Japanese Paper Embroidery Notebooks Hold Vintage Science Illustrations

Athens-based boutique Fabulous Cat Papers (previously featured here) showcases a beautiful range of hand-made embroidery notebooks composed of Japanese paper and scientific illustrations. Featuring hand-stiched floral, geometric and anatomical designs, the notebooks are a beautiful contemporary effort with a vintage touch.

Constructed from sewing threads, card stock, European paper, and waxed string, each design is meticulously illustrated by different color threads, which emulate various scientific graphs, which include the golden ratio, the anatomy of the heart, and black hole models.

The artist also pays homage to Japanese culture with the presence of stunning needlepoint compositions of its native flowers, such as bamboo and magnolias. The metaphysical and unique designs are 3D paper manifestations of nature’s obscurity and beauty. Find more of their notebooks in their Etsy shop!

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Contemporary Raw Crystal and Mineral Jewelry by Adam Rabbit

Adam Rabbit is a collection of modern raw crystal and mineral jewelry inspired by obscurity, mysticism, beauty, nature and love. Featured by famous publications, including, the Urban Outfitters blog, Editorial Magazine, Noble House Magazine, The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online, Adam Rabbit is a union between beauty and magic.

Born right out of a tiny corner in the artist’s kitchen counter, the first designs were conceived from the frustration of acquiring a unique and spellbinding piece of jewelry. Made with some of the most beautiful minerals, which include quartz, pyrite, agate, amethyst, and tourmaline, each creation holds an antique and rustic vulnerability, which elevate its charm. The contrasting raw minerals and copper finish embody an interesting dichotomy between vintage and modern jewelry design.

When Adam Rabbit’s designer is not smashing rocks, she can usually be found at school or as a  6th-grade special education teacher, who uses jewelry making as a creative outlet. Find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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Stunning Glacier Inspired Bench by Fernando Mastrangelo

Brooklyn-based designer Fernando Mastrangelo recently showcased this unique and sculptural bench at the James Gallery at Art Genève in Switzerland last month. A part of collection, entitled, “Drift” the bench emulates the natural texture of earth’s formations and glaciers.

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Unretouched Sky Photography Resembles Stunning Oil Paintings

New York-based photographer Carolyn Marks Blackwood’s abstract photography titled, Cloud Series captures the stunning, soft, and ethereal sensibility of the sky. Resembling an oil painting, Blackwood’s photographs resemble the cotton candy-like streaks on a canvas, which compose the appearance of a fluffy cloud. Each entity parallels the blended  and complimentary colors on a painter’s palette.

The clouds seem to melt into each other, as a transcendent rainbow of fog. The surreal images capture the ephemeral and transient nature of our galaxy’s and planet’s organic mood.  Blackwood admits: “It sometimes takes weeks to get the shots I’m after. At home, in front of the computer, I ‘find’ my pictures—by cropping them—I never manipulate them. It is beauty that drives me and comforts me, even if it is a strange beauty.”


Bolton Residence naturehumaine

Having bought a beautiful plot of wooded land in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, the client dreamt of building a country house that would be in perfect symbiosis with its natural environment. This rugged, sloped site came to a natural plateau just below its highest point, becoming the perfect location to erect the house. The house is characterized by two stacked volumes; a wooden clad volume anchored into the mountain supports a cantilevering ground floor volume above. This gable roofed volume raised into the air gives the sensation that the house is floating amongst the trees. Vast views of Mount Orford and the valley below are framed by a long horizontal strip window. The kitchen and master bathroom are carved out of a black volume at the center of the house dividing living spaces from the master bedroom.

Images and text via naturehumaine


Today I posted a bunch of flyers that I made around my school’s campus to advertise the @undertale-album-project! The album drops this Sunday (February 14th) and I’ve got two tracks on there. I’m really excited! Links to the artists whose works are part of the flyers below the cut, as well as a link in case you want to download some flyers to print and post yourself! 

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