...y’know, maybe it wasn’t just Scooby-Doo that made everything insane. Maybe it was just the ‘70s.

SDM’s current episode aired in 1970, and after watching something else from 1974… well, the decade seems as delightfully derpy as Scooby was.

Check this out.

Ok, so, the evil secret society (who’s powerful-enough to threaten the whole world) is holding their meetings in a middleschool auditorium, and are showing off an unstoppable robot made of pie pans.

Old-school Doctor Who didn’t need a budget. It had creativity, and aluminum foil!

The robot goes to investigates the section of their meeting room dedicated to Random Cardboard Boxes for People to Hide Behind, and finds Sarah Jane, who–…

…wait, is that romaine lettuce?

I guess even evildoers need somewhere to store their salad fixings.

Either way, the good guys have the bad guys surrounded, with dozens of armed guards ready to catch–

…um… the main evil lady, who’s completely unarmed… just sorta pushing her hostage along?

She’s a normal human, and has no weapons… could you guys just walk over to her? Please?

Maybe that guy 7 feet away could, like, go grab Sarah Jane? Or heck, even just punch Evil Lady, that’d do the j–

…or, maybe you’ll just let them go.

That works too, I guess.

Ooh, but now, here’s the robot and Henchman Guy! 

The good guy troops are firing at them, but Henchman Guy is being shielded by the side of the robot–


Never mind, I guess there’s still a 240° angle he’s completely unprotected at.

“Sir! Should we fire on the bad guy?”

“Goodness no, Johnson, that’s violent!”

“But… isn’t he going to go try to destroy all of mankind?”

“Yes, but this is a family show in the ‘70s. We can’t do that!”

“…could I throw a brick at him, sir? Do anything to try to impair his escape?”

“Certainly not, Johnson! If we stop him here, the script won’t work!”

Welp. Now they’re in the truck, I guess.

Aha! This is your chance! Shoot the tires, quick!

It’s a non-violent, TV-approved way to stop a slowly-moving regular truck containing an evil lady and a pie pan robot from destroying the wor–

…or… or don’t. Sure, that works, too.

…wait, if a regular truck’s windshield can sustain fire from 4 automatic rifles without breaking, why don’t we make phone screens out of the stuff?

Goodness, classic DW is fun… it’s like your crazy uncle had some great sci-fi ideas, and tried to make a show about them on the budget of a ham sandwich.



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to be honest, i expected piracy in the future to involve a lot more airships and a lot less illegally downloaded music

I never thought this AU could get better and yet

(they decided to keep him)