Anonymous asked: “My cat keeps breaking into your apartment next to mine so I tied a note to its collar to apologize and you write back so we keep exchanging cat notes and you’re pretty funny” au!

Author’s note: I loved writing this SO much! 

A sneeze, Dean’s own sneeze, was what startled Dean Winchester awake. Awesome. The first time in ages that he actually got to sleep in, and sure enough it was his itchy nose that ensured that he was awake at the crack of dawn.

Dean sniffled. Now fully awake, he realized that his nose wasn’t the only thing itching. His eyes were red and puffy, his throat sore.

“Not again.” Dean grumbled as he slipped out of bed.

Like he’d already suspected, a huge tabby cat was sitting on his window sill, half hidden behind the curtains that were gently swaying in a mild breeze. She was greeting him with the usual head tilt, green eyes staring up at him.

This right here had happened at least six times in the past couple of weeks; this giant ball of fur breaking and entering. Without the breaking. But oh well. By now Dean should’ve probably known better than to leave his window open, but the weather was exceptionally hot and he’d craved some fresh air last night.

Dean wanted nothing more than to give this cat’s owner a piece of his mind, but it wasn’t that simple; cats were true acrobats, and at least twenty people lived in Dean’s apartment building.

He was about to give the cat his customary “shoo”, when he noticed the dark blue collar that the little intruder was wearing. Upon taking a closer look, he saw that there was a label, probably one of those address tags. Perfect.

The cat eyed him curiously, but didn’t put up a fight when Dean’s fingers gently tugged at the label to take a better look. To his surprise, an address was not all he found. What he did get, was a note that served as an apology.

‘Apologies if you happen to find Molly in places she shouldn’t be, I’m having trouble containing her. Castiel Novak, apartment 12b.’

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One day, Dean is going to catch onto the fact that when he’s near Cas - close enough to touch and wanting to touch then suddenly feeling relief despite that nothing physically changed - he’s being caressed by a wing.

He’s being touched by a powerful wing that can move mountains, span the height of a skyscraper, and kill in a deadly swoop; but, Cas uses it to comfort.

Another day, Cas will realize that Dean feels it when it happens and welcomes it.

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Imagine a kindergarten with baby angels and human babies. Dean, Sam, Gabriel, and Cas becoming friends and playing together.

Dean instantly falls in love with his new friend’s tiny, fluffy black wings and gladly helps him clean them.  Cas, from his side patiently sits and listens to Dean with his blue eyes opened wide, as the little freckled boy teaches him about various rock bands. 

Sam steals a lot of candies and brings him to his new friend - Gabe. The baby angel does not tell him that he can make them appear instantly, as Sam has to prove what a good friend he can be. 

Years will pass and they will grow up. Their friendship will turn into something else, much stronger and beautiful but the time has not come to tell that story. Not yet.