LANDHAUS, Berlin, Germany by Thomas Kröger Architekt | via

From the architect: In a small village in the Uckermark, north of Berlin, a large barn has been converted into a country house with an additional independent apartment.

The barn was built 140 years ago in a mixed construction of brick masonry and timber. In it’s time, an ultramodern functional building. After the barn was sold and divided the system was structurally converted for two settler families, and cattle, into a semi-detached homes. One half has now been redesigned by architect Thomas Kröger for a young family, using the pre-existing language of the house and adapting it by it’s own means and rules in reinventing itself.

This former cowshed along with the barn is an extremely stable building with thick stone walls, small windows upstairs and a large wooden gate below. The inherent beauty of the crude truss and the spaciousness of the room were once again experienced only by the coring.

The centre of the house is a double height living room with fireplace. Three major new arched openings that can be closed by large wooden gates, open to expose the orchard, and green expanses beyond.

Photography: Thomas Heimann

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