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Where'd th devour the titty come from like why'd it pop in yoir head. Also can a person devour a DDD cup titty like I'm curious rn? It's late I need sleep

Okay here’s how that mess happened, it was a tinychat and my friends were talking about JB and his big ass mouth and for whoever doesn’t know I am so thirsty for JB its borderline unhealthy so take my thirst plus the fact it was late and I was hella tired and I was just like “idk man jb got a big mouth he could devour the titty” and then i was a meme for a good week….

And any titty can be devoured if u put your heart and soul into it :)))

I’m getting extremely overwhelmed with people asking me where I got both of my bathing suits from (mainly the jelly one) and its flooding my inbox and also  there are people who are saying/asking really important things to me and their questions/statements are being literally BURIED under “Where did you get that swimsuit?”I’m going to just delete any questions asking about the swimsuit. I’m going to go to the original post and put the link where I got the swimsuit from and also put it on here. If you are interested in knowing where I got it from, go to the “Me! :D” tag on my blog under my picture. You’ll see the picture and also see where I got the bikini from.

Thanks again for the support tho 


And if anyone wants to know the sizes, I would recommend consulting someone on the sight. I can’t really give you anything accurate. I got a size 18 in the top and it fits me fine, I felt like a 20 would be too roomy but once again


i’m not entirely sure anyone out there would know this, but do they make binders for people who fall into the ddd/e cup range? 

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Seriously there are ppl with with bigger boobs than you and people make fun of you? Don't let them make you upset, one day you will have your body the way you want. But until your 'friends' need to fuck off...! So people love done don't just do you!

yeah but i have the biggest (DDD/E cup and they look gross and feel gross and i have to wear 2-3 sports bras to practice and basically hurt myself to exercise. you should see the marks the sports bras leave lmao.) on my guard and they think its funny to tease. its not really funny to me but they dont do it as often as it used to be. yeah right now im pretty unhappy with my body because of my dysphoria but i have an appointment to see the doctor for a referral to a plastic surgeon next week so im on my way to a happier me!!!

but yeah they kind of suck about that and stuff so… that and completely never talking to me out of school but oh well. i mean i hope it wont matter soon but theres nothing i can really do without sounding like a bitch so.

ive just been hit with some bad dysphoria

ive never felt THIS bad about my body

I fucking hate having tits I fucking hate it so much I hate having DDD cups I hate it theres no possible way to bind them enough to pass and it basically makes me miserable

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Don't play a dumb slut.. Every guy loves girls who show off their boobs to public. That's why he said that. u r welcomed !

L M A O. I bet you if a girl with c cup boobs posted a picture like that everyone would call her cute. But since I am a 16 year old girl with DDD/E cup tits I’m a dumb slut. Lmao. The focus on that picture was that I look cute as fuck. Not that I want horny guys to look at my boobs.