@ahshesgone‘s latest drawing made me gush and fangirl so hard and sooo much that I got Ash into having an art trade with me!!! :DDD *throws confetti around* I’m so happy and soooo insecure that I messed this up sob

Ash requested a pencil drawing from me with Soul and Maka being domestic… and I pimped it a bit with digital colors to not have it too dirty and dull… I hope you like it Ash! ;u; ♥


Kingdom Hearts verse.  (miscellaneous head canons) 

hanekoma has been an ANGEL since before the KEYBLADE WAR. he wasn’t yet in charge of any cities but he recalls watching the war go down from the HIGHER PLANE. he was going though training for his PRODUCERHOOD but was also required to keep an eye on things. 

he is UNABLE TO DREAM. he knows of what DREAM EATERS are, but his ‘kind’ lost the ability to reach the REM state when they died and ascended to ANGELS. instead he is able to open the REALM OF LIGHT in situations its absolutely necessary.

rather…. he WAS able to. upon SHIBUYA falling to the darkness, he had force JOSHUA into a dream for sake of keeping the city salvageable even if it was lost in the darkness. he made sure to make sure the place JOSHUA is sleeping was properly protected- thus breaking code to keep him safe (thus showing favoritism instead of letting fate take hand over the city). because he broke code- he became FALLEN; and with that status any ability to walk the LIGHT was taken from him.

he needed to FALL to be able to go into the REALM OF DARKNESS to get his city back; and he knew that it was the only way to save JOSHUA and SHIBUYA. he knows it’s unlikely hell make it back in one piece- let alone being stained but he’d do anything to protect his city.

but it wasn’t an immediate jump . he had to travel worlds to figure out way leads to find the best way into the REALM OF DARKNESS.

he will periodically check his phone to see if he has any messages from JOSHUA though he knows he won’t have any. he feels like he FAILED as PRODUCER but will give the rest of his existence to bring back what is lost + give those people who came to an end another chance. he just hopes JOSHUA is doing everything he can while unsupervised in the REALM OF SLEEP.

he made a PROMISE to be back for him. what kind of FALLEN ANGEL would he be if he broke his PROMISE?

precisespace  asked:

Hello!! I was at Colorado anime fest yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you how I loved your art!! I unfortunatley did not possess enough money to buy something from your booth, but i wish I did!! I loved all your pieces and I really loved your crayon comissions! (I just cannot use crayons well) I hope you had fun there and sold a lot of art! (Btw I was wirt the edge lord)

I remember you! :D
Your cosplay was super awesome! OuO
thanks for hitting me up on tumblr! :DDD
It’s totally fine, I understand how cons go, I’m just happy that you like my art and everything ;w;
Crayon commissions are very fun to do, so, I’m glad you thought they were cool! ^w^
And heck yeah, con was awesomely fun and made tons of money! XD
Will def try to be back next year!!!
I hope you also had a good con and are having an awesome day!

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Hey uh, just wanted to say that i love your AU and artstyle! ;w; I hope u dont mind me using your art as my laptop background ^^;

Aaaaaa thank you so much and OMG?? Of course not it doesn’t bother me!! I actually feel very honnored ;w;
which pic is it tho?x’D because except for the characters’ “introductions”, I never posted any serious art here I think x'DDD

Stay at Home Date With Minhyuk (One Shot)

Request: Hi~ Can I request a stay at home date oneshot with Minhyuk from Monsta X? Thank you^^

Thank you for requesting! I am sorry if this didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be, but I had a lot of fun writing this! I couldn’t write a lot of things for this because then this work would’ve ended up being revolved around memes or it would be much more comical than it ended up being omg but seriously I enjoyed writing this ;DDD

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

Words: 1159

Genre: Fluff (? probs not it was wild)

You strutted into the living room after shouting from the kitchen that you wanted to have a stay at home date, a water bottle in hand. Seeing you pout with your hip cocked to the side, he carefully put the guitar on the couch and saluted you with a small giggle before going to the bedroom to get his phone so he could call a pizza place.

It was a sunny day, but it was raining outside, so you opened the blinds just slightly to let in a little sunlight into the living room. The beams of light made the hardwood floor shine - way too much. It hurt your eyes so you squinted while you went to close the blinds again, instead just turning on a lamp.

It was around 12:00 in the afternoon and Minhyuk was on the phone, sitting on the arm of the couch, ordering two boxes of pizzas with 2 two litre bottles and a cookie ‘pizza’.

While he was speaking on the phone, you took his guitar from the couch and sit down beside him, reaching towards the coffee table to grab the pick that sat by the remote. You scooted closer to Minhyuk, resting the neck of the guitar on his lap while you leaned against his side where he pat your head, finishing the phone call with a soft smile.

“They’ll be here in half an hour at most, jagiya.” he ruffles your hair which causes you to wrinkle your nose in mock annoyance. His soft laugh goes through your ears though and you can’t help but give him a small smile. You let him pinch your cheek before he moves around so that he’s sitting on the couch with you, scooting closer and closer to you until you’re basically squished against him and the armrest.

Giggling at his silliness, you start to play a few chords.

G, D, Em, C

You hummed along to the song you were playing, swaying your head side to side with your eyelids fluttering shut. Minhyuk rest his head on your shoulder, happily listening to you play I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. It was a well known song, so he was happy that he knew what song you were playing on the acoustic guitar. He asked you to play a few more songs when you finished, but you refused.

He pouted his lips at you when you said no and whined, squishing you as he complained. Being mindful with the guitar, you put it on the coffee table with the pick, but even then Minhyuk didn’t let go of you. He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck and huffed childishly, curling his arms around your waist to shake you a little. You laughed at this though because he was being silly.

