#fragJule - Your questions answered by Julian Draxler

“You have been playing for the A-Team of Schalke 04 but you also were a student. Was that difficult for you?”

I went to the school “Berger Feld”, and was doing school and football for 2 years simultaneously. That was pretty hard but after all that I’m happy that I did it like that, getting all the support from my school and from the team.

“What was your favorite and best goal?”

For me the most beautiful and best goal was definitely my first goal against Nürnberg during our DFB-Pokal match. Just the whole story behind it, it was one of my first matches, such an important goal and pretty beautiful to watch too, I think.”

“The match against Italy will be very hard. How do you prepare for that?”

During such a tournament it’s normal that you have many matches closely behind so you try to recover, eating good. Every player is trying to get ready and focus, we are doing some analysis of our opponents, the analysis of your own play and then we are perfectly prepared. 

“What are you doing when you want to come down for a moment?”

The best thing to do to come down for me is to sleep, so it often happens that I’m taking a nap for 1-2 hours, close my eyes and just sleep.

“What was your favorite moment in your career?”

For me there are a few favorite moments that I have. For example the DFB Pokal final 2011 against Duisburg where I shot a goal myself was pretty beautiful, then of course winning the World Cup 2014 was something really special, my first match for the German National Team 2012 against Switzerland is something I will never forget and yeah I think these 3 moments are very special for me.

“Is there a dream you have for yourself that you really want to come true?”

Well I think everybody has the one or another thing that he’d like to have but this changes for me every year but in general I’d say that I’m living my dream right now, the dream that I had when I was younger, being a professional footballer, playing for my national team so I would say that I’m living my dream right now.

“What is your favorite food?”

I am a big fan of italian food. Actually I could eat it everyday, of course good pasta, I am a big fan of that, Bolognese anything like that.

“Is there a song that motivates you all the time before a match?”

Since I am a big fan of Eminem, my favorite / best song to motivate me “Lose yourself”. I’ve had that song when I was 14/15 and prepared myself for the matches with that song and it did not change until now and it’s still one of the songs I listen to before a match.

“What’s the first thing you do after coming home / to the hotel after a match?”

Well actually the first thing I do after a match is eating because such a game of 90 minutes can be really exhausting and you get really hungry. That’s why the first thing I do when I get home is open the fridge, checking out what’s inside or cooking and then eating.

“What’s your favorite sport besides football?”

My favorite sport besides football is definitely basketball! I’m not the most talented player but I follow and watch the NBA, and in my free time I’d like to shoot some hoops.

“What was your favorite subject in school?” 

In school I always had 2 favorite subjects. The one subject was sport and the other one was English because I always thought it’s going to be important in my life and I’m going to need that. That’s why I was really into it and did my homework (exceptionally).

“Have you ever kept a ball? If so, which one?”

I’ve kept one ball and that’s the final ball from the World Cup 2014. Everybody signed it and this ball is at home, laying in my cabinet.

“Are you nervous before your matches?”

I wouldn’t call this nervous, of course you are unstrung especially when you play matches for the Euro Cup or Champions League, where everybody’s watching you. But this falls of after the first matches for the A-Teams.