Ah, alright, so here’s my AU that I’m still fleshing out!
For now, it’s called DDIWT School of Magic! it’s a bit generic but for now it’ll do,,

It’s an AU where everyone develops a specific type of magic at around the ages of 4 to 6. This means that the DDIWT gang are just starting to develop their elements right before Mc moves away. Though, Mc’s a bit of a late bloomer, and the guys never actually get to see what element she has as she moves before they can. And, well, it doesn’t help that Mc doesn’t show off her element at all.

Character Info:

Rihito: Goes to a different school based on special attack magic. He has a music based element as his attribute. He’s rather respected among his peers as he manages to make all his battles and attacks graceful and appealing to the ear. His mom runs a training class on how to work with music elements.

Haruki: An extremely talented individual in both physical and special attack. He has a grass element. Haru is extremely popular among his classmates as he excels during school battles and does extremely well in class. Using his element, he likes to form a leaf shield and a leaf blade. He helps his parents run a healing shop with remedies made from flowers.

Mc: A new student who has recently come back into West Tokyo. She’s rather average in class and she doesn’t show off her attribute or participate in school battles at all. As she’s seen as “weak”, and she hangs around some of the most popular guys at school, she has a bad reputation. It’s unknown whether or not she just has a weak element or dislikes fighting.

Ichigo: Ichigo is a student who has a fire element. His popularity relies on how he battles and how he manages to make his fights cool. While he slacks off in class, he enjoys the school battles in PE. Ichigo uses regular weapons but spices them up with his fire element. He enjoys teasing Mc about how she doesn’t use her attribute, or if she even has one.

Takeshi: Takeshi has a wind element. His fighting style relies on stealth and speed, almost like a ninja. While he doesn’t use weapons specifically, he relies on air cuts and harsh winds to deal damage. His best stat is speed and he has joined a club to increase it. His grandmother owns a bathing house that restores health and increases stats.

Ryuzo: Ryuzo’s element is ground. He uses mainly physical based magic and like most of the others, LOVES the school battles. He usually does attacks such as earthquakes or throwing chunks of the ground. Ryuzo also uses his element in a less violent way, as he uses it for his market. His family owns a market for produce which can be used to increase the physical stat.

Voltage Inc. Logic
  • Be My Princess:What if a Prince had feelings for you.
  • Be My Princess 2:What if a Prince had feelings for you and wanted marry you.
  • Kissed By The Baddest Bidder:what if masochistic and powerful men had feelings for you.
  • Kiss Me On Clover Hill:What if you new home has full of men that had feelings for you.
  • Dreamy Days In West Tokyo:What if your old crush had feelings for you, even after 10 years.
  • Kiss Of Revenge:What if you was a doctor and you want revenge, but the man that you'll gonna kill had feelings for you.
  • My Sweet Bodyguard:What if your body guard had feelings for you.
  • My Forged Wedding:What if your fake husband had feelings for you.
  • Love Letter From Thief X:What if thieves had feelings for you.
  • 10 Days With My Devil:What if devils had feelings for you.
  • Enchanted In The Moonlight:What if a ayakashi had feelings for you.
  • Our Two Bedroom Story:What if you started to live with your coworker and he had feelings for you.
  • First Love Diaries:What if a boy you know asked to be your boyfriend and he had feelings for you.
  • Seduced In The Sleepless City:What if you was an editor and in a party a powerful and handsome man had feelings for you.
  • Sakura Amidst Chaos:What if samurais, in a middle of a war, had feelings for you.
  • Class Trip Crush:What if you goes on a class trip with an all-boys school and your crush had feelings for you.
  • Pirates In Love:What if a pirate had feelings for you.
  • Serendipity Next Door:What if your neighborhood of your boring apartment had feelings for you.
  • Finally, In Love Again:What if, after 10 years you don't love somebody, a lot of guys confesses their feelings for you.
  • In Your Arms Tonight:What if your husband had "kicked out your ass" bc of a love afair, and then, a lot of guys had feelings for you.
  • Scandal In The Spotlight:What if you becomes the new ghostwriter of a band, and they had feelings for you.
  • A Knight's Devotion:What if, in the middle earth, you get attacked and a lot of guys becomes your news knights, and they had feelings for you.
  • Star Crossed Myth:What if you were a reincarnated goddess, and suddenly a lot of gods appear on your room, bc they commited sins, and they had feelings for you (mainly the poor Huedhaut).
  • True Love Sweet Lies:What if the hottest mans had lie for you, but them they had feelings for you.
  • Office Secrets:What if, in your job, you get transfered for a new department, and your news cowokers had feelings for you.
  • My Wedding And 7 Rings:What if the Alpha's males of your company propose a wedding for you, just for becomes CEO, but them they got feelings for you.
  • Metro PD - Close To You:What if you were and detective and you had a case to investigate with your partner, and your partner had feelings for you.
  • Her Love In The Force:What if you becomed a detective and your new instructors had feelings for you.
  • Labyrinths Of Astoria:What if you worked in an agency that take care of Olympus, Hell and Earth cases. And suddenly, Greek monsters and God had feelings for you.
8 Ways You Know You're a Voltage Inc. Fan

1. You buy iTunes/Google play cards every two weeks
2. You flip out when a route comes out that you’ve been waiting forever for
3. You’ve spent more than $50 on routes
4. You wanna learn Japanese
5. You want to work at Voltage Inc.
6. You wanna go to Japan
7. You fangirl when the romantic parts come on
8. You fangirl when your man is half naked

i hope ddiwt mc’s resting face is a glare tbh,,
or like
from the vibe she gives off she’s a super cool girl who’s slightly intimidating (and way out of ur league)
but like,,
she’s actually super sweet, dorky, and slightly clumsy gal (,,, who’s still out of ur league)

either that or like
i like to imagine that she has the meane st glare wheneve r she’s not in the mood for the guys’ teasing
or a “…anyway…are you done yet?” type of look
((and she can switch it to a sweet smile rlly quickly))