I just watched the whole season of degrassi next class and I’m so happy about how it all went!

I still don’t quite forgive Miles for the cheating on Tristan but I guess Lola was just his hope and I’m happy he made it clear he loved Tristan and wants to be with him! We have to give him some rest though he’s been through a lot and I’m happy how it turned out! It was far better than I expected!

The rest of the story lines were amazing as well! I mean the Maya depression one, really mindblowing! Great job of the writers and of course Olivia! Because honestly that must’ve been though to play! But she did great!

That ending though :O Not really over it!

Also Zoe, she was incredible this season, even though I just hoped seeing her by Tristans side a little more (on-screen) and maybe even her telling him about the girl she’s in love with!

The casting was incredible and this is I think the first season from Degrassi where I watched all the storylines! I have to admit that I’m still not a big fan of Lola but her handling the abortion the way she did, that was really brave. I just hope she will move on from Miles and find someone who suits her perfectly, because I think that is what she needs and deserves. 

And Esme and Zig, well I thought they would be a Toxic couple but I mean it could’ve been worse and I mean they seem to get along and match, and I just hope neither of them screws up (but this is degrassi so they probably will :) )

So this were just my thoughts, I had to write them down because honestly I’m so happy season 3 turned out better than I thought! I had really low expectation to be honest!

I missed Tristan being him though, I mean Lyle was also so amazing to watch and seeing his role being really small and difficult (because it must’ve been frustrating to act such a scene) I hope to see more of him in the next season and his relationship develop.

Why do all the fucking writers think that because they have a bi character they have to ‘prove’ it by cheating with a woman?! I mean that’s just prejudice! there are a lot of bi people who DON’T cheat, while there are also a lot of straight/gay people who do cheat! But it has nothing to do with their sexuality! I’m just so dissapointed that whenever a show has an open bi character they mess him/her up by cheating! Like seriously BEING BI DOESN’T MEAN THEY ARE GOING TO CHEAT!!

I’m sorry but it just upsets me! Why can’t they just show that they can have a solid, long lasting relationship as well?

So I wrote this thing...

Yeah, I’m bitter.

Yeah, I’m jealous.

But, it’s just strange to me that death is not a talking point for these teenagers. I mean, I teach children and teens, and I know that if something as significant as death happened to one of their friends (which might be piled sky high with other issues like bullying, failing grades or sports commitments, alienation amongst peers, and the like), they’d be talking their heads off about it. Even introverts talk, if only to remember lost loved ones in passing. I mean, I’m all for subtly and careful nuances that make quality writing. But, whoever decided that not mentioning Dallas’ and Maya’s connection to a tragic suicide was a good idea must have missed the memo. Their road to coping in a more healthy direction is to accept, and to accept is to acknowledge their feelings towards their losses, ALL their losses. To me, this is missing, and I’m just not happy with the so-called closure we have with Cam for Dallas or Maya.

And here we have people who can’t even utter a single syllable name.


See, Degrassi writers. I did it. Wasn’t so hard.

You want to go there, Degrassi? Have Dallas say that the best part of drinking and hooking up is losing himself, so he doesn’t have to be reminded of his failures, so that whenever he starts to remember the sound of Cam’s fake laughter or a memory of his father taking him to watch his first hockey game he can make these images hazy at their edges and forget them until he picks up another bottle. But, then there is Rocky, who is playing with his hockey gear, and he’s crying because he’s gotten something to fall on him, but Dallas is having trouble consoling him when he’s completely smashed. He sobers up soon after, throwing all the booze out of his place. Dallas remembers why he’s got to move on, why he has to stay strong. And he’s the one that tells Drew that he’s staying because he does have a reason to push through his failures.

You want to make a memorabe dramatic splash, Degrassi? Maya’s got so much to learn from this cyber-bullying. After Damon’s insult and some random assaulting her, after threatening Zoe through song, why can’t Mme. Jean Aux or Ms. Oh talk to her about the repercussions of slandering someone (in fact, both her and Zoe needed this)? Maya would’ve lashed out and told whoever could be mentoring her that she knows exactly the damage words could do to someone, if her dead ex could attest to anything it would be that, she would say. She would brush off everyone’s calming words, but when she gets home she could breakdown to her mom, saying that she wanted so badly to hurt Zoe, but in her heart she just wants things to go her way for once. She would note that even after everything she’s been through, she wonders why people forget what she’s lost, what she’s lost again (reputation, diginity, maybe even her vision of her music career). Her mom tells her that that’s what real people are like; they can be cruel, they can be selfish, but she’ll never feel that way with her, and she’ll support anything she wants to do.

I don’t know. Just some thoughts. Not a show writer, just my opinions on what I think would be more real and more satisfying as a viewer.

As for my taste. I’m not so much into washed up actresses who happen to think going back into a public school system is a good idea, and no I do not enjoy playboy trust fund babies. I like the ordinary, because I’m ordinary. Are there any of those characters left?

Degrassi writers faved this so for triles fans and anyone in general - the motive behind the triles part at the end. So I guess this means Tris didn’t view it as cheating coz he didn’t even expect him to wait. Which that’s the vibe I got anyway.