink, also in episode 2x08. what little piece of information does jace let slip into their conversation? “i hope this party has an open bar” for what jace. for what.

i’d like to close this exposé with one final receipt and say that that’s not their only alcohol related conversation. in a more recent episode, 2x12-You Are Not Your Own to be exact, jace and magnus, or rather jace and valentine!magnus have a little chit chat about throwing alec a surprise party/celebration/get together, and what. does. jace. hope. for. once. again. “i hope there’s liquor involved” what for jace. what for. to soothe your throat after so many poisonous lies????

i hereby find
the one (1) jace lyingasswood: exposed and guilty

this case: closed

and me: victorious


I had too much banana milk and I saw this amazing picture of this 80s guy wearing a shirt with this text and holding a cockatoo and all I could think of was maglor… in whatever universe, to me, maglor would be this… the luxury chemise guy

twettypuff  asked:

Platonic moxiety where anxiety is mad at something (maybe roman or something someone said to morality) and morality makes some joke/pun and cheers him up...? (love your work btw you are an amazing writer and i hope u feel better)

love this xx aw thank you sm!


Dad™ 5:12pm
kiddo you haven’t come out of your room all day. is everything okay?

dark strange son 🖤5:12pm
everything’s just peachy, Morality

Dad™ 5:13pm
sounds more like some rotten peaches to me! you rarely ever call me Morality! it’s always dad, Patton or Patt. is this about what Roman said?

dark strange son 🖤 5:15pm

Dad™ 5:16pm
aw kiddo he didn’t mean it ! between you and me i think he was actually a little jealous

dark strange son 🖤 5:17pm
u think he said that ur not really my dad cos he’s,,,,, jealous? so like what he sees u as a dad too and gets jealous of me? idk Patt that seems a little ridiculous.

Dad™ 5:18pm
well yeah! im the dad character. the father figure. and he’s a younger trait just like you but i pay more attention to you. i think it makes sense that he’d be jealous.

dark strange son 🖤 5:19pm
i guess. still upset me tho. idc if it doesn’t make sense ur definitely my dad

Dad™ 5:21pm
aw kiddo! dads so sweet! 😉

dark strange son 🖤 5:22pm
that ones so overused come on dad

Dad™ 5:23pm
ap-parent-ly you’re right ! i have used that one too much

dark strange son 🖤 5:25pm
r u kidding me rn

Dad™ 5:25pm
nope im not kiddo-ing around this time, kiddo!

dark strange son 🖤 5:26pm
omg stoooopppp

Dad™ 5:27pm
did i at least make you smile? 😊

dark strange son 🖤 5:29pm

Dad™ 5:30pm
(soccer) goal accomplished !

dark strange son 5:31pm
dad what does that one even mean

Dad™ 5:32pm
im a soccer dad!

dark strange son 🖤 5:32pm
omfg go away lol

Dad™ 5:33pm
oh ok as long as you feel better!

dark strange son 🖤 5:35pm
yeah i do actually. thanks dad

Dad™ 5:36pm
you’re welcome kiddo!

dark strange son 🖤 5:38pm
,,,wait does this make me & Roman brothers

Dad™ 5:39pm
yeah i guess so!

dark strange son 🖤 5:41pm
for fucks sake

Dad™ 5:42pm
language kiddo! and hey we’re fam💜ily remember?

dark strange son 🖤 5:43pm
i hate that that made me smile. ur turning me into a sap

Dad™ 5:44pm
aww! love ya kiddo!

dark strange son 🖤 5:45pm
yeah yeah love ya too dad

Dad™ 5:45pm
😄 hey we’re gonna have dinner soon. you’ll come down right?

