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How does Goth feel about his babysitter signing her name on literally EVERYTHING

congrast dude you just exhaust the artist by turned this answer into 10 panel comic.. good thing you aren’t even colored, heh.

me: fudge dUDE THAT WAS RUDE!!

also me: don’t push it, Goth hates himself.. :’3

What is this life

I was prepared a 4 course meal with fancy plating while we spoke of borzoi history. We ate raspberries and ice cream for dessert. There were no less than 9 lit candles on the table. There were 6 pieces of silverware around the plate. I drank 5 glasses of wine. The dogs regularly checked in on us with snoot booping.

I can’t

@clockworkspider has a very cool and interesting fanfic about Kikyo being Varias new cloud after Byakuran is defeated.  i really enjoyed reading it and also drawing his hair because  i loveee drawing long hair ♥ 

its just something messy & quick but then again is almost everything i draw haha 

Whatever you do. . .

… Don’t think about Keith being booted from the Garrison.

Don’t think of how he had nowhere else to go, the realization cutting through his heart like a blade.

Don’t think about him stuck in the desert that first night. Don’t think about him walking aimlessly, no idea what he was doing, no idea where he was going. Don’t think of him walking until his feet blistered and bled, until he couldn’t breath.

Don’t think of the hurt, the pain, the anger, the fear, the sadness, or that pressing thought that maybe he won’t make it, maybe he won’t wake up the next morning.

Don’t think of those never ending days of struggle, fighting to just get by and live. Don’t think of him learning how to survive with nothing, learning to live off of the land without any help, with nothing but his dagger and the clothes on his back.

Don’t think of Keith staying up all night, unable to sleep, looking up at the stars as he just thought about how his only friend, the only person he could turn to, might never return.

Don’t think of him staring up at the stars, wondering if it was all worth it. If his struggle was pointless. If he was ever going to make it out of the desert.

Don’t think about how finding that cave, the Lion, the markings carved into stone, and using it as his crutch, the only thing to give him reason, the only thing that kept him grounded.

Don’t think about the loneliness biting at his mind, or him talking to to himself, or the blistering heat pounding down on him, or the days he spent hungry, or the dusty winds tearing through his shack, or the cold, desolate nights full of nothing but the calls of animals in the distance.

Whatever you do, don’t think about how long Keith may have gone without talking to another human.

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