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They all knew that Castiel didn’t sleep, so he wasn’t sure why the Winchesters had given him a bed.

Or an entire room, for that matter.

It was a gesture that he appreciated, however, to be given a space all of his own in the midst of a place that the Winchesters called “home”. It meant more to him that he thought he could possibly put into words, though he had tried on a few occasions before.

Castiel blinked when his phone showed an empty battery signal on the screen and reached over to the desk to plug it in before it died and ended his game of Tetris before he was ready for it to end.

Unfortunately, the charger that usually rested on the nightstand was missing, and it only took a few moments for Castiel to realize that he’d left it in the kitchen that morning before they’d headed out for the day.

He could have easily used his grace to simply appear in the kitchen with just a thought, but he enjoyed the sounds of his footprints echoing throughout the bunker as he walked down the long hallways, and so he slowly walked his way into the kitchen.

The bunker was dark during the night with all the lights turned off - not that it mattered for him, but it felt different than it usually did during the day.

To his surprise, when he arrived in the kitchen, it wasn’t empty.

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why i shouldn’t have photoshop (part three)

So, I was thinking yesterday, why are the stripes on the pride flag straight? Most of the people in the LGBTQA community aren’t even as straight as the lines on their flag (lolzor jokes). So, I decided to design a new one for fun.

This one was my first draft. I know, the squiggles are truly a masterpiece and I should definitely start drawing. That was a joke. 

But, I looked at it for a while and thought, this isn’t… gay enough. 

So, I made another one.

Here’s RuPaul on my gay flag. 

I think we should start printing these immediately.

But then I made more, and I just couldn’t stop myself…

I’m saying what have I done but on the inside I have no regrets.

Are Dean and Cas fighting?

I wanted to make some Castiel GIFs. So, I went and rewatched the episode LOTUS, S12x08. I can’t help but notice that it seemed like Dean and Cas were having a domestic.

Exhibit 1: Dean being snippy.

It is quite obvious here that Dean is acting snippy. He is annoyed by the camaraderie between Cas and Crowley. 

My interpretation: When Cas, in the previous episodes, told Dean that he was working with Crowley, Dean was unhappy with the collaboration. But he went along with it and was ok since Cas seemed to hate it. But in the previous episode, he witnessed Cas developing a grudging friendship with the demon. 

Now Dean enters to find them standing together, using Dean’s favorite band musicians’ names and greeting him in unison. This annoys Dean, causing him to be prickly. Cas notices Dean’s reaction but seems to dismiss it.  In the next GIF, Cas does it again defending Crowley and using the singer’s name. But here, we see Cas is getting pissed at Dean’s sarcastic comments. Dare I say Dean is jealous and he has missed Cas?

Exhibit 2: Cas in the bunker.

Here we see that Cas hears foot steps approaching. He turns to see that it is Dean but does not deign to acknowledge his presence. We can see a clear reaction of Dean looking confused because Cas refused to acknowledge him. I think here Dean actually forgot that he was snippy with Cas. Crowley is not in the bunker with them so Dean is much more alright with Cas.

Exhibit 3: Cas being snippy now. Did the bunker’s warding fail?

Cas very well knows that the bunker’s warding did not fail. He knows Dean has tampered with it because Dean is the only one absent in this room. But because now Cas is angry. He is not taking Dean’s bullshit anymore and doesn’t comprehend why Dean is being a jerk to him. 

Exhibit 4: Cas tried to make eye contact with Dean

Cas feels bad about being angry with Dean. So he is slowly looking at Dean to re-establish eye contact, maybe to wordlessly communicate that he is sorry.

Exhibit 5: Dean and Cas quiet moment alone.

Cas and Dean get a quiet moment alone without the presence of Sam or crowley here, because Sam has sneaked off to call Davis. I think they might have had a talk because after this scene, they seem have made up somewhat.

Exhibit 6: Destiel made up again!

After their little alone time together, Cas and Dean seem to have overcome whatever hangups they might have had. Cas is now leaning right beside Dean and Dean comes running when Cas suddenly collapsed to make sure he is alright.

Now, with Sam and Cas in his Impala, Dean has his family back together. He is much more comfortable with interacting with Cas. Even though bullets can’t hurt Cas, Dean asks him to stop. Obvious concern for his angel boyfriend is obvious. In the last Gif, Cas and Dean are standing side by side, their arms touching with Sam slightly situated behind them. Again, this shows them seeking comfort with one another.


Throughout LOTUS, we see Cas and Dean slowly coming together which makes Cas sitting alone in the bunker counting the days Dean [and Sam] have been missing all the more heartbreaking. I am not crying, the room is just dusty.

Jensen and Jared love Misha.

Dean and Sam love Cas.

Jensen and Misha love Jared.

Dean and Cas love Sam.

Jared and Misha love Jensen.

Sam and Cas love Dean.

They are friends. Please stop propagating hate in any form.