Attention Supporters of Bernie Sanders

As many of us know, Democracy for America is holding a vote to decided which, if any, candidate they will endorse. The support from DFA would be a HUGE help to Sanders’ campaign, but he must garner an ABSOLUTE MAJORITY (2/3; ~67%) of votes to win the endorsement. The last time DFA endorsed a candidate was back in 2007, when Barack Obama won this super majority. 

Please spread this! Voting closes at midnight Eastern Time (UTC-03:00) on 15 December 2015. Results will be announced 17 December 2015.

You can vote here

More about the DFA

More information about the DFA’s endorsement process

You DO NOT need to be a DFA member to vote in this poll!

If Bernie is to stand a chance in the democratic elections against the ‘old familiar’ Hillary Clinton, he needs all the volunteer support he can get. The DFA endorsement would be a huge step in building the massive volunteer pool his campaign will need to spread awareness and reach potential voters.

Please reblog this.Eeven if you can’t or do not want to vote, your followers may.

Again, you can vote here


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