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Do Mint please

Full Name: Ronan Lamina (birth name)
Gender and Sexuality:
trans female, hetero
pygmy squid
Birthplace and Birthdate:
Squid Seattle aka Squittle, May 4th
Guilty Pleasures:
Stepping on people
What They Would Be Famous For:

being a wannabe idol girl

What They Would Get Arrested For: assult
OC You Ship Them With:
OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
Favorite Movie/Book Genre:
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche:
Talents and/or Powers:
being small is a power
Why Someone Might Love Them:
uguu desu
Why Someone Might Hate Them:
hyper baby
How They Change:
decent - > weeb trash
Why You Love Them:
they’re just a combination of my favorite character design traits

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//Sabrina x Pepsi when

“P-pepsi-senpai” Sabrina gasps as shes pulled into a gentle embrace by a fucking can “I-I have something to confess, Sabrina-Chan…” Pepsi says slowly… “n-nani desu?” Pepsi gathers his courage and says “I-I love you Sabrina-Chan!!!” Sabrina gasps and blushes,, as the sakura blossoms fall around them…. and they share a tender kiss under the sakura tree
(Great another thing to add to the list on why I hate myself)

onlyanotherfriki  asked:

I confess that I have serious problem with justify my interest in japanese popular culture in my academic life without telling them: "Because I'm a fucking weeaboo" (I'm styding Social Sciences and I'm doing research about these subject)

If anime made you like Japan stuff then who cares

its the “Omg kawaii! Desu-nya~ Watashi wa love Saskue-kun <3″ type people that everyone hates