ABO AU where teenage Castiel falls pregnant in his last year of high school to his boyfriend Dean. His parents didn’t know he was dating anyone. Castiel had been keeping it secret because he knew that they wouldn’t approve of Dean - he’s poor, growing up with a single father who drinks and has gone from being pitied to being reviled by the community. Dean has a criminal record, even though it’s for small  things like shop lifting and Castiel knows it was to support himself and his younger brother. He knows Dean stole food, but he also knows it wouldn’t matter to his parents. They have big dreams for Castiel. He’ll go to College, not to study like he wants to, but to land a prestigious Alpha with prospects - a Lawyer or a Doctor, someone his parents can be proud to call a son-in-law. 

Castiel and Dean had a plan. They’d finish High School. Castiel would get into a college across state. Dean would get a job where-ever he went. They’d pack up their bags, Dean would leave in the middle of the night with his little brother Sam, and they’d meet up in their new home, in a new place, far away from their families. They’d be officially mated there, out of reach from anyone’s interference.

Castiel’s pregnancy stops that plan in it’s tracks. His parents are horrified. Bad enough that he should be pregnant, but with that Winchester brat’s baby? Castiel is still a few months short of his eighteenth birthday, so they bundle him off to a private facility for unmated Omega, a place set up for boys like Castiel to hide their shame. Castiel’s family want him to have the baby, put it up for adoption and keep the whole thing a secret. He might be spoiled goods, but as long as no-one knows, he can still have the life they planned for him. 

Castiel has no intention of following their plan. He lets the months tick away until his birthday and then he breaks into the school office at night and calls Dean. His Alpha is besides himself. As far as he knew, Castiel just vanished from his life. Castiel reassures him, tells him he loves him, tells him everything about their baby - how it’s growing, how much he wants Dean to see him now - and then he tells Dean how to reach him.

Dean arrives in the middle of the night, his car packed and Sam in the back, bouncing with excitement. 

Castiel packs his bags, walks out with his head held high, ignoring the demands that he stay and gets into the car. He kisses Dean - his alpha, the father of his child, the one he loves. 

They drive off - a new family, whole together, ready for a future that is uncertain, but so wanted. 

Our Story | pt. 1 | destiel au

So here’s a thing that I’m writing. Enjoy (:

(this is dedicated to the my lovies @breathedean and @polaroidcas xo) p>

“Dear Cas,” Dean starts as he twirls a black ink pen in his hand and stared at a blank notebook. “This is the story of how we met, of how we fell in love. This is the story that never ends. This is the story of us.”

Winter of 1990

Dean walks along the deserted park trail, the cold December wind numbing his face. Though it was cold, Dean paid no attention to the below zero temperature that seeped through his veins, practically putting the blood flow to a halt as it freezes to ice. In reality his blood doesn’t freeze; it stays at its constant temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dean goes nowhere in particular. He lets his feet take their own path. Dean shivers as he pulls the warmth of his worn leather jacket closer to his body. When he nears the bench he normally sat at to ponder life, he sees a boy with dark, messy hair. He wore only a black hoodie and jeans and a pair of worn out sneakers. Curious, Dean makes his way to the boy who took his beloved wooden bench.

“Hey.” Dean greets, sitting down. The boy looks up and the first thing Dean notices are his eyes. He had the most beautiful, bright, crystal clear blue eyes. “Hi.” He says quietly. “You’re only wearing a hoodie, aren’t you cold?” Dean asked. The boy shook his head. “I’m used to it.” Dean nodded, analyzing the boy who sat next to him. “When meeting someone new, pay close attention to their eyes. Eyes show what words cannot say.” Dean’s mother had said that to him while he stood by her deathbed. Since then, with every person Dean met from then on he paid close attention to their eyes.

When Dean looked into the boy’s blue eyes and saw emptiness. “So, what are you doing out here by yourself in this freezing cold weather wearing nothing but a hoodie?” The boy looked at Dean warily before answering. “Just thinking.”

