How NOT to fall in love: a 15 step plan by Dean Winchester
  1. Don’t think at length about his eyes. Don’t look into them for a very long time either. In fact, if you look into his eyes too long, look away as soon as you notice. Don’t compare them to the ocean, or any well known, attractive blue things.

  2. Stay calm around him. Stay collected, if not slightly pissed off. Don’t fidget with your hands, don’t touch your mouth, don’t shuffle your feet.

  3. Tell him off when he gets too close. Make sure to breathe, even though he can be intimidating. Make sure you keep your eyes on a fixed part of his face, and keep them from looking up and down his body.

  4. When confronted about him, or when made fun of about being his “boyfriend,” either ignore, sass or stab the perpetrator. Whichever is the most appropriate.

  5. If he ever helps you, make sure to blow it off as a favor. Keep to yourself how warm it makes you feel inside.

  6. However, if he’s ever in trouble, then make sure not even God will be able to save the poor sons of bitches that are giving him crap. Leave no survivors. Once it’s all over, make sure that he’s okay. It’s alright to cry during this part. After all, he is your best friend.

  7. Make sure to have sex with a lot of women. If you are anticipating seeing him in the near future, head to a bar that night. Flirt with a girl. Fuck her, even. Stabilize your heterosexuality for the next few days.

  8. Hell, it doesn’t matter WHAT girl you hit on. It could be his sister. His aunt. In the end, what’s the difference?

  9. If he is in a compromising position, let that fuck you up with worry for the next few days. Or months. However long it takes to get it resolved.

  10. No, really. Don’t stop talking about him. Stop caring about anything other than how to help him while you’re working. Let it be your motivating factor. Because that’s what friends do for each other.

  11. If he ever starts taking off his shirt, it’s okay to stare a little bit. After all, it’s not like you’ve seen him without less than three layers before. Don’t stare too long though. Try to keep a conversation going.

  12. Don’t smile at the way his face does the cute squinty thing when he’s confused. Don’t even pay attention to it.

  13. Just… just don’t fall in love with him. Don’t do it. God, is it that fucking difficult?

  14. Don’t. Fall. In. Love. Don’t. Fall. In. Love. Just. Please. Don’t. Fucking. Fall. In. Love.

  15. God damn it.

Should’ve Just Asked written by scaramouche, art by wayoffcanon

Dean/Castiel | AU, romantic comedy | explicit | 77,000+ words

Summary: Despite their age gap and differing social circles, Castiel has struck up a warm friendship with Mary Winchester, a wealthy widowed socialite. When Castiel needs a place to stay, Mary invites him into her house, where there’s loads of spare room. Castiel’s aware that they make an odd pair, but he doesn’t fully realize how things look to outsiders, especially to Mary’s eldest son. All Dean Winchester sees is that his mom has apparently hooked up with a hot young guy (who is totally Dean’s type) and that makes things… weird.

fic on ao3 | fic on dreamwidth | art post on tumblr

written for the 2016 DCBB

Angels are watching over you

Yeah, okay, but everyone is focusing on how Mary reacts to the Destiel (or Deancas however you want it) hug… but is no one thinking about the reaction Mary had when Dean said Castiel was an angel? 

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There’s a real angel in front of her… Wings, (no harp ok) mojo and all. 

Maybe she thought back to that sentence she always told someone…

 Someone = her 4 year old son Dean Winchester. What did she say to him?

And now, an actual angel is standing there, with her son. 

They just hugged each other and seem to be close *cough cough* friends… 

That’s the moment Mary realizes she was right: 

Angels indeed are watching over Dean. 

And then she knows. 

He has been and is in the right hands.

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It’s always first thing in the morning that he loves Dean the most. Not that these things are really quantifiable, but by infinitesimally small fractions, it’s the softness of the morning that brings it home. Dean asleep, clutching a pillow to his chest while pressing back into the warmth of Cas’s arms. His skin is soft in the mornings, slackened by sleep and rejuvenated by rest. Castiel can lean over him, brush a finger gently down the side of his face, across his eyebrow. His mouth is parted softly in serenity, and Castiel runs a fingertip across the blush of Dean’s lower lip, plush and pliant. Against the arm that’s pinned beneath Dean’s solid weight Castiel can feel the gentle, rhythmic reassurance of Dean’s very human heart beating. Dean’s eyes are closed, restful, small crow’s feet and laugh-lines smoothed, his eyelashes fanning gently. Castiel presses his face into the sleep-warm crease of Dean’s neck, and breathes in the heady scent of Dean, of calm, of home.

This was a pretty amazing experience.

I was the first person in line for Cockles ops and since there had been a girl getting a Misha re-take right before me, Jensen was talking with Clif while he waited. Misha actually had to pull Jensen over to the op.

So Jensen comes up, apologizes to me for the wait, and I tell him it’s fine (I may have stuttered a little, he’s VERY pretty and this was my first time meeting him)

I give Misha the asexual pride flag and ask him to put it over his shoulders. I knew Misha already knew what the flag was (see here and here), but I was uncertain about Jensen, so I hand him the bisexual pride flag (he actually needed help getting it over both shoulders) and tell him, “Just so you know, this is the bisexual pride flag”.

He can’t hear me over the music, so he says, “What?”

So I repeat, “This is the bisexual pride flag, for people that are fans of bisexual Dean. Is this ok?” (I forget exactly what I said, but I know I mentioned what it was, why, and I checked to see if he was cool with it.)

Jensen thinks about it for a moment, then smiles and chuckles a bit. He nods and goes, “Ok, let’s do this.”

I turned to face the camera, Chris snaps the picture, and I collect the flags. Jensen actually pulled me into a hug as I was leaving. (And several people in line cheered and told me ‘thank you’.)

This was honestly pretty magical and I’m glad it turned out so well!

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  • Me:I read a lot of fantastic fanfiction by super talented writers! I read every day! It's improved my vocabulary!It makes me happy!
  • Person:Fanfic? Ew, that doesn't count
  • Me:...
  • Me:why the hell not you overly greasy donut