One of the most epic League of Legends videos I’ve ever seen


Random sketchbook doodles ahoy! Mostly Lux ‘cause she’s been stuck in my head all weekend… These were all drawn on the bus to Roe’s place…

First one: I’ve been listening to Escape from the City on loop ALL weekend so this should speak for itself sorta… I pictured her trying to get out of Noxus after getting that important intel on the Noxus-Ionia conflict and this popped into my head… That Darius is terrible BUT I’ve never drawn him before so yeah… And yes, that’s a Tyrant Swain in the distance going “?” at what he might be seeing.

Second one: Was just trying to emulate the style I used on the college boy Viktor doodle I did for Roe but it didn’t really work out the way I wanted it to…

Third one: I was trying to take the Sonic style of eyes/hands/feet and make it into a human being without the weird cheek thing that Sonic and co. have going. Not sure if it succeeded or not but I like it enough to clean it up eventually and fix the details. This is obviously the bus doodle that took me the longest XD