Harry Potter Spells for the Signs

Aries -  Expecto Patronum: This is a great protective curse, one must be brave enough to cast it in the face of great danger

Taurus - Accio (Summoning Charm): Because you’re too lazy to get up for the remote. 

Gemini -  Geminio: Makes identical copies of the target

Cancer - Erecto: This spell is good for erecting tents and other structures, so you can be comfy no matter where you are and take your home with you 

Leo -  Sonorus (Amplifying Charm): Just so everyone can hear you  

Virgo -  Ferula (Bandages and splint): Exactly what someone who loves helping people needs in heir repertoire 

Libra -  Specialis Revelio (Scarpin’s Revelaspell): Perfect for Libra to reveal any hidden secrets

Scorpio -  Legilimens (Legilimency Spell): The best way for you to solve any mysteries and go below the surface. Though with an uncanny knack for making people feel as if you can see through them, you never really need to use it.

Sagittarius -  Cheering Charm: Because you can never have enough laughter

Capricorn -  Unbreakable Vow: Because you are dependable and always stay true to your word

Aquarius -  Riddikulus: This spell requires great concentration and imagination, which you can have in abundance when you choose

Pisces -  Patented Daydream Charm: Invented by the Weasley twins, you’ll enjoy 30mins of uninterrupted and vived day dreams

Wands for the Signs

As a wand crafter I would like everyone here to keep in mind that when I specifically design custom wands for individual people I don’t go off of sun sign astrology, I take the whole natal chart into consideration and also only choose a wand after interacting with a person and getting an intuitive feeling for them. This is mostly for fun and identifies with Celtic Tree astrology for the most part. 

Aries - Alder: In Celtic astrology this tree matches you best, with your action motivated nature, you are a trail blazer, and a person of action more than words. This wand when placed with you will cling to someone who is considerate , helpful, and most of the time you will be likable. This is a wand that is suitable to keep up with your advanced magic and ambition.

Taurus - Oak: Like the strong and steady Oak, you are stable, dependable, and loyal to a fault. This wand will pledge its undying loyalty to those who wield it. This wand will choose a person of nurturing spirit. This wand is also attracted to those people who exude confidence.

Gemini - Hawthorn: This wand is best suited to people who are adaptable, and those who are endlessly curious and versatile. This wand is so versatile in itself being equally good at healing magic, as well as performing curses. 

Cancer -  Willow: A wonderful wand that seems to pair best with people of patience, and a keen skill for observation. People who are connected with this tree have an affinity with beauty, art, and creativity. This wand will be attracted to people who are full of potential, but for whatever reason hold themselves back.

Leo - Holly: This wand in it’s form is also known as “The Ruler”, and I can’t think of a better wand to suit a Leo, who is also represented by “the king of the jungle”. You can be generous, kind, and affectionate. This wand will be attracted to people who are confident in their abilities. 

Virgo - Hazel: This wand is well suited to analytic people, and who have a knack for organization. This wand wood is faithful to the person it chooses, even after the very end. This wand is sensitive and should not be handled by other people besides its owner. 

Libra - Vine: This type of wand wood is referred to as “The Equalizer” among ancient Druids, and I think that fits nicely with the balanced and contemplative Libra. This wand is attracted to those who are changeable and have hidden depths. You will be adaptable and have a knack for seeing all sides of the story. 

Scorpio - Ivy: This wand will be attracted to those with a compassionate and giving nature, and as a Scorpio, you are always willing to give a helping hand, which is a very over looked quality to our misunderstood sign of death and rebirth, who happens to also rule the house of shared finances. You will most certainly go through many obstacles more than most, and learn hard lessons in life, but you will always come out better for it. This wand has a knack at performing under extreme situations and calling upon deep reserves of strength and cunning. This wand will be just as strong, powerful, and loyal as the person who wields it. 

Sagittarius - Elder: This wand is going to be attracted to someone who is wild, thoughtful, and brutally honest. Whoever is going to hold the power of this wand will have to be blessed with a lot of luck, which Sagittarius natives usually have in abundance, which is usually the reason for their “fast lane” lives, full of adventure. This wand is just as unpredictable as it is powerful, but if their is anyone who can wield this wand, it will be someone who is adventurous. 

Capricorn - Birch: This wand is destined to be with someone who is an achiever. The person who catches the loyalty of this wand will be driven and have a knack for being able to motivate others. You are a person who is constantly reach for new horizons and striving for a better place in life. Sometimes this wand can have a mind of its own and take the lead in situations where it feels it knows best. This wand has a silent strength, a reserve of energy, and an independent streak. 

Aquarius - Rowan: This is a wand meant for those with vision and high ideals. The power acts best for people who are original, creative, and color outside of the lines and cook without following directions. This wand has a knack for creating new spells and has a personal touch to it, and sometimes won’t perform exactly how the directions say to use it, this wand requires for you to trust yourself and think for yourself and do what works best for you personally. 

Pisces - Ash: This is a particularly mysterious and loyal wand, for when it chooses a person, it will perform only for that person and no one else. In fact even after your death this wand. This wand will prefer a person who is just as deeply in tune and intuitive as a Pisces. You are naturally artistic and see the world in an imaginative way, and have a deep connection to the spirit world, which might be the reason this wand will follow it’s owner to the grave.   


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These wands are functional for Wiccan or Pagan practices, as well as fun a decorative to Harry Potter fans. 

There are two different options available:

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The Magic Begins ϟ  Favourite scenery/locations — Diagon Alley

“Harry wished he had eight more eyes…. There were shops selling robes, shops selling telescopes and strange silver instruments Harry had never seen before, windows stacked with barrels of bat spleens and eels’ eyes, tottering piles of spell books, quills, and rolls of parchment, potion bottles, globes of the moon….”