For any of you dudes that actually like Dragon Maid or are still using the Miyazaki meme on it, read the Manga. I mean Kyoani has been doing pretty well with animating it besides them not animating the chapters in order and the good old Kyoani baiting/fan service… Yet the manga has a lot more charm tbh, like whenever you read a nice funny chapter and when you read a serious chapter that involves Tohru’s past or Kobayashi and Tohru connecting with one another through her past, I just feel more emotion in the manga than in the anime (maybe it’s just because I despise Kyoani for OBVIOUS reasons but meh) like just read it dudes, I already have a vague idea of what Kyoani is going to do for the final episode (since the manga is still ongoing) but read the manga, less baiting yet more emotion.


Isaiah and Harry share cast secrets (aka the roasting of Matthew Daddario).