dark strange son 🖤 5:46pm
wouldn’t miss it for the world Patt

Dad™ 5:47pm
yay! see ya soon son 💜

dark strange son 🖤5:48pm
see ya dad 🖤


listen im really bad at making dad jokes but i tried lmao

✨send me a sanders sides ship & a texting prompt✨

we talk how ‘yuuri has been robbed’ and that he should’ve won the gpf but dear god yall chris ranked 5th in that competition. 5th

behind yurio who is a cheeky brat and has no business being that good this early in the game. behind yuuri who suddenly sprouted that season like a weed ready to take over the entire arena and surprising everyone, himself included. behind jj who flubbed so badly in his short program he should’ve been out of the running entirely. and even behind otabek.

and if that wasn’t enough all of them are younger than him. 

just imagine how it must have felt like to watch these four out of five names overtake his. chris is used to being second to victor, that is a fact. but you will be lying to urself if u think for a second that he didn’t hope that this was his year to take the crown when he heard victor took a break to coach. this was chris’ time to shine. it was his turn to win. and he didn’t.

you say yuuri was robbed. no he wasn’t. as much as I’d love for him to win gold, as much as I believe winning gold did for yurio’s character development, as much as I love the idea of jj battling his demons and overcoming them… I honestly feel like the creators agreed to the first and second place bc that is where the most drama was on and then they simply randomly assigned the other places and numbers. bc sure, it is as possible for him to drop down from last year’s second place to this year’s second to last as it is for yuuri to climb up from his last place in sochi to second place in barcelona, yes. but chris is better than that, he is a veteran. he knows what he’s doing. he wasn’t injured in any way. he knows how to skate to score himself a place on the podium. and here it is just plain and simple that the creators didn’t give a flying fuck about him - he’s just a side character that we can forget about bc he doesn’t have a valid plotline in the story so let’s push him down the drain and no one will even notice

well, I noticed and forgive my french but my boy chris was robbed and I refuse to look at any more discourse about who should’ve won that does not include chris bc really? he should’ve taken that first place with a nikiforov-like kiss and wink to the audience and leave all these boys thirsting for that gold bc he is the only one who truly deserved it

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Could you do a headcanon on cuddling with dally?

Yes, yes I can because I would be lying if I said I don’t think about cuddling with Dallas Winston daily.

- neck and shoulder kisses
- he is a sucker for people playing with his hair and honestly would love if u did
- ok I know I’ve said this before somewhere idk where but like Dally hums himself to sleep without even knowing he does it and it’s something he’s done since he a was little
- Popcorn is a must. He can’t cuddle without eating popcorn
- when you guys first started dating and cuddling he wouldn’t never fall asleep cuz he doesn’t like being that vulnerable infront of people but like he slowly started to get comfortable with you and now he just lays on you like a starfish and will fall asleep while telling you about his day
- sometimes he likes quiet cuddles when he is sad or just frustrated with something, having a bad day and all he wants to do is be held by u and fall asleep
- then there are the talkative cuddles where he tells you about his day, what he did
- ok his favorite cuddling positions are either you laying on ur back and his head on ur chest and like ya know his body half on urs and half not OR if he feels really protective and jealous and a bit possessive he will spoon you holding you close to him either facing him or not AND LIKE SOMETIMES HE WILL HOLD YOU WITH UR BACK TO HIM
- gIGgLes
- He liked to show you his scars and tell you the stories behind them
- so many cute small kisses


Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  Do you take request for the hobbit, or daredevil? Cause I’m in such a Fili Durin/Frank Castle phase. It’s bad!!
A/N: i love frank castle help


You anxiously waited for your roommate to leave before you shooed Frank Castle into the bathroom to shower. God knows what came over you but when you saw him beaten and on the verge of death in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen you practically dragged him with you to your dorm.

“Oh, oh shit…” You mumbled, frantically searching your bag for your phone. You gave your small room a once over again. It wasn’t here. It wasn’t in your roommates room either. Kitchen? No. Was in the…bathroom?

You stared at the white oak door nervously, feeling hot steam coming out from the edges as your ears caught the ring of running water. You gulped. Hurriedly, you knocked and said, “Uhm…I-I think I left my phone in there! I’ll just be a second!” you hoped your explanation was good enough and hearing no protest you pushed the door open you quickly slid in. The curtain was closed. You moved to the sink, hope sparking in your chest as you saw your mobile peacefully lying beside a bar of soap and—wait a minute. Why were there two phones here? And why did one greatly resemble your roommate—

“(Name)!” Her voice struck you like lightning, “I think I left my phone in the bathroom!”

