*HUGGG* Thank you so much Teo!!! You rock my socks so hard man, I’m losing my mind X’DDD Your skills are sky high, omfg X’DDD

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• Imádod a prezentációkat, infografikákat és tudsz is készíteni
• Szeretsz stratégiát kitalálni, hogy miként épüljön fel egy cikk (long tail elmélet)
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• Gond nélkül olvasol és írsz angolul és magyarul (egyéb nyelvek csak extra)
• Együttműködsz másokkal, mint vendégírók és az általuk írt tartalmakat szerkeszted
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dreamistar replied to your post “nontoxicvoltron put a whole bunch of people on a ‘possibly triggering…”

YIKES!! i for one find ur blog very comfy and safe and i’m proud to say i follow you. you’ve done nothing wrong, proceed as you do because this is YOUR OWN BLOG and no one can tell you how to run it / if you’re doing something wrong (ps; you’re doing everything right hehe ^^)

thank you for saying this! it’s literally so sweet and gosh this put a smile on my face, thank you so much. You’re absolutely right, no one has a say about what anyone puts on their blogs and it’s hard to believe people don’t get that 

Happy birthday to the sexiest squirrel in animal crossing! <333 As a b-day present, I took my time and did a (kinda) quick drawing of my ancl player with Marshal in human form ^ ^ Sorry if the drawing looks bleh :‘P I was rushing and got lot of university work to do but I hope you guys like it! :’D I’m so happy to have Marshal as my villager and hope we stay the best of friends forever <3
It’s funny because my birthday is tomorrow!|DDD

tagged by @soranker THANKS FOR TAGGING ME<3

Name: Alyssa
Nickname: Rae I guess now lmao but I never really had one until I named my fatesona Rae
Gender: female
Star sign: LEO BABYY
Birthday: July 28
Relationship status: single and don’t care to mingle at the moment \o/
Pets: i wish but my mom’s allergic to animals haha
Height: 5′3″
Favorite Color: blue (although red/maroon/gold is my fave color scheme)
Average Hours of Sleep: On days I have morning classes, like 4-6hrs, on days I have afternoon classes, 7-8hrs
Lucky number: 14
Last thing I googled: bulgogi lmao
Met a celebrity: I was like 10 or something and I was at the beach and there was this radio disney tent set up with a raffle going on where you can win tickets to a concert, so I filled it out a form but my pessimistic ass was like ‘I wont win anyway’ so I threw it out. But then at the last sec my mom filled one out for me and I won, so I got tickets to see Corbin Bleu, Drake Bell, and Aly & AJ in concert with a meet and greet with ALY&AJ beforehand. I remember making bracelets with my friend to give to ALY&AJ too hehe (ALY&AJ SONGS WERE MY JAMS OKKK OMG)
Favorite Fictional Character: I THOUGHT OF LEO FIRST LOL but idk i have like a million it’s so hard to just pick one??
Favorite books: hmm dang I don’t make a lot of time to read, but I enjoyed the Hobbit
Favorite Bands: if we’re talkin kpop I mainly like exo and bigbang, but also bts and seventeen. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Luck Life (j-rock), but other than that I don’t really follow a lot of bands or solo singers, I just like a lot of different songs from different artists
Last Movie I watched: Hmmmmmmmmmm either the anime movie Hal or Grave of the Fireflies, I don’t remember which came first lmao, I was just looking for something to make me cry :’)
Last Tv show I watched: does 91 days count lol
Last song I listened to: You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story lolololol
Dream Trip: honestly idk I just wanna go back to the philippines to see my  cousins again (all my relatives here in america are all like 2nd cousins whateverth removed or something like that. my parents’ siblings and my first cousins are all in the philippines)
Dream Job: Concept artist for video games or something like that, I’d just really love to work with video games
What am I wearing right now: dammit I was wearing a cute outfit like 10 min ago but I got back from class and changed into my pajamas which consists of a ridiculously oversized gray Rutgers tshirt (i don’t even go there haha), blue striped pj pants, and brown flip flops
Time right now: 10:47pm
When did you create a blog: my oldest post dates back to June 2012, but I’ve had it for a few years longer bc I remember posting one thing, abandoning it for several years, then coming back and deleting that one post to start over and post art haha
Current amount of followers: idk y but i feel so exposed by this question lmao
What do you post about: videogames, anime, memes (SAME PATTI LOL)
Do you have any other blogs: no haha
When did your blog reach its “peak” (when did you get more followers, have popular posts, etc): towards the end of this summer when I made my fatesona and that ‘i leove you’ leo comic LMFAO
Do you get asks on a daily basis: no lol
Why did you choose your url: ok so back in the good ol deviant art days, when I made my account I had??? literally no idea what my username should be, so I asked my best friends for help and one of them ended up coming up with ‘TheRaedar’ bc of my middle name, then I started using that for everything. When I came over to tumblr, theraedar was already taken (but no one was using it??), and I was gonna do ‘undertheraedar’ bc it’s like the phrase, but someone was already ‘undertheradar’ (without the e) and I didn’t want to be too close to it, and ‘below’ is a synonym for ‘under’ so…the end~
Lemonade or Iced tea: oohh both but I drink Iced Tea more
Cats or dogs: AHH don’t get me wrong, I love dogs but I’m more of a cat person!
Coke or Pepsi: coke
Day or Night: night
Text or Call: text
Makeup or natural: i wear makeup but i hate taking it off every night djshakghjals
Smile or eyes: so are the rest of these as in what we prefer in a partner? or something like that?? a nice smile always shoots me through the heart haha
Light or Dark hair: uuuuhhhhhh i mean with fictional characters i’m always fallin for them white haired bois LOL
Shorter or taller: taller
Intelligence or Attraction: i’m not really sure what this means like i think intelligence is attractive??? so is it both???? idk ;v;

