Sono le 03:18 del mattino.
Devo dirti che l'unico pensiero va su di te. Che avrei voglia di vestirmi, arrivare sotto casa, entrate e sedermi al tuo fianco. Mi basterebbe guardarti dormire, per poi all'alba, accarezzarti la fronte, darti un bacio. Delicatamente uscirei fuori, al primo bar prenderei un cornetto, un cappuccino, tutto per te, con un bigliettino con su scritto: ti ho osservato tutta la notte. Sei uno spettacolo.

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WHAT IF Harry's final show in Tokyo and he's about to get off stage when all of a sudden "here's Where do Broken Hearts go" and Niall (playing the guitar of course), Louis and Liam all pop out of the floor 😭😭 lol super unlikely but omg I wish

I don’t. I don’t want any of the other boys to show up during solo tours, unless they’re in the audience as a fan. They’ve all worked so hard to be in the place they are right now and I want them all to have their time to shine as solo artists on tour.

Rainbow Quartz 2.0 (I’ve taken to calling them RQ-V2…) summoning their weapon… An unbreakable Drill Lance that can change length and size! Well, I liked the idea anyway

edit; changed them to have three eyes instead of four like the original RQ. My theory is that Smoky has an unsymmetrical amount of limbs because Steven is half human so that’s what I’m going with until I’m inevitably proved wrong

no offense but i can’t wait to listen to the ultimate drag taylor swift is writing about everyone who used her name as a springboard into controversy and tried to blame her for things she has absolutely nothing to do with and have now come groveling back creating buzz over “where is taylor swift?!” smh yall are about to get your asses handed to you on a platinum record