“U-uhm…I’m in the shower!” you called back, eyes boring into the curtain before flashing to the door.

“That’s fine, I won’t peep!”

In a heat of the moment you scurried forward and yanked the curtain open, slipping into the tub and pulling the curtain shut just as the door opened. Frank turned to face and red cheeked you slapped your hand over his mouth, eyes begging for him to keep quiet. “Sorry, just gonna grab it real quick…” Her voice was coy as she spoke, “See you in class!”

“B-Bye!” you managed to say. The bathrooms door slammed shut.

The hot fumes and specs of water dotted your hands and face as you felt him grin behind your palm. Your eyes stared into his- so intense! - before briefly flashing over his face which was dolled up with bruises. You had the sudden urge to look somewhere lower, but refrained. Mechanically you pried your hand away from him, blinking rapidly as a nerve ticked – he was grinning! The wolfish smile only widened as your briefly examined his bare chest and counted the drops of water on it. Once he caught you  huffed.

“Don’t…” You started, “Don’t you dare say a word.” Your fingers dangled into the wet curtain.

“You can stay if you want, sweetheart.”

You didn’t and you got the hell out of that bathroom as fast as possible, the image of his bare body haunting you for the rest of the day.

Requests are opened!

RFA reaction to MC always leaving them on open in snapchat


he’ll send you a casual cute mirror selfie or something

•when you don’t respond he’s like uM

•he sends like 20

•why won’t you answer his fuckinf snaps

•omg do you think he’s ugLY FUCK

•are you trying to break up with him rn


•“MC are you mad at me? Did I do something to upset you?”

•ur like. no the fuck

•u never leave him on open again


he’ll send you a selfie

•when u leave him on open he’s like where my compliment at

•so he’ll keep sending u selfies bc theres plenty to go around

•he’ll probably throw in a spicy pic too just for good measure

•“I know you can’t resist for long~”

•he can and will say greasy shit like that

•knows he’s being greasy 

•doesn’t care

•lets not lie to ourselves you’d probably respond after the spicy pic ;;;;)))))))


she’d only have snapchat if you convinced her to get it

•but she rarely uses it

•on the occasion that she does, she’ll just send you a cute selfie from the office

she looks tired as fuck

•when you don’t respond she’s like k

•fully doesn’t care

•maybe that’s what u do on snapchat hell if she knows

•“MC, did you get the snapchat I sent earlier? I’m not sure I did it right.”

•“Yes, it was very cute.”

blushy jaehee


he’d download it out of curiosity 

•probably accidentally sends you a picture of the counter or something

•once he gets the hang of it though he uses it to put filters on pictures of Elizabeth

•you’re the only one he added so you get all of them

•“Which filter do you prefer? I like this one better, it brings out her eyes.”

•he honestly doesn’t even notice that you don’t reply

•you’ll just get constant pictures of Elizabeth

•you’ll leave your phone for like 5 mins and u have 40 snapchats from Jumin Han



•arranges hbc to say “send nudes”

no surprise you didn’t reply to that one tho

•probably will send u pics in all his different costumes

•when you don’t reply he’ll just approach you irl

•“Pictures don’t do my beauty justice anyway!”

