13x07 coda

The last thing Dean wants is to let Cas out of his sight. 

He’s expecting Cas to go off on his own, though. Jack is too important in the grand scheme, and to Cas himself (brainwashing aside), to half-ass the search for him.

He puts up a small fight, but ultimately Dean knows he has to let Cas handle this the way he thinks is best. Even if the way Cas thinks is best doesn’t always take his personal well-being into account.

Dean follows Cas into the garage, wanting to say goodbye in private.

“It’s not goodbye,” Cas tells him, the fucking sap. “I will be back soon.”

Dean tries to smile. He doesn’t quite succeed. “That’s always the plan, isn’t it?”

“Dean…” Cas sighs. He reaches for Dean’s hands, taking a hold of them with his. “If I could take you with me, I would.”

“I know,” Dean says, because he didn’t come here to argue. Didn’t come here to tell Cas that he needs back-up, because when he doesn’t have it (and even sometimes when he does) he has a tendency to get himself into the worst sort of trouble. He needs to trust Cas’ judgment, even if he doesn’t like his decisions. “Just remember-”

“Don’t do anything stupid,” Cas says gravely. “I remember. And I could say the same to you.”

“I’m not the one who just came back from the dead,” Dean jokes. It’s pretty weak, but thankfully Cas doesn’t know what a load of bullshit it actually is. 

Cas lets go of his hands. Dean doesn’t get the chance to miss the touch before Cas is grabbing his arm, pulling in for a kiss. It’s quick, but no less desperate for it. Dean chases Cas’ lips when he pulls away, catching himself a moment later.

“Be safe,” Cas says.

Dean snorts. “You stole my line.”

“You don’t have a monopoly on worrying.” Cas smiles, kisses him one more time, and this time he lingers, seeming reluctant to pull away. But he does. “I will call you as soon as I have any news.”

And he leaves. Dean stands by himself for a little while, lips still tingling, but eventually he leaves the garage as well.

They’ve both got a job to do.

Title: Be Tender With Me Now
Author: igotout
Artist: anjika-flan
Rating: Explicit
Length: 47,000
Pairings: Dean/Cas, Sam/Bela, Cas/Other
Warnings: Pining, Alcoholism, mild homophobic language, self-esteem issues, emotional cheating. 

Summary: It had been so long since Cas had left for Grad School. Dean had missed him, painfully so, in the eight years between then and now, although he never acknowledged that that was the root of the aching hole in his life.

Sam tells him that Castiel is coming back and Dean doesn’t quite know what to do. Cas had made it clear that he didn’t feel the same as Dean, that he would never—. Dean couldn’t let himself think about that or he just might lose it. He likes to think he’s done okay for himself, working two part time jobs while permanently single, living at home with his increasingly alcoholic father.

But then he hears about Cas. How Cas has a doctorate, and a nice house on the good side of town. A long-term partner.

Dean can’t seem to reconcile the idea of the Cas from before, with the Cas in front of him. It’s complicated by the fact that John is a suspect in the kidnapping of a teenage girl, and Castiel’s partner is a journalist covering the story.

Dean will struggle through it, he supposes. He always does.

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i can’t wait for the inevitable bravado filled Dean to face off with Asmodeus and they’re both bragging about who has the upper hand but then Asmodeus gets all smug and is like “you don’t know what I have” and Dean’s all “and what is that” and then Asmodeus gestures to the side and they bring in Cas (idk if he’s bloodied or whatever but like two goons bring in Cas) and then they close on Dean’s face and watch it turn from “hell yeah fuckin A” to “oh shit shit fuck shit” before settling on “you listen to me you motherFUCKer you just made the biggest gotdam mistake of your life I am going to end you” hhhhhhh

ok so the 13x07 plot sucked, but imagine this:

Dean refusing to let Cas out of his sights, not after what he went through. Dean staking out the angel meet-up, because his angel ain’t going nowhere without his wingman. Dean unleashing his RAGE at Lucifer, because CAS WAS DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU, and Cas finally witnessing the true depths of Dean’s concern (read: love) for him. Dean reluctantly agreeing to teaming up with Lucifer, against Cas’ better judgement, because he knows fully well from his days as Michael’s desired vessel that Michael will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Dean getting captured along with Cas and Lucifer, while Sam is the one left alone to pick up the pieces. Dean and Cas locked up together in Hell.