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So I decided to watch this scene again.

Look at Sam’s face. Yes, he is sad. He just lost his best friend. But he looks up. And he sees Lucifer.
And he is terrified.
Nothing worked. Everythinf they tried, it failed. And now Lucifer is coming right at them, and Sam is terrified. Because Lucifer’s plan succeeded.

Now look at Dean.
He isn’t terrified.
He’s in shock, because he has not seen his best friend die.
He has seen the grace flicker inside the appearance Cas chose when he first approached him.
He has seen, no, felt how the profound bound faded.
The man who always stood to close to him, who made mistake after mistake believing it was the right thing,
The man who gripped him tight and raised him from perdition and the man who always came when he called.

He has seen his very own angel die, and just now Dean realizes that he hasn’t seen his best friend die -
He has seen the man he was in love with die, and he never got the chance to tell Cas that, by god, he loved him, too.

Lukas and I made a very minimally developed Rapunzel-esque SoRiku AU about a year or so ago where Riku’s tethered by darkness as well and is probably 10x angstier than actual Rapunzel and I somehow never drew anything for it until this weekend?

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NYT columnist Ross Douthat hopes conservative media can return to era of Jim Crow apologia

  • Disgraced former-Fox News president and CEO Roger Ailes died Thursday, marking what many saw as the end of an era for conservative journalism.
  • Ross Douthat, a columnist for the New York Times, marked the occasion by waxing nostalgic about a time before Ailes turned Fox News into the standard-bearer for shrill right-wing punditry.
  • “Two eras in conservative journalism in this country: the Buckley era and the Ailes era,” Douthat tweeted. “May the next one be more like the first.”
  • Douthat was referring to William F. Buckley Jr., the conservative author and commentator who founded the National Review magazine in 1955. 
  • Here is Buckley — who died in 2008 — writing about Jim Crow in 1957:
    • “The central question that emerges … is whether the white community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas in which it does not predominate numerically? The sobering answer is “yes” — the white community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race. It is not easy, and it is unpleasant, to adduce statistics evidencing the median cultural superiority of white over negro. But it is a fact that obtrudes, one that cannot be hidden by ever so busy egalitarians and anthropologists. The question, as far as the white community is concerned, is whether the claims of civilization supersede those of universal suffrage.”
  • This is a fancy way of saying, among other things, that white Southerners had the right to prevent black people from voting because black people were culturally inferior to them.  Read more (5/18/17)

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I googled “is Castiel an angel in the bible” just to see and guess what it told me?? Castiel, in some traditions, is the angel who presides over Thursdays. Thursdays. Seems harmless enough, until you realize:

Cas died on a Thursday.
It was sunny.
Late afternoon.
Beautiful California weather.

I’m sorry.