•ur like ok fuck outta my face

•but he’s like nay

just prepare for lots of bizarre snaps from him

*cries thinking about that time baekhyun was lying in bed playing tvxq’s before u go on his phone, talking about how he and jongdae both auditioned and thought the other was going to end up as a trainee but they both did and now they’re a part of exo*


*there r spoilers here, so please don’t get mad if u see them; I warned u!! I can’t do read more on mobile so I apologize for that. I’m not a war expert or an expert in reviews so don’t come into my inbox looking for a fight. Think of this as a rant. Also it premiered on July 20th in the Philippines so that’s why I know all of this so early*

- the cinematography was so beautiful that I think it’s going to win every award at the oscars

- Don’t even get me started on the sound effects/music/soundtrack girl I was so stressed I was literally LYING on my back on the chair in the theatre lmfao (the soundtrack did a good job at deceiving the audience) also the soundtrack flowed perfectly and the sound effects were extremely realistic like I really felt like the spitfire was going to kill me at one point

- Also I have no idea what any of the characters said thanks to their accents and my terrible hearing! If y'all don’t know jack shit about dunkirk or world war 2 then I rly don’t think this is the movie for u

- Peter (tom gc) and George (Barry) are my babies and I love them with all my heart!!! their chemistry was great in this and ur really convinced that they’re brothers who care about each other. Also u kno my ass cried when Nolan decided to do /that/ to my boy George #GeorgeDeservedBetter

- Mark rylance’s character is my actual dad so jot that down! Ok no but seriously he was braver than most ppl would be when it came to a situation like that and even tho ppl were telling him to turn the boat around he was just like not today sweetie! We gon save some lives!

- Tom hardy’s character, farrier, is literally a hero this motherfucker saved so many lives all while his plane was dying???? Also that ending w him tho, where he is looking at his plane and German soldiers (or whatever) come up behind him with their guns (that shit got me crying bro). Like that shot alone can win best picture. I know the ending for him is kind of ambiguous but like I think we can all assume that he gets captured and dies in a POW camp or something. :((

- Onto the first character we see, Tommy (fionn)!!! For his first role, he did absolutely great! I was fully convinced that he was a terrified young soldier. Tbh I lov my boy tommy and all I want to do is protect him. He and aneurin’s character (Gibson, I think??) barely spoke to each other but their acting and their ability to work with each other was so incredible that there seemed to be a genuine bond between them (two soldiers who knew each other for like less than a week). (Also Tommy coming to defend Gibson from Alex?? I loves it!)

- Aneurin’s character spoke like 3-4 words that weren’t even in English but he really pulled me in by the way he portrayed his character. He was quiet and closed off but like he still managed to make me cry when his hand stopped moving underwater :’((

- i absolutely hated cillian’s character when he first came on; of course he was scared and saw terrible things and didn’t want to go back and I totally understand but his anger did /that/ to George and it’s like?? Bitch no. He gets his shit together later on tho so yeah. He isn’t a douche for the rest of the movie; he seemed to regret his actions. (That scene where he asks Peter if George will be ok broke my fucking heart) :/

- Ok me being mostly a harry blog and biased as hell, I really expected that I’d like his character but like……………… He can go fuck himself lmao I hated Alex

- listen,, when Alex held that gun up to Gibson’s face I was about to go on that boat myself and knock that shit right out of his hands!! I fully acknowledge that he was a scared soldier who just wanted to go home and stuff and like he does what he has to do to survive bUT SIS!!!! U DONT FORCE PEOPLE OFF THE FUCKING BOAT. I WAS SO CLOSE TO DRAGGING THAT BITCH’S ASS BACK IN THE WATER. DROWN BITCH DROWN. He did a whole lotta talking but like I said before, I have no idea what he said because he was talking fast and he had a strong accent. In regards to Harry’s acting tho MY BABY WAS INCREDIBLE AND I DIDNT EXPECT ANY OF THAT. HOMEBOY ACTUALLY /GROWLS/ IN ONE SCENE (that scene still stays w me like Idk what tf he said but all I remember was that he growled). HE SURPRISED THE FUCK OUT OF ME IN THE SCENE WHERE THEYRE ALL TRAPPED IN THE BOAT. IF U THINK YOU’LL SEE A HINT OF HARRY’S REAL LIFE PERSONALITY IN ALEX, U WONT LMAO. ALEX IS AN A S S H O L E; HES NOTHING LIKE HARRY. HARRY GOT SO IMMERSED IN THE ROLE THAT HE MADE ME (a person who would die for him) HATE HIS CHARACTER. That scene where Alex’s in the train and His eyes start to water? Not to sound like a cheesy old white lady but that shit is breathtaking (and sad as hell) bro.

