Nintendo’s next platform (console?) is the “NX” ⊟

While announcing a landmark partnership with mobile giant DeNA that will bring new games to smartphones/devices (more on that after the break), Nintendo made a quick remark today about a project currently codenamed NX.

The company’s president Satoru Iwata emphasized that Nintendo will continue to work on dedicated gaming systems like the 3DS and Wii U despite these new mobile plans, noting that a “platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename NX” is in the works.

He didn’t clarify whether this will be a handheld or home console, or a convergence of both, or if this will be hardware at all. Iwata instead teased, “It is too early to elaborate on the details of this project, but we hope to share more information with you next year.” He also added that Nintendo is working with DeNA on a new membership service that will encompass the NX, 3DS, Wii U, smart devices, and PCs, which the gaming company will operate. This multi-device service is meant to “form one of the core elements” of the NX.

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Nintendo partnering with DeNA Co., Ltd. to develop for smart devices

Earlier today, Satoru Iwata gave a press conference announcing Nintendo’s intention to develop software for smart devices. They will be working with DeNA, a Japanese mobile portal developer and owner of a popular mobile gaming platform, Mobage. To quote Iwata: “Nintendo and DeNA intend to jointly operate new gaming applications featuring Nintendo IP, which they will develop specifically for smart devices.”

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Nintendo leading development of its phone games ⊟

One question I had following the massive, earth-shaking announcement of Nintendo’s move into smartphone games: how involved will Nintendo be? Is this a case of Nintendo making games for new hardware, or of Nintendo effectively licensing out its characters to DeNA for use in conventional smartphone stuff?

CEO Satoru Iwata lays it out in this great interview with Time: “Development of smart device games will be mainly done by Nintendo,” he said, “but it is significant that we are forming a joint development structure with DeNA.” DeNA’s experience with the ongoing nature of phone games – the continued delivery of content and support of games – is something new to Nintendo, and Nintendo will rely on DeNA for “service-oriented operations.”

I have resisted the urge to write a thinkpiece so far, because there are very smart analyses out there by Chris Kohler and others, so I’ll just lay out my take real quick: It’s going to be fine. Nintendo will either be a huge smartphone success and move more of its talent into making great games for phones, or it’ll change its mind and try something else, or it will do both.

I’m trying to summon up doomsday scenarios but I just can’t. Nintendo embracing non-Nintendo platforms isn’t really the end of anything; if anything, it’ll be the thing that finally leads to good controllers on phones.


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I thought the Tumblr staff would handle this entire situation better, but I was mistaken. They told me that someone who was actually photographed needed to report the blog. So if you happen to see a photo on Creepshots that has you in it, report it to tumblr at If a picture contains someone you know, contact them and have them report it.

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Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata talks about Mobile Strategy and DeNA

“In order to flexibly deal with the developments of the Internet and social media as well as the changes in the people’s lifestyles, we will start strategic endeavors so that Nintendo can maximize the value of our IP that we have used primarily for our own dedicated game platforms.

I announced Nintendo’s management policy of “more actively utilizing Nintendo IP” and “taking advantage of smart devices” in our Corporate Management Policy Briefing back in January 2014. The endeavors that I am explaining now are in line with these management policies.

On the other hand, if we are to maximize the value of Nintendo IP while the competition to attract consumers’ attention is fierce, we must deliver the value of Nintendo IP in a stress-free fashion to our consumers around the world who are living in varying environments.

This is why Nintendo has decided to utilize smart devices aggressively.
Very simply put, it is structurally the same as when Nintendo, which was founded 125 years ago when there were no TVs, started to aggressively take advantage of TV as a communication channel. Now that smart devices have grown to become the window for so many people to personally connect with society, it would be a waste not to use these devices.

Quite a few of you must be wondering why Nintendo, which has never deviated from its cautious stance in regard to the possibility of deploying its game business on smart devices, has now changed its policy.

Please note, however, that I was not dismissing the idea of making games for smart devices per se as I stated at the January 2014 Corporate Management Policy Briefing that a development team of Nintendo would create a smart device application, and please also note that I had not ruled out the possibility of making games when we make use of these devices. 

DeNA’s strength is its world-class Internet service construction and operating know-how. This collaboration will create the best prospects for both DeNA and Nintendo.” Said Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

Read the full article on Nintendo Japan’s website.