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Could I request an imagine where the RFA+V+Saeran are jealous of MC. Like they see someone flirting with her or see her treating someone with care and they just get really jealous?

okay this got way too long so i’m gonna put the rest under a cut after yoosung’s LOL i wrote freaking novels oh my god


  • he actually gets jealous really easily
  • never forget yandere yoosung
  • you visited him on campus once and a lot of his classmates got lowkey crushes on you
  • some had highkey crushes and worked up the courage to go talk to you they moved in packs cause they were nervous
  • “hey there, are you an incoming transfer student? ;)”
  • “ah, no… i’m looking for kim yoosung?”
  • their eyes went wide before they burst into smiles
  • “oooooh, so this is our yoosung’s infamous girlfriend? we almost couldn’t believe it. i swear, he never stops talking about you”
  • in the distance, you swear you heard feet stomping before yoosung practically threw himself between you and his classmates
  • noooo!!! she’s mine, my girlfriend!!”
  • you and them are all laughing as he shoos them away before leading you towards the entrance
  • then he starts apologizing a billion times 
  • “i’m sorry, did they make you uncomfortable? they’re good guys, though. really!” 
  • “no, they seemed friendly… do you really talk about me that much at school?”
  • he goes red in the face and starts stammering like a madman
  • “n-no, i mean… yes, but it’s all… i like talking about you! but if you don’t like it, i’ll stop!!”
  • you laugh and say it’s fine, you think it’s cute, and he starts blushing even more
  • turns out it’s lunch break so he offers to show you around the school
  • although he holds your hand the entire time and doesn’t let go
  • if an oblivious male student tries to make conversation, you can literally feel him bristling like a little porcupine next to him
  • you think it’s cute though, lowkey

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The Ipliers Interact (part 8)

Darkiplier: WILFORD.

Bim Trimmer: Oooh… Wilford in D flat. He’s pissed…

Warfstache: How can I be of your assistance, Angst-iplier?

Darkiplier: First of all, cut it with the fucking nicknames. Secondly, why did I find the Jims shoved in the janitors closet, stabbed, and riddled with bullet holes?

Warfstache: …I totally didn’t do it.

Darkiplier: The words “Warfstache Wins” was carved into their stomachs.

Warfstache: …No, definitely wasn’t me….

Darkiplier: …

Warfstache: …Okay yeah it was me.

Darkiplier: STOP DOING THIS.

Is it just me but?...

Seeing those new pics of Chris Evans with The Beard of Sex that could you give you delicious burn between your legs for days, and The Hair Of A Sex God that could rival Thor’s worthy locks and you’re sat there re-evaluating your life like….

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