- Also my dad was like “he’s really handsome” and I was like “bitch?? I know”

- So basically I lov every character in this film except harry styles’ character and cillian murphy’s character

- The ending was so outstanding and so beautifully edited I don’t even have words for it I’ll just say that I started crying watching that part

Ok so overall watch this film (even tho u read all my spoilers lmfao) because it really is impressive. The cast, music, editing, shots, and everything else was sublime as fuck. Watch it. You won’t regret it.

anonymous asked:

the more i play Vs route the more i dislike him tbh. i havent checked your blog in so long bc of spoilers but i thought of u bc youre the only other person who dislikes V i know. like, lying to the police and yoosung about rikas death? and then acting like hes heartbroken bc of this dead fiance? abandoning saeran in an abusive household where he was tortured daily and taking away the only person who ever cared abt him? and he just keeps playing the victim about all of this. yikes.

Anonymous said: sorry for the long asks but also: interesting how everyone forgets about that story mode where rika was self harming and V told her that her pain was “beautiful” and he wanted to take a photo. and then people act like the abuse was a one way thing.

y i k e s indeed, V’s attitude towards rika’s illness bothered me so much in general….. he used it for his art and to prove himself… he literally called rika a blank canvas that he wanted to paint to make her beautiful dfghj that made me so mad??? V honey no matter how great u think u are your love isn’t some miracle and rika isn’t your work of art she’s a person,,
and then there’s the whole lying thing, of course, i’ve already talked about how mad THAT makes me but for real, he saw how bad it made yoosung feel and he did nothing. yoosung could honestly have killed himself, then what? fr at one point i was so sure that something really bad was gonna happen to yoosung bc of the way he was acting and i was scared to play more sdfgh but luckily i was wrong;;
AND then the thing w the choi twins, fr just what kind of person goes to a child like “i can help u but only if u abandon everything important to you, including your identity, and start working as a hacker” MNDJHG what ??? and saeran had to stay alone with his abusive mother, thinking his brother no longer cared about him… hhdssf neither of them deserved that ;;;

anonymous asked:

Yoo so that post tablo did with him and yoongi means that yoongi has snapchat right?? I'm suddenly thinking of this headcannon I have of yoongi posting snaps with jimin ( cause the only people that's on his sc are his super close friends who know the truth about ym) whether it's like late night studio sessions with his baby or a video of jimin lying his head on his lap and ugh can u imagine all those fluffy snaps he would take of jimin :')

snap stories of them walking around seoul late at night, jimin taking pics of yoongi driving them to daegu during a break, lame pranks they try to pull on hoseok and jungkook in the dorms, weekly cooking w jin snap stories thats literally just them wheeze laughing, sitting side by side on their hotel bed after a concert and talking about how good the crowd was, having snap streaks that are 100 days plus

A Deep BMC Thought

Hey if u guys think about it, the squip did do it’s job. The Squips job was to get Christine for Jeremy and make him more popular; which it succeeded in doing both. The squip said “this is the only way to get what you want,” and it wasn’t lying. I think that the squip knew from the beginning what was going to happen to it, but it was the only way to get Jeremy what he wanted.

The Squip said people bond over hatred, Well Jeremy, Michael, Mr. Heere, Brooke, Jenna, Chloe, Jake, Rich and Christine all bonded over their hatred for the squip or because of the squip. So essentially in the end, the Squip was worth it and did do its job.

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wait is the newcleic person who said 'its a shame you hate me' a remade account of nucleic asshole? wasn't that person a pedophile and/or besties with pedos? if thats them remade you should hate them (im p sure u knew the previous name) i think they deleted original acct for getting called out about lying on fake dox accusations (rly unsure if thats it specifically but they did that regularly and ppl constantly confronted them) no one liked them so if that rly is them remade fuck it

In that case fuck that piece of shit