Hi all!
Just a quick update on what I’m doing at the moment, this is my finale plan for my jewellery boutique as well as 2 3D views I have chosen to present (I have modelled everything using Revit).

I’m in the process of photoshopping each one to look as realistic as possible. This is a really fun part of the course/job, although quite difficult and VERY time consuming. I have a 21st to go tonight so I’m trying to fit in as much work as possible.

Catch you all later, happy Saturday!


France & Pantone Swatch Tarts

For anyone who doesn’t already know I am a lover of all things French.

While my passion – or obsession, as some of my loved ones may call it – for the culture, landscapes, people – despite the stigma – food and most of all the language grows, so does my natural curiosity to discover aesthetically pleasing images. Queue Emilie Guelpa’s Griottes: where my admiration for food + the french language explode into pages and pages of colourful deliciousness! The place where I further develop my french literacy skills since the whole site is in French, while wiping the drool from my mouth, and the place where you will find the Pantone Swatch Tarts among other tasty morsels.

Vous ne me croyez pas? Voir par vous-même.

The tart base is covered with white icing and the pantone color is formed from various fruits, candies, vegetables, and other vibrant foods.

Guelpa said, “I am passionate about food! I find the forms, materials or colors on food are a source of inspiration. It’s fascinating to combine the tastes, and textures that can go from solid to liquid in seconds!”

Puppy Dogs On Furniture, Just Because

What is the point of todays post? A little bit of nothing and a whole lot of something. In essence, it’s a reminder to stay young at heart, remain humble and not take things so seriously. Why the change of pace you ask? Exciting things have been happening at DFL and while it’s been a rollercoaster of a journey so far, I strive to remain true to not only myself but all of you. So on the days motivation is lacking or you feel yourself getting off route, remember, when life throws you lemonade make lemons - ahhhh the wise words of Phil Dumpy (do I have any Modern Family fans in the house?)

So please enjoy these 10 silly and ever cute photos of puppy dogs on furniture. After all, no one needs a reason for a little smile or to look at photos of animals on amazing décor, am I right?








For those wondering I can actually count,I just had to add an 11th image because, well I mean just look at that ↑ face !!