You’re in my arms and all the world is calm. The music playing on for only two.

A very rushed drawing for soriku day because to day was busy, but I desperately wanted to put something out today. I won’t let something as frivolous as an occupation get in the way of soriku day. nope.

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OMGGG I LOVE YOUR YOI POKEMON AU <33333 Do you have any more Phichit Pokemon AU headcanons (and ofc he has a hamster-looking Pokemon that's brilliant XD)? Who else is on his team? :DDD THANK YOUUUU :)

!!!! Thanks Anon!!

I’m answering this after I just watched episode 10 and lord we do not deserve Phichit Chulanont … o<-<

I actually drew his team portrait right before episode 6, so I didn’t know he had a blue costume (or much of his personality for that matter lol). I’m so glad I can update his team now!

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Remember that one time I said I was gonna do a make up test with Spark, adding freckless? Welp. Didn’t forget about it

I look like Spark’s lil’ brother lolol. I’m going to try improve this cosplay <3

P.S: I’m still walking around the place with freckles on my face daaah ~ I just love them x'DDD

Cosplay Character: Spark ( Team Leader Instinct )
Game: Pokémon GO ( Pokemon )

Twitter: NaotoCiel
FB: Naociel Cosplay
Art Commission Tumblr: @naocieru
Deviantart: Naociel
Instagram: Naociel

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If you could redesign anything from the KH Universe, what would you change? I personally would redesign unmasked Vanitas to look more horrifying than the World of Chaos & the Guardian combined & remove the time travel element from DDD.

I would put more original girl characters that aren’t related to Kairi XD. Somewhat joking here because while I would like that at the same time it would probably mean swapping out some existing characters and I can’t think of any swapable characters I would want to get rid of. 

Yeah time travel being less convoluted would be nice. I’m not sure about totally removing it though. Depends on how cool the boss battles are in III (because time travel partially exist so that any prior non-disney boss can be one of the 13 darknesses). 

…actually the one thing I would do is move around 358/2 days to have less ice cream scenes and more “what’s it like to live with the org.” scenes. At the very least I would put in a few more recon missions with the CoM crew Ie missions where your partners have dialogue. Would also tweak the 358/2 days movie to have a few more cutscenes from missions (the tutorial missions, Roxas that’s a stick, that time where Xigbar randomly shows up at the coliseum, Luxord in wonderland cause admittedly his dialogue is pretty entertaining etc.).

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Thanks so much for the icons!! Credit shall be given!! But I was wondering, does the evil little gremlin actually like fruitcake or is he just being a brat?

thank you bunches!! :DDD and he heard fruitcake was evil and now he inhales it like its gonna raise his bad boy lvl

Sebastian & Chris Filmography Viewing Party, Week 23: Download Post

This week is Gone! Download here.

Chat times have CHANGED. See below:

Start showing up on Saturday at: 2am MST, 4am EST, 9am GMT, 10am CET, 12pm MSK 8pm AEST

We push play at: 2:15am MST, 3:15am EST, 9:15am CET, 12:15pm MSK, 8:15pm AEST.

I’ll put up the chat post around 45 minutes beforehand and tag whoever likes this post.

Tagging: @rancorousrocker, @thewinterbucky, @larryflippedthebird, @kara-barnes, @enochianess, @whatthefoucault, @frostbitebakery, @ellie-nors, @lesoldatdhiver, @zippydip24, @stevebuckyswitch and anyone else that would like to join us. The more, the merrier. :DDD

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tfw I wanna rp so much with you but I only had side blog rp. I cry. ;A;

Whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA!

Don’t cry fdjghsdfkjghfsljghdfsgkfd

It’s fine if you have a side blog??? You can still send in asks to me for memes via Anon button then mentioning your url after???

We can still plan threads and roleplay even if you’re a side blog DDD: It’s fine! shhhhhhhh–

So I’m definitely 7 days behind already, but I’ve been really wanting to do that Christmas Card thing this year! I get paid friday so I wanna go and buy a bunch of stamps. Basically, what I tried to do a few years ago ( which didn’t work out bc of life issues interrupting ), is send my friends ( YOU ), a Christmas card. Actually 2, one from me and one from Clark to whoever your character is —– but that’s besides the point. 

the act of physically creating/writing and giving Christmas cards seems to diminish a little more every year, and I don’t know about you, but I fucking love getting something in my mailbox. Especially around Christmas time :DDD

so if you’re comfortable with that, and would like to receive or even exchange Christmas cards, like this button. If I receive enough interested people, I’ll contact you and we’ll dO THIS.

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Heck yeah! I chose piplup, and i think i remember my original team?

Empoleon, staraptor, luxray, dialga, scizor, and ariados? What can i say, i love steel types


OKAY so im not usually even slightly interested in collecting anime figures …….bUT i absolutely had to get Star Platinum and Joutarou :DDD ♥♥♥♥ i gotta take better pictures one day with better lighting and stuff >v<

and yeah i got part 3 Joutarou and part 4 Star so its not a completely “perfect match” but idc theyre perfect anyway (☆∇☆)b