You reached a hand up to drag your fingers through his hair and pet the space between his shoulder blades, cooing playfully, “Okay, pup,” you say teasingly, “I’ll play a few more songs until the pizza arrives.”

After two more songs, you began to regret saying you would continue to play music until the delivery came. Minhyuk would shout the words to whatever song you played, standing on the couch as he swayed side to side with his hands held above his head. Your fingers were beginning to hurt, but for the sake of your cute boyfriend, you kept on strumming the guitar. While you were in the middle of playing another song, the doorbell rang and Minhyuk stood up to open the door.

He turned towards you after greeting the delivery guy and held his hand out, which you responded with tossing his wallet in his direction. After he caught it with an overly dramatic AH he blew you a kiss with a crinkly eyed smile on his face.

Minhyuk thanked the delivery man and bowed, taking the plastic bag with the drinks with the boxes of pizza and the cookie pizza balancing expertly on his other arm. You put the guitar down beside the couch and threw your arms in the air with a loud cheer coming out from your mouth. Minhyuk goes along with it with a giggle before whooping out loud himself.

You two grabbed your own box of pizza and just started devouring it like ?? You two can actually win a food contest with how fast and how much you can eat. While pouring some cola into your plastic cup (how’d that get there what), Minhyuk started to comment on the pizza saying, “It’s so good, bless.” and “Omg, this pizza has me shook to the core.” (you couldn’t agree more).

You gave Minhyuk your last piece of pizza and ate a warm piece of cookie before going to the kitchen to wash your hands. When you came back to the living room, Minhyuk was working on finishing his last two slices of pizza. You pick up his guitar and start to strum the acoustic chords to White Sugar (백설탕). Minhyuk lets out a JAGIYA, I LOVE THIS SONG and you laugh while he tries to swallow his food before you get to the beginning of the song where he sings his lines.

Honestly, you can’t say White Sugar/Sweetheart isn’t a bop because ?? You’re seeing Minhyuk head bang to the sound of your fingers strumming the guitar and - please. Where did his chill go.

You sing along, but let Minhyuk get carried away with Changkyun and Jooheon’s rap because really, their parts make you hype.

You both shout ‘baekseoltang’ and finish the song, still feeling jittery with good vibes.

This is where you and Minhyuk scurry to your karaoke box, turning the television on with your loud giggles filling the room as you both squeal at each other, Minhyuk excitedly squishing you to his chest as you put in a number with the microphone.

Wi arae, wi wi arae. Wi arae, wi wi arae.” Minhyuk chants into the microphone as you do the choreography for Up & Down. Spurring you on with his laugh and a weak “Keep it going!”, you continued to dance. The neighbours must hate you two by now if they didn’t already because Minhyuk was chanting the lyrics to the song all the while trying to dance with you around the room. Once you got to the middle of the chorus, you had to end it because Minhyuk almost kicked the lamp and you swear you saw a few windows shake from his shouting.

He realized the music stopped and looked at you with a lost expression in his eyes while shouting JAGIYA??! which caused you to break into a fit of giggles and bring him to your chest, running your fingers through his hair as he laughed into the crook of your neck, holding you even closer with his arms low around your waist. “We should have much more dates like this, you know? I love having fun with you.”

At 12:03AM last night I had to go sleep and I wasn’t finished yet so what I wrote at the bottom was a reminder 4 me the next day if I forgo t what I was planning on writing

(((( l8er the pizza arrives when he almost falls asleep 2 u playing white sugar and then after pizza u guys sing KARAOOKOKEE AND YOU GUYS SING UP & DOWN BY EXID AND ITS FUCKING LIT DUDE ITS LIT AND U GOTTA STOP THE KARAOKE PARTY B4 IT GETS TOO WILD BECAUSE WTF MINHYUK ALMOST KNOCKED A LAMP OVER AND NEARL Y BROKE THE WINDOWS WITH HIS LOUD SCREECHING [ it is 12:03 am pls help ] ) pps its the next day and im currently listening to white sugar you cant tell me this song isnt lit im so omg


some replies that i haven’t answered in a while :’(

Anonymous said: Thank you for your hard work and take care of yourself ! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

thank you so much anon angel!!! i hope you take care of urself too!


jen i will kick ur ass get off my anime blog

oik-awas said: I love your blog so much!!! You do an amazing job!!

awerklajewrlkj thank you so much!! :’)

Anonymous said: Just popping in to say that I am SUPER happy that you /still/ find the motivation to write for KnB and that your writing is /still/ great and fun. I followed you like last year and I’m glad I never unfollowed throughout the hiatus cause that woulda been dumb and I woulda missed you and your content, so thank you for all that

i’ll be honest and tell u that ive lost most of it. im just so attached to this blog i cant let it go lmao but im so glad that youre still reading, im rlly happy <3

Anonymous said: Sam you’re barely back and already doing god’s works, god bless you


Anonymous said: “We have to keep the flame alive, baby.” You keep the flame alive in our heart with your writing <33


Anonymous said: I don’t know why but I had a thought while I was reading your winter headcanons, but Aomine seems like the type to big spoon his female partner in bed and then just sneak a hand under their shirt then grab their boob and proceed to leave it there and fall asleep, he’s not even trying to initiate anything sexual (but would appreciate if it leads to that) he just “ah yes here’s the boob now I can sleep peacefully”


You’re in my arms and all the world is calm. The music playing on for only two.

A very rushed drawing for soriku day because to day was busy, but I desperately wanted to put something out today. I won’t let something as frivolous as an occupation get in the way of soriku day. nope.