“Now what?”
“Now, we run. We keep running until the end.” Here at the crossroads of all things, bloodied and torn, there are no real survivors, only the shells of men who used to dream of freedom, not ever having known real freedom. Or that it would mean this much pain and death.
In the midst of destruction, seeing the wide, unseeing eyes of those they used to call friends, they look for comfort where they can. Sobbing into Xiumin’s shoulder, the boy, too young to know the pain of loss, blocks out to sight of his best friend lying cold and discarded in the dirt, blood matting his black hair. Sehun clings onto the older boy like he’s the last thread keeping him from falling into the abyss. “I’m so tired, hyung.”
For his part, Xiumin tries to be as strong as he can for the boy now relying on him. The nights will be long, filled with nightmares he’ll wake from screaming and reaching out for a lost face, sweet and laughing. “I know.” His arms tighten to quell the boy’s shaking. “But we can’t rest yet.”

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Disappointment had become second nature to Rick. The shred of hope that dangled in the wind like the last petal to a rose, had finally fell, crushed below his feet as he stood in the middle of the street taking in the destruction and death surrounding him. Noah’s wails of hurt and turmoil filled his ears as he laid on the cold, dark asphalt, defeated. Once again the taste of disappointment, filled him bitterly. He looked to her, his guidance, his wisdom, the balance he always so desperately needed, the pain, disappointment and fear etched on her face, gave him pause. He could take his own pain….his own disappointment but seeing her walking towards him somberly, this world finally having the upper hand on conquering her was too much for him to handle. He needed to be her strength like she had been his so many times before, the words he needed to say wouldn’t do justice to how he wanted her to feel.

So as she walked pass him, he gently brushed her wrist. A silent communication for her to know that he was here, that everything would be okay….that they would get through this like they had gotten through every other hurdle in their lives, that this loss wasn’t too great for them to come back from.