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For the alphabet meme, H,Y,U ;DDDDD

Ooh, I like those letters! :D

H - Favourite source material for fandoms (movies, books, tv shows, etc.): Subject to a few exceptions, I’m a movie fandom person. (This is unfortunate for me, as movie fandoms generally die off more quickly than fandoms in which new canon content is generated on a consistent basis. I’m kind of hoping that the next fandom I fall into will be TV-based - it seems to me that TV show fandoms renew themselves with every season.)

Y - Tangential fandoms (i.e. the ones I have some knowledge of despite not being a member of them myself): Right now, I would say Voltron and Overwatch. I’ve learned a fair bit about their major characters and basic story arcs thanks to people on my dash.

5 favourite characters from 5 different fandoms:

-Prince Hans Westergaard of the Southern Isles (Frozen) (so sue me)
-General Armitage Hux of the First Order (Star Wars) (so sue me again)
-Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
-Daenerys Targaryen (ASOIAF/Game of Thrones)
-Eliza Schuyler Hamilton (Hamilton)

Just cuz it’s been on my dash all day;

I believe that anyone who identifies as ace or aro or under the grey umbrella deserves to be respected. They deserve a place within the queer community. 

Singling out certain texts posts as reasons why all cishet aces are bullshit is just. No. There’s always gonna be people on the huge fucking internet who will say shit in a way that makes their position look like absolute horseshit. Who say shit because that’s how they honestly feel, without understanding the full scope of an issue and how outside the bubble of their perception, that just doesn’t make a lot of sense. 

what it comes down to is that where the fuck else do ace people have to turn and who does it actually hurt to turn them away? Also, there’s no fucking group home where all of the queer community hangs out, where we’ll run out of room if we let too many people in, the queer community is essentially who you personally interact with. If you don’t like a person, chances are it doesn’t fucking matter if they id as queer or not. You don’t interact with them. 

god, look, I don’t fucking know, past that I care about the people in my life who id as ace and hetero and cis and I will not turn them away. 

That and the fact I have never been hurt over being queer. No one has ever called me names or physically abused me. I’ve been ignored for being queer, I’ve been quietly shunned and alienated, but never really physically hurt. I have no personal stake in keeping people from id-ing as queer if their romantic or sexual interests are erased from or otherwise marginalized by the current state of society because I personally have only ever been erased and ignored, as a nonbinary queer dfab. 

and you don’t have to feel the same. This is me, because its been on my dash all fucking day, and I’m sick of sitting here quietly not wanting to start shit 

storyboard idea

Lapis is struggling to to stay ‘on top’ until suddenly the chains go limp and she staggers. She peers past the water to see Jasper collapsed. Jasper sobs and slowly starts to curl into herself. Lapis stares for a long moment almost in horror, and then her face goes stony and she shouts “It hurts, doesn’t it?” Jasper doesn’t respond. “Being a prisoner?” Lapis yanks on the chains to disturb Jasper, to make her face Lapis, “say it hurts!” 

Jasper stares up at her, tears on her cheeks, face slack. “it…hurts.” its like the words are foreign her mouth.

“It’s awful,” Lapis says, “and its all your fault! You’re the one who wanted to fuse. You’re the one who tried to hurt the only–” her eyes are starting to fill with tears too, “–the only person who ever treated me like an equal. My only friend. You did this to us!” 

Jasper still looks dazed but after a moment she says, “Rose?”

Steven,” Lapis corrects harshly. “His name is Steven. He helped me, after homeworld used me, after the Crystal Gems used me, after you! Used me, Jasper! But I tricked you. Your tool tricked you. I’m the one keeping us together, I’m stronger than you. I’m not your equal because I! Am stronger than you!” 


It takes some of the wind out of Lapis, to have Jasper agree. 

“Yes, I…misjudged you. And fell right into your trap.” Jasper looks up into Lapis’ eyes and gives a thin smile. “I respect that kind of cunning. And I was wrong, to think you weren’t an equal, Lapis.”

Lapis clearly doesn’t know how to respond, past a mixture of awe and horror.