DE space


Character design assigment !

for non french speakers: basically Mahé suffers from a very rare disease since she was born, until a strange alien breaks into the hospital’s window and gets into her body. curing her instantanely and giving her special abilities, which is super cool. But now all the scary TV people want her, which is super uncool. Fortunately the alien is still here, in her wig, preventing her from eventual danger.

music : [x]

Here are all my favourite taylorswift Blank Space’s video’s favorite outfits ! I hope you’ll like them and warm you up, I drew each of them with love :)

I was really happy to draw these, after being so obsessed with that video (like I’ve rarely been before with any other one). I tried to check the stylist’s name but couldn’it find it - do you know who did the Blank Space styling ? If you do please tell me :)

Now I’ve got to find another obsession.