“Just thinking huh?” Dean nodded. “Well,” Dean started, “we can think together.” Dean smiled at the boy. “I’m Dean, by the way.” The boy returned the smile. It was small, but it was still a smile. “I’m Castiel, but call me Cas.” The boy said. “Nice to meet you, Cas.”  Dean and Cas sit in an awkward silence, Cas stared at the grown while Dean studied Cas. Noticing him shiver, Dean shrugs off his jacket. “Here.” Dean says, catching Cas’ attention. “You’re shivering so take it.” Cas shakes his head. “No, I can’t wear your jacket. You’ll be cold.” Dean rolls his eyes. “Don’t worry about me. Now take the damn jacket.” Reluctantly, Cas reaches out and takes the jacket. Cas feels warm instantly, yet he still feels bad. “Are you sure?” Cas tries again. If Dean was cold, he sure as hell won’t show it. For some strange reason, Dean felt the need to keep Cas safe. Like he was Dean’s responsibility even though he just met the guy. “So, Cas. How old are you?” Dean wonders. “22.” Cas vaguely answers. “No kidding? That’s my little brothers age. His names Sam, but I call him Sammy. Sammy, now he’s one smart kid. He’s off studying law at Stanford.” At this Dean paused and glanced at Cas. “Sorry for my rambling. I probably just bored you huh?” Cas shook his head. “No, you didn’t. Your brother sounds like a nice guy.” Dean smiles fondly. “Yeah, he is. So, Cas. You got any siblings?” Cas hesitates before answering. “Yeah. I have three older brothers. Michael, Gabriel, and Luci. I haven’t heard from Michael or Luci in a while, but I talk to Gabriel pretty much everyday. Gabriel’s the type of brother who jokes around all the time, but he can also become serious instantly if need be.” Cas stops, realizing that he’s talking to a stranger who probably doesn’t even care. “Well, Cas, you seem to have a great brother.” Cas smiles softly and nods. “Yeah, I do don’t I? Hey, um I have to get to work. It was nice talking to you, Dean.” Ignoring the sinking feeling he gets in his gut, Dean smiles. “It was nice talking to you too, Castiel.” Against his will, Cas blushes when Dean uses his full name. Dean stays behind as he watches Cas walk away, not caring that he still wore his jacket.

Title: This year’s for me and you
Author: A Diamond (@alxdiamond)
Inspired by: Fairytale of New York
Wordcount: 5,965
Rating: Mature
Pairing: pre-Dean/Castiel
Warnings: Prostitution, past underage prostitution, drug use, reference to attempted non-con, minor character deaths
Additional tags: Human AU, childhood friends, police officer Mary, police officer Dean, prostitute/addict Castiel, angst, Christmas, reunion, hopeful ending, family

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Fifteen years ago, Dean’s best friend disappeared under bloody and unsolved cirumstances. He never really gave up hope, but he knows the chances of Cas’s safe return, especially after so long, are slim to none. And the last place he expects to find him is in the drunk tank on Christmas Eve.

Let It Be - Persephoneshadow - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 22/22
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Mary Winchester, Sam Winchester, Samuel Campbell, Rufus Turner, Bobby Singer, William Anthony Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle, Gabriel (Supernatural), Jo Harvelle, Azazel (Supernatural), Meg Masters (Demon), Balthazar (Supernatural), Jimmy Novak, Anna Milton, Naomi (Supernatural), Jody Mills, Ezekiel | Gadreel, Zachariah (Supernatural), Ash (Supernatural), Ruby (Supernatural), Ava Wilson, Lilith (Supernatural), Alastair (Supernatural), Crowley (Supernatural), Impala (Supernatural)
Additional Tags: Minor Character Death, Canon-Typical Violence, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Canonical Character Death, Alternate Universe - Canon, Alternate Canon, Profound Bond, Alive Mary Winchester, Mary Lives, Hunter Mary, Parent Mary Winchester, Awesome Mary Winchester, Kid Dean, Kid Sam, Teen Dean, Teen Sam, Growing Up, Guardian Angel Castiel, Epic, Slow Burn, Temporary Character Death, Corgis, References to Dean/Other(s), Sam Has a Dog, Original Character(s), French Fries, Dean/Cas Big Bang Challenge 2016, DCBB, dcbb2016, Angst

Dean Winchester’s life changed forever the night a demon appeared in his brother’s nursery and killed his father.

As a hunter Mary is determined to protect her sons from the evil she has run from her whole life - the same evil that took John. But Dean also trusts his protection to the angel in a trench coat he talks to in his dreams. Through years of tribulation and uncertainty, the Winchesters (plus a corgi that might be magic and an angel that may not be real) must fight monsters, demons, and even fate itself to survive as a family.

Or: The one where Mary lives, Cas is there, and nothing and everything changes.


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CSI: North Pole was inspired by Elf’s Lament by Barenaked Ladies
Written by: thevioletcaptain aka imogenbynight
Wordcount: ~6k
Rating: PG
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings: canon-level violence, a touch of angst, so much crack, post 12.07

Team Free Will have just agreed to take a few days to recover from their last hunt when Sully arrives with some news about Santa; he’s real, and he’s been kidnapped.

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