HRMM IDK WHO TO TAG?? I just did another tagging meme thing where I tagged a bunch of ppl and I feel like I’d be buggin everybody by doing more ;v; so any of you guys can do this if you want!!!! esp my mutuals i’m looking at u 👀👀


A message from [Big Bang] has arrived.

G-Dragon: Annyeong Jagi~ I miss you… ㅠㅡㅠ Oh- I have to go. Okay okay okay, I love you!!

Taeyang: Babe, where are you? Are you eating properly? Do you miss my dosiraks? ;DDD Well I miss you more.

Seungri: You miss me, don’t you. No? ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME? AGAIN? (…Seungri when did I cheat on you before…) IF I SEE A MAN IN OUR APARTMENT I AM GOING TO- (…Seungri shut up.)

Daesung: Jagi jagi jagi~ Jagi~ I’m almost home, I promise! Asdfghjklioasf wait okay? Plz don’t fall asleep… ㅜㅡㅜ

Seunghyun: *Sends you an image of his nose* This is a selfie for you. *Sends you an image of a chair* This is a new chair. *Sends you an image of you two* And this is us… <3

The message from [Big Bang] has been concuddled. I mean.

Aô lindinsss, grupo no WhatsApp, chega junto aqui, bora socializar caralhous. Mandem o nome e o número (com DDD). OS NÚMEROS NÃO SERAM DIVULGADOS

anonymous asked:

belly dancing mikasa for eremika week? Has the time come man? :DDD

yup! the time has come I’ve searched my inspiration and I think I got it now lol 
wait for it during those days ;D 

it does’t really go into one of the prompts but wait for it then 


I idolized a bunch of stuff today bcus of the 4.0 update in ensif and I’m super excited about it!!!

White day kotori and taisho roman umi were actually idolized normally :0 (without seals, although i idolized white day kotori with seals and then pulled another one right after lmao)

Also i scouted in jpsif and got 2 magician hanayos so she got idolized today too :DDD what a good card…. the ballgown cards in the magician set are my faves

anonymous asked:

I... I... I'm just... Really terrified from Weebootale... It's just reminds of HELP_tale... That's why I kinda like it... THE TERROR, THE DISGUST, THE... BOOTLEG OF UNDERTALE!

XDDD Did you just compared Weeabootale to HELP_tale??x'DDD I mean Help_tale is a creepy AU despite some funny parts whereas Weeabootale is just a pure joke…x’D maybe it’s so stupid and cringy that it became terrifying?x'DDD

That reminds me… one of the admins of help_tale asked me to join Help_tale with Weeabootale and I still haven’t answered…

If you’re reading this, I’m so sorry ;w; I’d like to join but I’ll have to log on a special site to talk, and despite all the messages I answer, I’m actually bad at talking… (and I’m also too lazy lmao)