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HOLAAAAA te gritona la mina :u retoooooo Dirk declarate a lo shojo :DD y John que onda? tu también puedes viajar en el tiempo o k? ya sabes por lo de que fuiste a varias partes del cómic y eso..... Mod te amooo dibujas precioso (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ~♡

MOD: me voy a cortar las manos después de hacer esto. 
y ahora como que me di cuenta de que eran dos preguntas. V”:

Introducing Sara!

Hey everybody! Sara desu! California daigaku, Berkeley ko no gakusee desu. Ryuugakusee deshita. (My name is Sara and I am a student from University of California, Berkeley. I studied abroad in Japan for 4 months). This is where I will share my study abroad experiences :)

Getting ready for an 11 hour flight

Why Choose Japan?

It seems silly, but my interest started with Pokemon. I was obsessed! Ever since I found out that Pokemon came from Japan I wanted to learn more.


My interest continued to grow the more I learned while reading books on Japan from my school library. I taught myself origami from school books and used most of my school notebook paper to make paper cranes for my friends. But my greatest joy came from manga, and the stories I could immerse myself in that presented a world where amazing things could happen to an average person.

Studying Abroad

When I saw a study abroad program at my university to Japan that let me learn Japanese and go on cultural excursions; I jumped at the opportunity. It was everything I could have hoped for! I get to learn the language of all my favorite anime and I was assigned to learn about the culture I had always loved!

So excited I don’t know what to do!

I’m still learning (both in life and with Japanese) but I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Next week on 2 Tales of Travel… we’ll figure out what this is!